My Vampire System
235 Too high to handle
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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235 Too high to handle

A stab with her rapier, Fay jumped back to avoid the black blood that would spurt out from the beast, then a quick change of her weapons that couldn't be followed by regular human eyes, she had changed to a sword.

She swirled around, and struck the snake like beast from the tail up, slicing its body in half.

"Was that all of them!" Fay said in an annoyed voice as she looked at the shy female teacher.

"Yes!" the teacher replied as she bowed down her head in shame.

After the distress call received from one of the groups, Fay came at full speed towards the area. It seemed like the students had encountered a group of intermediate tier beast.

The snake like creature hung from above the trees and when the students had entered the area which they were meant to explore, they had dropped down. The female teacher was frightened, and before even confirming what level of beasts they were, she had asked for help.

When Fay arrived, she was annoyed. She could tell just from a glance that these beasts weren't above the intermediate level and as the students including the teacher herself engaged in combat, she could as well.

But once the distress signal was already called, it meant Fay had to check it out no matter what, and while she was here she felt like she should quickly help the students deal with the situation.

An intermediate beast could be dealt with by a group of five but it would still be a hard task and distract them from their goal.

Looking at the teacher, Fay was about to give her a scolding, just then, a *Ding sound was heard and her watch lit up again.

"Another one, I swear if this is the same thing, I will be having a word with all the first year teachers when I get back." with those words said in anger, she had already left from the site of the first year female teacher.

The teacher felt like fate was on her side, and had stopped her from getting a tuff scolding as she wiped the sweat from her forehead.


[5330/400 Exp]

[You are now level 13]

[2 stat points have been gained]

[4930/800 Exp]

[You are now level 14]

[2 stat points have been gained]

[4130/1600 Exp]

[You are now level 15]

[2 stat points have been gained]

[2530/3200exp points]

For defeating the new type of beast, Quinn had gained a bonus of 5000 points which had levelled him up a total of three times, and now he also had six free stat points to play with.

This was the result of being the first to kill an undiscovered beast and it was only the basic tier. So far the system had always rewarded Quinn more when killing beasts of a higher tier.

Although, he did receive less Exp for killing a basic tier beast after evolving, similar to how he obtained no Exp form fighting low level students. If this was to continue, as Quinn levelled up he would have to not just look for higher level opponents, but also higher level beast for Exp.

Did this mean at some point, Quinn would no longer receive Exp? There had to be a cap to these things, and once Quinn was strong enough, he would no longer be able to obtain Exp even from the strongest of enemies.

But Quinn could never imagine that happening.

For now, he thought it was best if he was to keep these stat points in reserve. When consuming blood, the stat points were automatically added, the same was for the O type blood. Quinn would have to choose there and then what the stat would go into before progressing.

However, it wasn't the same when levelling up. The stat could be saved and just underneath his status screen a number would appear displaying how many stat points he could use.

If he needed to, Quinn wanted to place the stat points into his charm skill. It was more beneficial for him to increase this skill so he could get more blood in the future. But right now there wasn't anyone else travelling on their own and it would be hard for him to not be caught.

Still, the orange portal planet was a dangerous place, and Quinn didn't know when he might need to use his other stats for dangerous situations.

Before leaving the area, Quinn managed to shove his hand into the small hole and crack he had made. The shell now seemed a lot softer and was easier to break. Since the beast was dead, the crystal inside was no longer powering its defensive capabilities.

After swirling his hand around inside the beast, he eventually felt a solid object and pulled the crystal out. Even though it was only a basic tier crystal. Quinn was already thinking about what type of armour the crystal could be used for.

It had a good defence after all so it would be best made into, either a defensive item, or a piece of armour.

The crystal was stored into his system inventory, away from the eyes of others.

Quinn had returned to where the others were and he could see Fex by Cia's side as well. He had managed to leave just after seeing Quinn kill the beast, and did not see what Quinn had done with the crystal after.

As Quinn walked past him and went to join up with Peter, Fex did his best to look as unsuspicious as possible. He started whistling away while looking through the trees.

"Did you do something wrong?" Cia asked. She could tell that Fex was acting strange ever since he returned. Hearing this, Caused Fex to jolt back a bit.

"No, I'm just getting bored. Why would I have anything to hide? Maybe you have something to hide, and that's why you're accusing me of having something to hide?" Fex replied back.

"You know, that's a classic line of someone who's been caught." Cia replied as she walked off, already uninterested in whatever Fex was trying to hide.

It had been over an hour now and the group had a total of sixty points. They had finally recovered from their deficit. They were unable to see where they were as none of the groups knew each other's scores. But they had a rough idea form watching, and with the fifty point deduction, they wouldn't be surprised if they were still in the last place…

Now when students were scanning items with the scanner, it would constantly come up with an error. Fifteen minutes had passed and there wasn't a single sound indicating the students had found something. The only beast that was found was the strange boulder beast as well.

"I guess it's time for us to move on." Del said. A larger device was tied around his waist, which looked like a larger version of the scanner the students had. After pressing several buttons on his own scanner. A sound was heard, and suddenly, none of the students were able to scan anything at the moment.

"Alright students, everyone gather up in the centre, it's time for us to move on to the next area!" Del shouted.

As the students started to walk over to Del, loud low sounds could be heard, and a vibration underneath felt in their feet.

"What is that?!" A student said worried as the loud sounds where consistent.

It was clear that something large was coming towards them, and it wasn't human.

The loud sounds started to get louder and now the sounds of trees crashing onto the ground could be heard.

Every student was looking into the direction of where the sound was coming. Two of the trees closest to the open part of the jungle were knocked down, and now they could see what was making all that noise.

The large beast stood on all fours, and had a long neck. There was no fur, and it resembled something similar to a dinosaur. Even the size was something similar to what they would have imagined. The only difference was on its back it seemed to have a large flower bud. It completely covered it from its neck to its tail.

The students picked up their scanners and immediately started to scan the beast. Size wasn't always the indicator of strength. Quickly, they realised their scanners had been turned off by Del and they were unable to tell the level of the beast.

But for Quinn, it was different.

[Advanced tier beast Flora Saur]

[Unable to obtain further information]


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