My Vampire System
238 Berserk mode
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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238 Berserk mode

Thanks to Cia's spear. The beast had slowed down just enough for Quinn to move out of the way, avoiding the vine whip. Fex and Peter had also now resorted to dodging after finding out the incredible growth speed of the vines.

However, the fact that the beast was slowed down didn't go unnoticed. A second spear was thrown and had landed in the same spot on the beast legs. The effect of two spears had stacked and now the beast was 20 percent slower than it usually would have been, and also twenty percent weaker.

The students took advantage of this temporary weakness. Their attacks were bouncing off the beast's thick hide were now doing damage, and the vines that were troubling started to move slower.

Still, the beast was strong and even at 80 percent of its strength, it was able to fend off the attacks form forty different students.

Cia continued to throw her spirit spears at the beast. At most though, she was only able to stack up two spears. Whenever she would throw a third spear into the beast the first one would have already lasted for five seconds and disappear.

Her ability was perfect for situations like this. The beast was a big target and other then it's vines, it's main body wasn't too fast unless it was running in a straight line.

If she was to go up against other beasts, even some intermediate beats, it might have been harder for her to use her ability, but right now, she was one of the most important people when it came to taking down this creature.

"If only we could make it even weaker," Del said.

As that moment, a blonde by stood by Cia's side, and in his hand, he too had a spirit spear.

"Looks like you have quite a good ability there," Vorden said as he threw the spear into the beast's leg.

With Vorden and Cia using their sprit spears, the beast now had lost 40 percent of its overall strength. It was nearly half of what it used to be.

The students were now doing even better than before, and even the ones whos weapons had been reinforced by Del were working.

Quuinn no longer felt the need for him or Fex to get involved when fighting the beast. The students that had been brought back by Quinn were getting treatment from the support students.

Now that the beasts movements had slowed, they had joined the battle and went to support their teammates using buffs and other skills. The only one that remained in position with a smile on his face was Del. "This is brilliant, it looks like these students might be able to take down and advance beast after all. I might even get a promotion for this!" Del thought about excitedly.

When looking at him, Quinn felt like he could read his teacher like an open book. Especially after there earlier interaction. He got the sense that Del was quite a selfish person and he was right. Even now, although the situation had gotten better it wasn't perfect.

Students still ended up dying, but all Del could think about was himself.

After a good fifteen minutes of constant attacks from most of the students, other than Quinn, Fex who decided to lay low. Even Peter and Layla were actively helping.

The beast now looked heavily injured. It lifted its front two feet into the air and slammed them onto the ground. The mass weight of the beast caused the ground to shake around the students a little. It also served as a reminder to the other student that this beast was still plenty strong.

The beast repeatedly did this action as it roared and screamed, at the same time, the vines that were coming off from the bud on its back were swinging more widely.

"What is this, have the spears warn off or something?" A student said.

But when looking at the beast, the spears from Vorden and Cia still remained. They continued to attack the beast with them. Although at this point, Cia was feeling incredibly drained along with Vorden. They had been using their abilities for a while nonstop and didn't know how much longer they could last.

The beast using its long head was now looking over back into the jungle and the next second it started running off back from where it came. The students who were stood behind the beast rolled and dived out of the way, for fear they might get trampled on.

"Should we chase it, if it's running away doesn't that mean its nearly dead?" A student asked.

Quinn also had the same thought. If the beast was injured and the others weren't going to chase it. Then maybe he could. Killing an advanced beast would gain him an enormous amount of exp points.

"Nobody chase the beast!" Del shouted. "Some advanced type beasts and above have something called a berserker mode. Once injured to a certain point, if the beast feels like it's stuck in a corner. It will activate its berserker mode, sometimes increasing its strength several times."

After hearing Del's explanation, Quinn had second thoughts about chasing the beast. He was reminded of the strength of the beast before the debuff from Vorden and Cia. On top of that there where forty students fighting it at once.

If a single person was given the task to deal with the advanced beast, Quinn couldn't imagine anyone coping. All of the vines would be free to attack you along with the main body of the beast.

Even if it didn't have a berserker mode, Quinn didn't like his chances of beating the beast alone. This one he would just have to let go.

When the beast had reentered the jungle, and a minute had passed without it returning. They knew that they had achieved a victory.

Cheers and congratulations were shouted out between friends and classmates. They had managed to survive such an intense ordeal.

Many of the students had gone up to those who had put themselves on the front line. Congratulating them for being brave and attack the beast from the beginning. This included Del who had come over.

It was no surprise, Quinn after all had contributed nothing to cause the beast to run away. The other students deserved the praise.

But then. A female with light pink hair stepped in front of Quinn and bowed down to him. As she lifted up her head her eyes were filled with tears.

"Thank you… so much for saving my friend." The pink haired girl said. After that, she hurried off to join her teammates.

The thanks should have made Quinn feel good but it didn't. It had made Quinn feel bad instead.

Originally, he had only gone out there not to save the students, but because he saw it as an opportunity to take thier blood. Just like Del, his reactions were because of selfish reasons not because he was trying to be a hero.

He didn't deserve the praise.

When the students had all settled down, they decided to have a minute of silence, out of respect for the students that had been lost. But they couldn't spend much time for they were in a serious situation right now.

The beast had chased the group quite a distance away from their original location. Not only that but Del had no clue where they were or how to get back. When running away he had headed in a random direction and didn; take note.

Thier were no maps for the planet yet either, since the place they were in was undiscovered

"What do we do now?" A student asked Del.

Leo had arrived at the camp where the distress signal had come from. Before arriving here he had dealt with two more incidents form other camps. It was clear this planet was quite active with beasts.

Still, it was too early to tell whether it was worthy of the decision to make it a red portal planet. If there was only a few advanced tier beast and they got rid of them, then it was possible for them to give the planet a green grade.

For the first time though when arriving at the location of a distress call. There were no students around. Leo started to hunt around for clues when the sounds of large heavy footsteps could be heard heading in his direction.

"Now what do we have here?" Leo said.


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