My Vampire System
255 A diffrent person
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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255 A diffrent person

When Quinn said these words, Fex could feel his confidence. He wanted to say he was crazy for trying to take on such a monster when he could barely dodge its attacks.

But for some reason, with his tone of voice and the air around him, it felt like something in Quinn had changed compared to him a few moments ago.

"Who are you really, is this the difference between the punishers and the rest of us?" So far, Fex had multiple guesses about who Quinn really was but all of them seemed to be missing the mark. Everything just didn't go together yet.

Still, just in case Fex went off to the side and lean up against the building wall. Ham who had been flying and hovering in the air for most of the time came swooping down.

"Ham, if I don't come back from this, I want you to go back to the others. Don't stay here." Fex ordered.

"What do you mean?" Ham replied. "I know the wounds are bad, but you should eventually heal from this, right?" As Ham said those words, he started to look at the wounds, although they would take a while to fully heal, it was obvious if the healing process had started or not as the bleeding should've already stopped.

But from the multiple cuts that were mainly on his upper body and arms, blood was still seeping out. "Master, are you doing this on purpose?"

Fex didn't reply, but it was clear that this was his answer. Ham wanted to complain. He had been with Fex since he could remember but, he had to do whatever Fex told him to.

"And what about the other vampire? If I return do you want me to inform them about him?" Ham asked.

While at the school Fex state of mind had changed a lot.

At first, he wanted to get close to Quinn as a scapegoat if his family ever came to get him. He still had that in his plans, but during their short time together, they had done many things together, and Fex had honestly never had a more interesting and fun time with someone.

"Leave it, what Quinn does is none of our business," Fex replied.

Both Logan and Quinn now stood a few meters apart from the smaller version of the King-Tiered beast that they had gone up against.

"Logan, I want you to stay behind me. When I give the call I want you to attack with all that you have." Quinn said.

For the first time, Quinn seemed to be taking the leadership role, something that Logan had done previously. Still, Logan wasn't complaining, he didn't know what Quinn had up his sleeve, but he had known him long enough to trust him.

Quinn's shadow before was continuously shifting around his body. Usually, he did these series of actions as a form of protection for himself. Of course, he only did something like this when there was a fight. This time he had the shadow in a ball-like shape hovering above his shoulder.

Against the King-Tiered beast, it was useless to use as a defensive measure, its attacks were too fast for him to move the shadow in the right position. If it couldn't be used for defence ,then it was better off being used as an attack.

The beast had waited long enough, instead of charging in as it would usually do. It decided to swing out its bladed arm and stretch it out from the side. Right now, Quinn was standing directly in front of Logan.

With this attack, it was clear that its target was Logan standing behind Quinn. Even if he did trust Quinn, just to make sure Logan raised up the energy blade, knowing his suit wouldn't be able to handle an attack.

"You're not the only one that can do something like that!" Throwing out a blood swipe and then grabbing it quickly with his shadow. Quinn had made his shadow scythe. He swung it down from above, hoping to hammer it down before it reached Logan.

Knowing the strength of the previous blood swipe, the beast chose to ignore it and continued on with its attack. The blood swipe from before would have shattered and not even effected the path of its attack, only slightly slowing it down.


Like a hammer coming down on a nail. The scythe managed to knock the tree root arm, pinning it into the ground.

"That attack wasn't that strong last time?" Fex said seeing this.

It hadn't been too long since they fought. In that amount of time, Quinn had levelled up a few times as well as gained a few samples of blood from others.

"I just... I just..." Cia was at a loss for words. She had experienced too many surprises with this group so far. They were all monsters. "Can you do something like that?" Cia asked Layla.

So far she seemed to be the only normal one of the group. But she remembered that she had thought the same with Quinn, thinking he was normal and after being proven wrong. She felt like it could happen again.

"As I said, they saved your life earlier. These guys are amazing." As she said those words, she too wished she would be able to take part in the fight, rather than just stand by the side.

Seeing that the beast was targetting Logan and not himself, Quinn knew he needed to do something.

[Wind Walk Activated].

Activating his boots and dashing forward, he travelled at a speed that had never been achieved by him before.

In an instant, he had nearly covered the entire distance and was now directly in front of the beast.

Punching the beast as hard as it could in the stomach, Quinn was hoping to make some sort of impact, but it didn't even budge. As its other hand retracted back, it started swinging away, attacking him in the same way as it did with Fex.

Only the result this time was different. Every strike was avoided. When Fex faced the beast, he was able to avoid the critical blows, but he would still suffer some hits here and there.

With Quinn, it was different, he was able to avoid each of the strikes cleanly, not getting a scratch on him.

"This speed. Did he really hide his strength? Just how…?" Fex was now even more confused than before. Everything that was happening right now didn't make sense, why fake being hurt?

Why risk being attacked by such a strong beast and how when only moments ago, Quinn was unable to avoid the strike. But at this moment, he was able to perfectly evade every strike.

His speed even surpassed Fex's at this moment.

When improving Quinn's stats. Each time it went up by ten, there was a significant improvement and even he could feel this. From 18 to 19 in a stat point although there was a difference, it was barely noticeable, but going from 19 to 20. The change could be felt and was tremendous.

Being able to just dodge the attacks wasn't going to be enough. Whenever an opening appeared, Quinn tried his best to throw out a punch, but the beast's reflexes were just as fast as its attacks, being able to easily block Quinn's attacks or even move out of the way.

Blood Hammer was still the strongest skill in Quinn's arsenal, but it took quite a long time to perform. However, the Hammer Strike, with his increased speed could be performed fast enough. He just needed to know how to land the attack.

While dodging the attacks, Quinn thought hard, the other problem was his stamina wouldn't be able to keep up. Then, an idea hit him while looking at the beast's movements.

Right now, he was facing a humanoid type beast. Not only that, but it was one that had some level of intelligence as well.

With this in mind, Quinn threw out a punch from above, using his speed, he threw out one after another. The first attack was blocked, and when the beast saw the second one, it twisted its body slightly to avoid the blow.

Then, something strange had happened. It had blocked one punch, and dodged the other, yet, a third hand had come out and hit the beast right on the temple of its rounded head.

From the outside, the others were just as confused as the beast. Because to them, it looked like the beast had moved into Quinn's attack.

"Looks like the Phantom Punch is a success…" Said Quinn with a smile.


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