My Vampire System
211 A way ou
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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211 A way ou

Currently inside Logan's room were Fex, Erin, Logan, and Peter. The conversation between all of them was silent. They didn't realise it until now, but the thing that brought most of them together was Quinn.

Without him there, the others didn't really know each other that well. The only sound that could be heard was Logan typing away on his computer, trying to gain access and find a way to upload the video they had made without any traces.

Fex, on the other hand, was keeping a close eye on Peter. Without Quinn there, Fex felt like it was his duty to protect all of them if he was to go out of control, though perhaps Logan would be able to deal with him on his own as well. He knew first hand how strong his shots from his strange suit were.

While looking deeply at Peter, Fex was trying to figure out just who Quinn was. Right now he had two main theories, one of them was that he was a member of one of the thirteen families raised here on earth since birth, and reported back to the main families once in a while.

While down here, he had made a mistake of turning Peter and was now trying to keep it a secret. But the thing that threw him off with this theory was his ability. The shadow ability. His first thought was that one of the families was keeping it a secret. When the crowning was to happen again, it would give them quite the power advantage.

The other theory was, Quinn didn't belong to any of the thirteen vampire families and instead belonged to them. The original shadow users. However, this theory of his was the most outlandish for they were meant to be long dead.

If the Vampire Council found out they hadn't all died, then there would be chaos.


Walking down the hallway, both Quinn and Vorden were making their way to the weapons class. Even on off days like today, Leo would often rest there, or practise his swordsmanship. It was hard to say that Leo was a workaholic because he wasn't doing it for work reasons.

But there were times where Quinn and others around him could see that Leo was obsessed with the blade, but even that wasn't quite right either. Leo was just obsessed with getting revenge against the Dalki.

While walking around, they could see the panic in the soldiers' faces. The students, who were outside the campus and around the city, had been asked to come back and remain inside the school.

There was a strict border control being held just around the school, with a soldier surrounding the whole place in a circle. Even on their way to the martial arts hall, Quinn and Vorden were both questioned several times.

The two of them now stood just outside the weapons hall, and Vorden hesitated before stepping in. "Quinn, this is the last chance. Are you really sure? What do we do if he doesn't agree? I don't think we're strong enough to take him on."

"Even if he doesn't agree, he's not the type to turn us in for protecting a friend. He'll understand. Trust me." With that, Quinn stepped forward, full of confidence, opening the door into the martial arts hall.

It was the weekend, so no students were inside, but Leo was there, standing in the middle of the room on his own. Sweat was dripping down from his forehead while his sword was still sheathed by his side.

As soon as the two of them entered the room, he was already looking in their direction.

"The two of you were standing outside for a while. I was wondering when you were going to come in," Leo said.

"Is this guy really blind?" Vorden asked. There weren't many opportunities where both Vorden and Leo were able to be around each other. Vorden knew about the accomplishments he had made during the war, but sometimes, the rumours would often be exaggerated.

'I wonder if I could touch him,' Vorden thought.

As the two of them got closer, Leo could tell that the energy inside the two of them was disturbed, but while looking at Vorden, his seemed strange. Had he met this person before? Because right now, he was looking at a person that had two different flows of energy inside him.

This was because Vorden currently held the fire ability, as well as the invisibility ability.

"Leo, I know you have already done me a huge favour by keeping my secret," Quinn spoke. "And because of this, I have decided to trust you with something else. I hope my hunch isn't wrong and I hope you can help me."

"I can't make any promises as I do not know what you wish to tell me," Leo said. "But as long as you are not in the wrong, you have nothing to worry about."

When Leo spoke those last words, it gave Vorden a little shiver down his spine. Just what had this man gone through to be able to create such an intense feeling with only a few words? Was it his ability? Or was it really just the pressure emitting from this person?

Quinn started to explain what had happened, and how they had come to learn of what Truedream's reason for coming to the academy was. As well as how Pure was the one who had informed them and how their friends had been chosen for the process. All they wanted to do was protect Erin and Peter.

Quinn however, did leave out the detail of them, trying to save Peter for a different reason related to himself, and just explained that he didn't want his friends to lose their ability. He also mentioned how they needed to send Erin out of here right now.

After they had finished explaining, both Quinn and Vorden took a deep breath, trying to calm themselves down. They carefully watched where Leo's hands were placed, thinking that any second now, he would go for his blade and capture the two.

"You two can calm down," Leo said. "As I've said to both of you before, as long as you are not in the wrong, I shall help. And in this situation, I believe you are not in the wrong."

While Quinn spoke about everything that had happened to Truedream, Leo made sure to carefully keep an eye on their energy flow, as well as their heartbeat. He noticed quite often when people were lying, their flow of energy, as well as their heartbeat, would alter slightly.

Over the years, it came to the point where Leo was just as good as any lie detector. Of course, there were those who had a solid will and had been trained to the point where it wouldn't affect them. But for kids like these, it was easy for him to tell. He knew that the words Quinn spoke were the truth.

"So, can you help us?" Quinn asked with a little smile on his face.

"There isn't much I can do with the situation with Jack. Although he's not part of the military, he is treated a lot higher than me. When I arrived here, I was adamant to be put under Nathan since I had an odd feeling about Duke."

"Right now, because of my rank, there isn't much I can do. Jack holds a special relationship with our head general Paul. The only thing I can do is wait to meet with the head general of military base one. Not everyone in the military agrees with Jack's doing, and this will hopefully be a step in the right direction."

What Leo was doing right now was a risk most people would never take. If someone were to find out that they were trying to ruin the relationship between Jack and the military, there would be many people on both sides upset with this, and most likely, many would go after Leo's life.

What he was doing right now was fearless, and Leo didn't have a group or other people backing him, but only himself.

"Don't worry about that," Quinn said. "Right now, all we need to do is save our friend for now. Is there any way you can get us inside the teleport room to send her off somewhere?"

Leo started to think, which wasn't a good sign. It seemed like he asked a simple yes or no answer, but that didn't seem to be the case.

"As you know, the portal room has been heavily guarded ever since what happened between you two. Most likely, it will be guarded even more. Still, there is a way. Follow me."


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