My Vampire System
213 Cursed weapons
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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213 Cursed weapons

The two boys were closely following Leo as he walked around the school. It seemed like he was taking them towards the portal room at first. However, when they were about to reach the room, their path slightly changed.

Quinn and Vorden both wanted to ask him where he was planning to go, but they were too afraid to do so. All the while walking, Vorden would constantly look around. He still had his doubts and felt like, perhaps, they were being led right into the den of their enemies.

In the middle of their little stroll through the familiar pathways, another female, who they had seen a few times, passed them by.

"Sergeant Leo." Fay said. "Where are you heading to? Didn't you receive the message?" She asked.

"Sorry, I was busy training, and it seems that no one bothered to inform me. Is it something urgent?" He replied.

"There has been an update about the situation of the two students who ran away from their punishment. It appears that, somehow, Pure has already gotten their hands on the both of them.

As the two boys listened in on the conversation, they snappily turned their heads to look at each other. Relief visited their consciousness since it must have meant that Logan had successfully sent the fake video over. The contents explained how members of Pure had already triumphantly retrieved Peter and Erin.

"I see." Leo replied. "So has the search party for them been called off?"

"Not quite. We, including a few other soldiers, have been called back for a meeting. Perhaps, it was to discuss the next course of action." As Fay finished her words, she spotted the two boys standing not too far away from Leo.

At first, she thought that they were just two students who were just taking a walk around the school. Withal, she quickly realised that they also halted their steps when Leo did.

The other thing that she noticed was that they weren't just any students. They were the first year students who she had been seeing more than she would have liked to. Wherever these two went, it seemed like trouble was simply lurking in their shadows.

The moment that Fay focused her attention on the two, Vorden realized the mistake that they had just made. Usually, he was good at this type of thing and would have carried on walking to not incur a suspension. The problem was he and Quinn had both gotten caught up on what Fay had to say.

"I don't know if you're aware of this Leo, but there seem to be two first year students following closely behind you." Fay said, further narrowing her gaze that was on Vorden and Quinn.

"I may be blind, but I do know when I'm being trailed." Leo replied. "They are here to help me move a few things from my storage room. I promise I will go to the meeting room as soon as I'm done."

If it was anyone else, Fay would have complained, suggesting that as a sergeant, they were neglecting their duty. If the general asked them to be present, then they needed to be immediately. However, Leo had some leeway when it came to the other sergeants.

This was because they were aware of the fact that they wanted him, and it wasn't the other way around.

"I will let them know that you will be a little late then." Fay said as she gave a salute before she took her leave.

'I wonder when the two of them managed to get close to Leo?' A lingering thought registered in her mind.

She made it a point to look over their files once she had returned to her office.She felt that something was amiss regarding the set-up.

On the other hand, finally, Leo stopped in his tracks, prompting the students to do the same. They had reached an area in the school that they had never gone to before. It was located around the back of the teleport area, and to access it, a special code should be inputted on a panel that served as the lock.

Agan, Vorden was amazed at how well Leo was able to navigate the entire place. He couldn't help but think that it had to have something to do with his ability. His curiosity was getting the better of him as a strange urge to touch Leo arose in him, but the opportunity didn't arrive.

When they entered the special building, they noticed that it was full of rooms that housed an eerie ambiance. They were all barricaded with metal doors that had numbers painted on their facade.

"This area is dedicated for the soldiers' storage room. When we moved here, we were allowed to bring our own personal belongings." Leo explained.

They walked for a few seconds, eventually stopping right before the door that had the number "12" painted on it. There is a security device that made sure that the only one who had access to this room was him, unlike the other codes utilized on the previous doors. Placing his hand on top of the access panel, it soon allowed Leo inside.

When the storage unit opened, both Quinn and Vorden were amazed at what was inside. There were weapons that were displayed on all sides of the room. In the center was something that looked similar to a boxing ring. Only, there was a wooden doll, similarly sized to an average adult human being, holding a wooden sword.

The whole place looked like any other weapons hall.

"Are all these yours?" Quinn asked.

"No, they once belonged to me and my friends. I just inherited them." Leo said with a melancholic tone in his voice as he continued to walk towards the back of the storage room.

The two boys waited at the back while Leo went to search for something. While biding for their time, they couldn't help but look at the weapons surrounding them.


Looking at the items, Quinn was curious to see what level they were at, and to his surprise, the first random weapon he looked at in the room was at the advanced tier level - It was a short little dagger.

Quinn went to continue to inspect the weapons, noticing that most of them were of high class and were classified as beast equipment. He couldn't even imagine how much the whole thing would cost.

It turned out that Quinn wasn't the only one, who noticed that the equipment around them were nearly all high gears, as Vorden did too. "Hey, if you're not going to use these things, do you mind if i keep it?"

Just then, Leo came out from the back, holding a fairly large circular device - It was almost the same size as his upper body. He placed it in front of the two students, making a loud sound as it hit the floor.

"I'm afraid that all of these weapons are cursed." Leo said. "Their users died with too much resentment and those emotions stayed in their weapons."

Concurrently, Leo placed his hand on his very own weapon.

"You didn't have to make up some lie if you didn't want to give it to me." Vorden cheekily replied.

"Sometimes, our very own eyesight blinds us." Leo explained. "Having no sight has allowed me to see more things than I have ever seen before. If only you could see the things i could see, perhaps, you would begin to understand a little."

The words that Leo spoke really started to interest Vorden and it was the bait he needed.

'The sight he was referring to probably had something to do with his ability' Vorden thought.

"Oh," Vorden replied. "If you're talking about your ability, is there a way you can show me? I have the ability to copy and use other people's abilities. All I need to do is to touch their hand."

Quinn was a little afraid about how Leo would react. He could tell that, it might be that Vorden was pushing it just a little too far, but surprisingly, Leo started to laugh.

"Ha, ha, if you really wish to, then go ahead." Leo said as he held out his hand. At the same time, a strange smile appeared across his face, and the pressure that Vorden felt before, he could sense it once more.


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