My Vampire System
219 Hitting the limi
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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219 Hitting the limi

Inside the training hall in one of the military bases, Nate and Sam could be seen training. The second year students had a lot more time compared to the other students. Hence, most of the time, second year students would use their free time for practical training.

They often went to the other planets to support the base military in their endeavours. However, as of the moment, the second year students were to remain at their bases for the time being, by virtue of the upcoming Inter-base military event.

It was an event that required all of the eight military bases to enter - It was basically a competition among the bases. The events varied from certain activities and games to straight out fighting. The military bases would compete to see who had raised the best and strongest students. Moreover, the leaders and generals would often be rewarded greatly for according to the results that they acquired.

The event was important for the military bases and their leaders, since they would often get more funding and privileges based on the performance that they've shown during their participation.

Because of this, the second year students, who were the main focus of the events, were practising. This was for the reason that the second year students often had more time to cultivate their abilities to higher levels, able to obtain more beast gear equipment, and just had more experience overall.

It was very rare for first years to compete in some of the minor events, as most of the slots for each activity would usually be taken up by a second year student. Still, there were some cases when a first year user might be suited for a particular activity.

An example of this would be the hack-the-vault challenge. In this tournament, the team would have to make their way through numerous security devices and sentinel, successfully making their way to the vault right at the end of the course. This didn't solely require strength, but rather, a set of particular skills.

The two of them were in the room - Sam was sitting down while poring over a level 6 ability book that was placed on the floor. Meanwhile, Nate was standing as he observed his companion.

Sam had his eyes closed for a while now, meditating. All the while energy was flowing inside his body, he was trying the techniques that were written down on the book. The power began to rise from the pit of his stomach, but soon after, he would feel a great pain.

All of a sudden, a burning sensation arose in his chest area, promptly stopping him from what he was doing.

"Don't push yourself, Sam. This might be your limit." Nate said.

Sam looked at his friend's wrist watch that was now displaying the number 7. Nate had grown so much stronger and Sam was always behind him, so he wanted to catch up. Sam had done well in increasing his ability from level 4 to 5. He had even saved up enough money to buy a level 6 wind ability book.

Nevertheless, the problem that he had right now was one that tortured many. Hence, he had reached his limit not long after. Just because one had a high level ability book, it didn't entail that they would be eligible to learn it. Usually, humans have varying anatomy, mainly on the aspect that each and everyone of their bodies produces different amounts of MC cells.

The burning feeling that Sam could feel in his heart meant that he had reached his limit. Thus, pushing his body any further could be dangerous.

Sam knew what this sensation meant as it conveyed the state of his body. However, he still wanted to pursue the matter, even supposing that after several attempts, it seemed like his efforts were useless. He really had abused the extent of strain that his body could bear.

Though, it wasn't a complete loss since he could still sell the book to others who would need it. Howbeit optimistic Sam was regarding the issue, Nate could see that his friend was depressed.

"Don't worry too much. There are plenty of people out there who are strong even without the use of abilities. Look at that Pure group for example." Nate said with a cheery tone in his voice, wanting to ease the worries of Sam. "All we need to do is get you some good beast gear that suits your ability. Also, we can always work on your skills."

Sam could tell that Nate was trying to cheer him up, so he didn't want to stay too depressed in front of him for long. Withal, if there was one thing that could make him feel better, it was bringing his friend back down to his level.

"So, about that new teacher, it seems like she's been picking on you during classes lately," Sam said, giggling away like a high-school girl.

Nate's face had gone bright red at this point as he started to remember the small banter that he and Silver had. "That teacher is bonkers. She already made fun of my head, but she refuses to call me by my name and calls me blockhead all the time. I even decided to shave the corners of my beautiful hair because of her."

"I also heard about how one of the other teachers confessed to her. Apparently, the next day, he came in to school with a black eye," Sam replied as he looked at his friend's new haircut. "I always wondered why you purposely matched up your hair with your face's jawline. I actually think this rounded look is a lot better for you," Sam replied.

"You really mean it?" Nate said as he enthusiastically grabbed Sam's hands. "I haven't seen her today, so maybe she will like this new haircut of mine as well.

"You poor soul," Sam said while shaking his head. "You don't even realise you're already in too deep."

"I wonder where she is?" Nate said, looking around the room.

Meanwhile, inside the school's IT room, Silver was currently standing above one of the school's staff members. The reflection from the screen was showing that his eyes had a slight red tint to them, meaning that he was under Silver's control.

Right now, he was searching for the school's files regarding a student named Fex. So far, there were no results. It was expected, especially since, if she was in Fex's shoes, she would have never used her real name in the human world. Still, she would try it even if there was a slim chance.

After searching the military base's school files, she asked the man to check the other military bases one by one, and to her surprise, a hint about his existence was discovered.

"Oh, you stupid little boy." Silver said out loud. The file was found and it seemed like Fex had actually used his real name. The reason why she was unable to find him so far was because he was located at military base two.

Although this was good news for her, it wasn't long until the Inter-base military event and there, she would be able to make her move in order to bring Fex home.

"Hopefully, you haven't caused too much trouble yet."


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