My Vampire System
250 Heroes arrive at the last second
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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250 Heroes arrive at the last second

The fear in Cia's heart only grew even more, as for a moment she felt like she had tricked herself. When she saw how Pio was somehow able to match the strength of the beast. She didn't know how, she didn't know why, but she felt like maybe they had a chance to get out of here alive.

However, the beast was simply toying with them, the next attack from the beast was a lot faster than the previous one and now Peter's legs had been completely detached from his body.

It was a strange sight to see, as the beast was towering over Peter originally. Although his bladed hands were long, it seemed like the roots that were attached to the hard part of the creature could extend and retract.

It was hard for her to confirm this theory of hers, science everything seemed to happen in an instant, and she was still trying to get over the shock.

Even with her sprint spear inside the beast, it had little to no effect. She felt like her attacks were useless. The beast continued to walk forward ignoring Peter on the ground. Cia then noticed that its body seemed to be facing in a certain direction. It had chosen its next target.

It was looking at Logan...

The suit's creation was almost done. It was mostly silver in colour, matching that of the spiders. Unlike the previous one which was quite large and bulky, looking almost mech-light. This one suited Logan's body shape and stature more.

Only the last part remained which was the head. Logan saw the beast coming towards him and decided to quickly place his body into the suit being made. He planned on allowing the spiders to complete the final part.

On the top of his hands, were two circular rings. Around the edge of the rings were small little metallic claws that looked similar to a tooth. "It's still not active." Said Logan looking at the circular rings, "the suit needs to be complete before I can do anything. Just a few more seconds..."

Taking another step, the beast suddenly felt something grabbing onto its leg. As it looked down, it could see the opponent that it had already defeated.

Peter continued to grasp at the tree trunk like leg as hard as he could. Once again, the beast looked down, this time when lifting up its arm, it started to extend above its own head. Cia realized that she was indeed not imagining things, the beast could retract and extend its limbs.

As the beast swung downward, Cia squinted. She couldn't watch anymore. Still, she needed to…

When she opened her eyes once again. Peter's arm had been removed from his body.

"Peter..." Logan said.

The suit of armour had been completed. The suit was mostly silver in colour and the top helmet part covering the head would be, was a single pane of glass going from the chin up to the top of the head.

The chest was plated in a green metal, while the two circles on top of his hands were also outlined in green.

"This won't be enough," Logan predicted after witnessing the fight between Peter and the beast. He had seen Peter fight in the VR game and he could gauge his strength. There was still one more thing Logan needed. "A weapon."

A strange square like device was attached to Logan's belt. He chucked the strange object on the floor and it suddenly expanded into what looked like a large chest. Logan quickly grabbed some crystals from the chest.

"Otherwise might think this is a waste, but our lives are on the line." After taking out the crystals, the device returned to its original size, and a robotic spider jumped up retuning it around his waist.

After placing the two crystals into the top part of his hand, the green like circles started to glow.

A female robotic voice sounded inside his head.

[Two Intermediate Tier Crystals Detected.]

[An Energy Weapon is being generated.]

"Still needs more time… Looks like it needs more time than I had previously predicted. That or the worry inside me is making me feel like this is taking forever." Logan said.

The beast was now only a few meters away from Logan's position. The problem was, now that he knew the beast was able to extend its limbs, it was hard for him to gauge its true attack range distance.

After analysing his opponent Logan felt like this suit was the best against it, but he was beginning to have second thoughts whether or not he had chosen the right decision. The suit he used most of the time was equally balanced when it came, to power, defence and speed.

The suit he had formed now focused on attack power. After seeing what the creature looked like he thought it was the best option. With a small body frame and arms for weapons, he wanted to fight fire with fire. However, now that he knew it had some range. Perhaps something speed-oriented would have been better.

The other problem was, the suit was pretty useless when it came to defence, and right now his weapon hadn't even finished forming.

Just as Logan was planning to make a dash for it, a familiar voice shouted from behind the beast.

"Hey, if you want to forget about me, you have to make sure you've killed me first!" Peter shouted.

As Cia turned her head to look at who was shouting, she was amazed. She rubbed her eyes a few times just to make sure she wasn't hallucinating. It was Pio. He was standing on his two feet, and his arm had been reached.

She knew he had impressive regenerative abilities, but this was something out of this world. Inhuman almost.

As Peter stood there, she noticed he had his hand over his belly. His regenerative powers were impressive, but he had used too much energy and for the first time, he felt hungry.

He started having second thoughts that if he was to get this severely injured once more, then maybe he wouldn't be able to regenerate anymore.

The beast turned and looked at Peter, tilting its body slightly to the side. It seemed confused. Its interest had been piqued and once again he started to walk towards Peter.

Although Peter had regenerated, he hadn't suddenly gotten stronger. If he was to face the creature again it would just be the same outcome.

As Peter saw it heading towards him he was trying to decide what to do.

"Should I go for its legs? But it's too fast. Maybe I should run and attack. Just because its attack speed is fast doesn't mean its legs are fast."

However, as Peter had finished that thought, the roots in its legs contracted, then pushed off the ground, propelling it forward like some type of spring. It was now directly in Peter's face in a matter of seconds.

It swung its arm out and Peter could see the blade. With his reaction speed, he was able to react to the attack, but he could tell that he was just a little too late and the blade this time would chop his head off.

"If only I was a little bit faster!" Peter shouted.

A fraction of a second was all he needed.

He continued to duck down with all his might, and as he did, the sound of an object swinging fast through the air was heard.

"My head, it's alright, it's still on me." Peter thought.

When looking at the beast's body, Spirit spears could be seen plunging deep inside of it. Cia who had been watching from the side was deeply confused.

She looked closely at the spears that were inside the beast. They looked identical to her own, the only problem was, she wasn't the one who had thrown them. Those spirit spears hadn't come from her, which meant it could have only come from one person.

She had seen the same thing happen before.

"They say, heroes always arrive at the last second," Vorden said with a smile as he appeared out from one of the buildings with Layla standing by his side.


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