My Vampire System
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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This was the first time that Logan had ever felt panic. Due to him having night vision in his helmet he was wearing, he was able to see the beast before it came into view. Peter could as well but was unaware of the magnitude of horror they were about the face.

Perhaps Peter didn't study as well at school and thought it was just a regular beast, or when he had evolved everything about him changed. Right now it didn't look like he could feel fear like the others.

Beasts were separated into different tiers. The tiers were based on the crystals that were embedded in their body. The more powerful the crystal, the higher the tier of the beast. This, however, didn't always mean they were stronger.

Depending on the beast's structure or abilities, sometimes in rare cases, there were those that were more difficult to deal with. This was unlikely the case because a higher tier beast would be able to draw more power from the crystal.

Basic tier, intermediate tier, Advanced tier and right now, they were about to face something that was at least at king tier level. There were level's above this, including the highest level ever given, Demon tier.

Throughout history, whenever a beast that had a humanoid shape was discovered, they would at least be at the king tier level or above. There were still beasts that were at this level that didn't have a humanoid shape, but a humanoid type beast has never been lower than a king tier.

Knowing that he would need everyone's help. Logan immediately changed one of his blasters' shapes slightly allowing it to be more narrow. The armour shifted at a fantastic speed, and when it had finished transforming, Logan quickly fired three blasts into the buildings around them.

The shots weren't energy blasts like before. Instead, these were sticky light balls. They allowed a considerable amount of light to be shown and would easily stick onto whatever object they hit.

There were two reasons for Logan doing this, one was to allow them to see their opponent more easily. If a creature came from the dark, their eyes and senses should be adjusted to the environment down here.

He needed to even the playing field, and it would also allow Cia to help them. The second reason was related to the first.

The sticky lights had been shot in a triangle formation around them. One to the left, one to the right, and one slightly behind where the King tier beast was standing. This lit up the entire street.

Although the dogs couldn't see the strange light, they could feel it and were frightened away. What Logan had also hoped for was that the light source would hurt, or blind the king tier beast's sensitive eyes but it seemed to have no effect, as it continued to walk forward.

"What is that thing?" Cia said, trembling. Now that there was a light source, Cia could see what Logan could see, and she knew straight away the danger of the beast. "Should we run?" She asked, looking for an answer from Logan who seemed to be the only one acting.

"Run, there's no point running, the moment we turn our back, we will die," Peter said.

Hearing this Logan realised Peter was perhaps more aware of the situation then he had thought. He just knew there was nothing they could do.

The beast slowly continued to walk towards the group, and by now all of the dogs in the area had already scurried away. Now not only could the beast outer shape be seen, but all of its details were in view.

Although it had an outer human shape, it was a bit on the larger end, it stood around eight feet tall. Its body was twisted and strange as if it was made of mud and rocks and at the top where it heads should be. The muscle structure of the creature was outlined with plant roots. While the rest just looked like a mound of mud. What was frightening about it though, was in the upper mound part of its body. Several human skeletons could be seen half sunken into ints body and half sticking out. A skull, a rib cage and other parts as well.

It was as if the beast had been made from all the parts around it. Finally, on its too-long arms, there were no fingers as such. Instead, they were long and sharp like a blade. From the forearm downward, it looked like the mud tree-like material changed into a harder substance. The blades shined green in colour like a hard jade.

"Cia, Pio!" Logan shouted. "Buy me some time." Logan was unprepared to meet something like this down here. He thought that if the school was prepared to send some students to an orange portal planet.

They would have at least sent them to one, where only at most the advanced tier level beasts had been reported to be seen.

There was no point attacking the beast with his current blasters; it would do nothing. What Logan needed to do was get his most powerful weapon and suit on, but it would take some time. His suit started to break down into the little spiders. They were eventually all scattered on the floor. From the ground up, they started to rebuild a different type of suit right in front of him.

"Come on faster you guys," Logan said. "I know you usually do your best, but right now I need you more than ever."

The unconfirmed king tier beast continued to slowly walk as if it was a king taking a stroll through its own kingdom. Peter could see Logan's spiders building something, and knew their best chance of survival right now was relying on him.

If they wanted to live, They needed to do what was asked of them. Cia could see Peter was about to move forward and shouted.

"No, wait! The thing still hasn't attacked us yet. Maybe if we don't attack it, it will just continue walking past us."

Peter took a look at the beast, it had now stopped walking forward and stood in the middle of the street. It placed one of its bladed hands in front of the other and scraped them against each other. A slight screeching sound could be heard as the beast continued to do this process.

"No,' Peter said. "It already considers us intruders. It will continue to attack us until we're gone. I can tell." With those words said, Peter threw his bag on his back to the ground and dashed forward.

It was at an incredible speed that Peter had not displayed until this point, and it was even a surprise to him. This was because Quinn had gotten stronger, and in return. Peter's own stats had increased.

Usually, Peter would do his best to hide his abilities. The speed he was running at right now was not possible for a human who wasn't wearing any beast gear or didn't have any ability. But it wasn't the time to hide their powers, it was a matter of life and death.

Although Cia was frightened, she wasn't stupid. She too got into position, Dashing towards one of the sides of the building. While doing so, she threw out her spirit spears.

"Please hit!" She prayed. If the beast was indeed a king tier, then there wasn't much chance that her spears would be able to hit her target.

However, the beast continued to stand there and allowed the spears to be lodged into its upper part of its body.

"Is it going easy on us?" She thought. At the same time, she wondered what Peter was planning to do. He held no beast weapons and only had his regenerative ability, he would be killed in a matter of moments.

When Peter was in range, the beast swung down its blade hand. Using all his strength, Peter swung both his fists together like a tennis racket.

"This is it," Cia said. "No human has the strength to match a beast with their bare hands."

As the hands met with the side of the blade, the power was surprisingly equal, the blades were knocked away, but Peter hadn't budged.

"What is going on, who is this person!" Cia said, surprised.

The beast was confused itself. When fighting it would purposely match its strength based on the opponent in front of it. It was sure it had gauged Peter well. What it didn't account for, was the spirit spears in its body.

Making the adjustment in its power, it swung it's blade faster and stronger with its other hand. Peter was unable to do anything. All he could see now was the dark black ceiling above.

Peter's legs had been cleanly cut off.


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