My Vampire System
252 A special Ques
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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252 A special Ques

The blade had been stopped, if it had continued to move forward it would have pierced her skull almost showing no resistance. Cia once again could live to see what would happen in the next few moments, still unsure if she would live past today. However, what she was surprised about was who exactly had come to save her.

Out of the corner of her eye, she could see a black hair boy, pulling and twitching off to the side.

"What was his name again Fex?' Cia thought. "Wasn't he a level one?" But she didn't stay long to find out. While the beast was stuck in place she quickly ran off to where Layla and Logan were standing down the street a little away.

As the beast saw it's bladed arm being wrapped around by the strange shadow substance, while also being pulled by the strings. It was wondering just which one was affecting it more.

For some reason, even though it was using all its strength it was unable to move its arm forward to kill its target. It was something it had never experienced before.

A whisper was suddenly heard in Peter's ear.

"Go join the others," Quinn said. "You've fought enough and if you get hurt again, who knows if you will survive."

Peter looked to his side and could see Quinn standing there. He had already equipped all of his beast gear equipment on before coming over ready for a battle. Still, even he and Fex were unprepared for what they were facing.

When looking at him, there was no joy on his face, it was dead serious and Quinn was fully concentrating.

"If you are in trouble, I won't hesitate to sacrifice myself," Peter said as he walked off to where the others were. Before leaving Peter turned once again. "Quinn, it's strong."

Looking at the beast, still curious about its movements Quinn replied.

"I know."

[New Quest received]

[Defeat the king of the underground city]

[King tier beast: Likmorn]

[ The town has been left behind, and in its empty place, the beasts began to take over. Amongst the many, eventually, a single creature took over, calming the seat and title of king... The others do his bidding as he protects the treasure located in the tower.]

[Quest reward ????]

Peter didn't need to say anything, for as soon as Quinn had seen the strange beast, the system had immediately activated a quest for him. It had been a while since the system automatically gave him a task.

Usually when it would appear when he faced a strong opponent of some sort. This also happened when he was to face Leo. He found it strange that nothing had come up for the advanced tier beast.

But it was probably because the system didn't deem it as special enough for the planet they were on. What interested Quinn about this strange quest, was for the first time, it seemed to tell a little bit about how the creature came to be.

'Is it because of the area we are in? Maybe it is related to the vampires and not the Dalki after all.'

The information also revealed that it had been acting as a guard for the tower. If such a strong beast was guarding it and it had stayed underground, Quinn couldn't even begin to imagine what it was trying to protect.

Lastly, the quest reward for defeating the beast. Even when going against Leo there was a clear quest reward an instant level up. For some reason though, this one was hidden. He didn;t know why, but the fact that it was hidden, only made him want to find out what it was more.

The real problem was though, could they beat it. A king tier beast. He started to think back about all the students going up against the advance tier beats, and even with fifty of them they were unable to kill such a thing.

The ones that were left able to fight on were, Fex, Vorden, himself and Logan. But it seemed like Logan was still busy with something else. Cia was out of it, and would no longer be any use.

The difference between this fight and the one earlier was Fex and Quinn would be willing to display their full powers. Cia could always be hypnotised for later and even if she couldn't. the lives of all of them were more important than one.

The beast was no longer curious about the strange shadow and strings, and pulled its arm back out of the shadow, Seeing this Quinn quickly returned it to himself. There was one great advantage to them being underground.

Quinn's shadow powers were stronger. Even with the artificial light source from logan. Just being in a darker environment increased the distance of his shadows. It was only because of this he was able to use it a distance away from himself.

As the beast moved its hand, Fex for the first time could feel it's enormous strength.

"What!, he wasn't this strong before was he," Fex said, as his hands started to ache holding onto the strings. "Does this mean, Quinn's shadow was doing most of the work?"

He could hold on no longer on and it was just the waist. It seemed like the beast was moving just fine with or without his strings.

"I need to help them." Vorden said.

Vorden was now standing by the others' side, the five of them had gone to hide behind a building, out of the street and out of the way of what was about to go down.

[70 percent of energy weapon has been created]

Whatever Logan was doing, it looked like it still wasn't ready yet and he couldn't join the fight just yet.

"Logan do you mind if I touch you." Vorden asked.

"Even if you do copy my ability. It's not like others." Logan explained. "You won't be able to get a clear grasp and the ability itself is pretty useless honestly. It was only because I was able to implement it with my brains I was able to come up with a use. Not saying you don't have brains of course but you understand..."

"Logan, stop rambling and trust me."

Noticing that Vorden was trustworthy, and had come with ideas so far, Logan decided to put a bit of faith in him. Part of the suit that was covering the arm shifted upward, as the suit broke down into the hundreds of little spiders.

And the two had touched hands.

With that, Vorden started to move. He didn't go onto the street like the others thought he would, instead he went through the buildings down the side looking for the perfect spot.

His aim was never to use Logan's ability, but only wanted the MC cells that came with it. He had already used a large amount throwing out spears constantly. Still, with Logan's level 8 ability, he had to have a large amount, not only that but if he could get Raten or Sil to fight. They would be able to combine the other abilities. Making a spirit spear above a level 8 ability. The level four's didn't do much, but surely this would have an effect.

The only problem was, the beast was now cautious against the spears, so Vorden wanted to get in the perfect location, waiting for the right time. Sometimes, when the ability level was higher, it would also consume more MC points with each use of the ability.

There was no time for testing, and no second chances against a foe like this.

"This is crazy!" Cia shouted. "Why are the two level ones, the weakest in our team out there fighting. Are they idiots are they trying to get themselves killed," She yelled.

Suddenly, a hand had come towards her face, and the right side of her cheek was stinging. When she looked at who had just slapped her, she could see Layla was the one who had done it.

"It's because of those idiots that you're even alive!" Layla shouted.

"Layla....what do you mean?" Cia asked, holding her face.

As Cia looked closely, she could see a dark purple shadow emitting from Quinn's back.

"Those two, level ones, are the strongest level ones you will ever see."


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