My Vampire System
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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257 Last hi

Watching from slightly above everyone else. Vorden had the best view of what was going on down below. The two girls along with Peter were at the opposite end of the street, hid between two buildings. Their heads were tilted around the side, it was quite away from the fight but still close enough so they could see everything.

Vorden himself was in a building but was on the fourth floor, looking out from a window. One of the light balls that Logan had shot out earlier, was hanging from the very top of the same building.

Carefully, he watched the whole field of what was going on, he needed to see and wait for the right moment to strike. At one point when Logan had attacked the beast, he thought that was the right time.

Him and Raten had switched places and Raten was ready to throw the spirit spear, just before doing so, Raten informed Vorden of something.

With the use of MC cells from both Logan, and Cia. Vorden right now had one of the strongest support abilities out there. What they found out was now with a higher level of the support ability, came more options.

Cia's ability limited her to creating only one spear at a time. This limit was still there even with the increase of power, but there were a couple of differences. More MC cells could be put into the spirit spear creating a more powerful spear. How long or what the effects were, they couldn't tell until the spear was thrown.

Once they obtained this information, Vorden felt like it was best to create a stronger spear, one as strong as possible. They might only have one chance at this, the more powerful the attack when using an ability, the more MC cells it would use.

As he continued to watch from above, his heart started to sink. A strange feeling came over him and sweat started to run from his forehead. The beast had just gone into rage mode but that wasn't the reason Vorden was worried.

It was because there was something else down there with them, that had brought back bad memories.

Fex who was lent up against one of the buildings was no longer there. Or at least was no longer himself.

Instead the site of what was known as a Bloodsucker was there instead. It looked nearly identical to the time he had faced Quinn back on the red portal planet. There were a few differences but the horrifying creature brought back memories.

That day, Sil had saved his life fighting against the Bloodsucker, and in his place, Ian was killed. When Quinn was the beast, there was no telling friend from foe.

Vorden had kept silent so far not wanting to reveal his position to the beast, but as he saw the Bloodsucker moving towards Quinn he needed to shout out.

"Quinn behind you!" Vorden shouted.

Quinn had his eyes dead set ahead, looking at the beast, he was also concerned about Logan who had been hit, but when hearing the worry in Vorden's voice , he knew it was urgent.

As he turned his head, a bald headed, muscle bound creature was seen. The claws on its hands had widened. If it wasn't for the clothes that it was wearing, Quinn would have never known it was Fex.

"What is that?" Quinn said. "Is it some type of vampire transformation?" As he looked into Fex's eyes. There was no longer any white in them. It was completely black. No emotion was felt from them. "Is he even still sane?"

"Don't you remember?" the system said. "He has turned into a Bloodsucker."

After hearing the system say those words, Quinn briefly remembered when he hadn't consumed blood for a few day, his own transformation had begun. A message appeared before his mind went to black saying his transformation into a bloodsucker had been completed.

"Did he do this willingly?" Quinn asked.

"Perhaps, for a vampire to turn into a blood sucker, they must have an immense amount of thirst." the system explained. "My guess is, when he was wounded from the beast, he suppressed his healing abilities, allowing the blood to continue to drain from his body.

"When enough blood had poured out, he allowed his body to heal, using the last bit of his energy. Once the healing process was completed and his powers had been used, his thirst was at its maximum.

"It's a risky thing to do, if you allow too much blood to leave your body, and your wounds aren't able to heal then it could be life threatening. I'm surprised this young boy knew how to do such a thing. Vampires aren't often taught this, for a bloodsucker doesn't even see its own kind as a friend. Which would suggest, he really is an important figure. Perhaps the son of one of the vampire heads."

Although the explanation was interesting for Quinn, he didn't have much time to think about it. For right now he was stuck between the two of them. On one side was the raged King tier beast, and the other a Bloodsucker.

Quinn didn't know which one was more troublesome. When Quinn turned into a blood sucker, all his stats were doubled, but his health was halved and he was unable to use his vampire skills.

He looked to his left, he looked to his right. Waiting for one of them to make their first movement.

At the same time, the bloodsucker and beast dashed forward.

"Damn it, Shadow cloak!" Quinn said. From his feat the shadow rised up and suddenly, Quinn had vanished from the sight of the other two. However, it didn't seem like either one of them was interested in him.

As Quinn hurried to escape from the area the two of them clashed in the center of the street. The bloodsucker swiped it's claw, while the beast threw out its balded arm. As the two clashed the power between the two of them was so strong it looked as if ripples were being created in the air.

At first Quinn wanted to go check up on Logan and pull him off to the side to see if he was okay, but when he looked at where Logan was last seen, he was no longer there.

Peter had already dragged his body from the street and brought him over to the two girls. Although they didn't have to do much. Logan had already removed the helmet part of his suit, his mouth had blood trickling down from the side, and where he was wounded by the beast's foot. The miniature robotic spiders were working away, patching him up here and there.

They could fix the external wounds but not the internal. It was clear Logan could no longer fight.

Instead of going over to where the others were, while the other two were busy fighting. Quinn decided to stay quite close to the fight. He was learning a lot from the fight. When watching originally, their speed was so great Quinn couldn't keep up.

To the others, they were nearly unable to see anything, apart from once in a while, where there would be a stand off of power. As the fight continued, Quinn was able to clearly see each attack made by the two of them.

Although they looked wild and random, as attacks came rushing out from both of them, It looked like it wasn't the case at all. A Lot of Fex's original martial arts moves were still involved. And the beast it too was picking it's spots carefully, making it tricky for Fex to get a clean strike in.

One thing was clear though, if Quinn was to fight either one of them the way he was now he would be finished in an instant. Still, he chose to stay close and learning from the fight wasn't the only reason.

From the back of his mind there was one thing he kept thinking about. The quest. The reward of the quest was sure to help him grow and in the future. Not only did Quinn want the experience points for killing the king tier beast but he also wanted the quest reward.

Most likely, if Quinn wasn't the one to deal the finishing blow, it wouldn't count the quest as completed. While the beast was in it's rage mode, there was only one attack that could do any type of damage and that was the blood hammer.

The only question was how? How would he get the last hit.


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