My Vampire System
243 Problem gone
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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243 Problem gone

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"What do we do now?" Layla asked.

The two students, Vorden and Layla, were now stuck together in the cavern. Around them multiple paths but with no way to tell which ones led up or down. Seeing this, Layla didn't really have an idea about what to do.

"Now you're speaking to me," Logan said. "I thought it was my fault that the two of us are done here, but when it comes to trying to find a way out suddenly, you come to me for help."

Layla stomped her foot, onto the ground and took a few steps away. She wanted to storm off and just head down one of the paths randomly. But after only taking a few steps, her hands started to shake, and her legs were slowly banging into each other.

The thought of seeing beasts like the ones they had seen so far being down here frightened her. When she was training at Pure, their main goal wasn't facing against beasts, but humans. As an agent, her tasks and training dealt with infiltration, sabotage and a plethora of other skills.

Of course, no amount of training could prepare a child for the real thing. Since coming to this school she had seen more death then she would have liked, and it was starting to take a toll on her body and mind, more so now that her friend she would often comfort in, had gone.

"Why are you still having a go at me." Layla snapped.

"I told you before, you're useless. You were useless before and even more so now. At least back then you were Quinn's blood bank, but right now I can fill that role. So honestly what use is there for you."

"Stop saying the same thing over and over again!" Layla was at breaking point and had enough. She no longer wanted to take this type of abuse from Vorden. Without thinking clearly, she lifted up a nearby rock and swung it towards Vorden.

It was an unexpected attack from Layla, so Vorden was late in his reactions and managed to dodge the small fist-size rock. Slightly the rock crazed his cheek. It caused a surface cut, revealing a trickle of blood.

However, the first attack didn't stop there. Layla continued to lift up the rocks around and swung them towards Vorden. As they were hurled towards him, Vorden did the same, repelling them away using the same ability but also making sure not to throw attacks back.

She continued forward, screaming at the top of her lungs, the sound echoed through the cavern.

"Wow!" Raten said, laughing. "It looks like you finally broke her, I mean I thought I was the cruel one. You really know how to annoy someone when you want to. At least I just give them a beating, but this Vorden. This is just pure evil."

Vorden knew Raten was just trying to annoy him by being sarcastic, the problem was it was working. Had Vorden really gone too far? At this point, he had been trying to split Layla and Quinn apart. Still, without saying too much directly to Layla, rather than it being for himself or Quinn, he was doing it for her.

���What's that noise?" Sil said as he stood up from his usual crouched position. The screams from Layla seemed to be so loud that they had even reached Sil who would usually ignore most things.

However, Vorden was too distracted deflecting the projectiles coming towards him to give Sil a reply. As Sil started walking over towards the chair, Raten smiled and stepped to the side.

"Now this will be good to see." He said.

Sil placed his hand on Vorden's shoulder, who was in the chair. Now they both had access to what was going on outside. Sil could see and feel what Vorden was doing.

"It looks like you need some help, swap with me," Sil said.

"Sil, I can handle it," Vorden replied carefully.

"Swap with me.."Sil said, his grip tightening on Vorden's shoulder. Knowing that he had no choice Vorden reluctantly left the seat.

Back outside, four stones were now being directed towards Vorden's body. So far he had been taking a step back deflecting them as they came at him but suddenly. He stood there completely still.

As he raised his hands, all of the stones stopped mid-air for a moment. Then at the same time, the four stones were repelled away with even greater force. Layla could tell just from the sound they had made when hitting the walls around him.

"Why are you attacking me?" Sil asked.

Layla had noticed the sudden change in Vorden's attitude, she had even seen this happen a few times before. At the canteen, while they were fighting in the desert and now again. Her sudden attack's had stopped.

"If you are trying to hurt me, then you are against me," Sil said as he lifted both hands and used an incredible force to push Layla's body back. Right now, Sil was combining the MC points in Cia's level four ability along with Layla's level 2 ability. His telekinesis powers were that of a level 6.

There was no chance at Layla stopping the power. The next moment she was flung against the wall. The back of her head swung back into a piece of rock, and her vision quickly went to black as she passed out on the floor.

"The problem has been dealt with," Sil said with a smile.

In another part of the cavern, two more students seemed to be stuck together dealing with their own problems. Cia was taken aback at the sight of Peter's legs all mangled. They had utterly broken and it looked like part of the bone had splintered through parts of the skin.

She turned her head away, unable to look at the sight any longer.

"Stay here, I will go look for help," Cia said in a panic.

"You know, if you didn't hold onto me, the fall wouldn't have been as bad," Peter replied in a calm voice.

Cia found it strange that it seemed like Peter wasn't affected by this whole ordeal, but she couldn't bear to look at him. Instead, she started to look around the area to see if there was anything she could find. Just like the caverns, the others were stuck in. There were multiple holes and paths to choose from. Not knowing which way was out or would lead them to the surface.

Cia walked up to the entrances, which were a little away from where they had landed. She wanted to see if she could hear anything coming from down the tunnels. Perhaps some would be filled by beasts, but the others had also been swallowed, and just maybe they weren't too far from them.

She tilted her head, with her ear faced forward towards the entrance, seeing if she could hear the slightest sound.

"I think we should go this way." A voice said stood right behind her. Cia was startled, and out of instinct, she turned and threw her fist, hitting Peter right in the Jaw, before taking a few steps to the side.

It hadn't hurt Peter, but only slightly moved his head to the side but a small mark could also be seen across his cheek.

"Pio, but how? Your legs were all mangled just a few seconds ago."

"Apologize now!" Peter demanded.

"What for the punch?" Cia asked. "No way, how the hell is that my fault. You snuck up on me when I thought you couldn't move, in a dark and creepy cave with possible beasts. Anyone's reaction would have been the same."

"Still, should you not apologize if you hit someone? Or am I mistaken." Said, Peter.

"You're weird, why did I have to get stuck with you. I think you should be a bit nicer to me. After all, if we run into anything down here. Then we will be relying on my ability a lot more than yours."

Cia still didn't know Peter's ability, but she had a guess. His watch indicated he was a level four, and if he managed to recover from an injury like that, most likely his ability was a healing one or a regenerative one. The only thing she couldn't quite put her finger on was the healing speed.

She had never met a healer or seen a regenerative ability that could allow someone to recover that fast. They would be at level eight to do such a thing. Still, this meant it was clear his ability wasn't a combat one. While Cia's wasn't either. She was sure of her hand to hand combat skills over the frail and weak Pio.

As she took a step forward, hoping to head to the other side of the cave where the other entrances were. Peter suddenly blocked her path.

'Wasn't he at least five meters away, how did he get here so fast?' She thought.

"If you don't apologize to me and you are going to have a problem, a serious problem."

"Whatever!" Cia said as she tried to walk past Peter.

At this moment, she felt something grasp around her throat, when she looked down, she could see a hand, and it was linked to Pio.

" doing.." Cia just managed to let out.

Just then, footsteps could be heard coming from one of the tunnels. It was unclear which one, as the echo made it hard to pinpoint the sound.

"Now Pio, I don't think we should be treating our fellow students like that, do you?" The short boy said as he took a bite from one of his favourite sandwiches.


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