My Vampire System
208 Peter“s change
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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208 Peter“s change

On display inside the room were three different profiles being projected outward from Logan's computer. It was showing information about the three missing students from the Dalki attack. Since the transformation skill was at level five, Peter was only able to imitate a person's facial structure.

There wasn't anything he could do about a person's height or physical appearance. This also meant that he wouldn't be able to pretend to be a girl unless one had the same body type as his. Higher-level transformation ability would allow him to do this in the future but they weren't available on the market place.

Logan decided to look at the height details and images trying to select the best one that would suit Peter.

Out of the three, there were two that matched Peter the closest. Now when making a decision between which one, Logan opted for the one with less background information and with an ability they could pass off and wouldn't cause too much trouble. Their options were a wind user or the duplication user. In the end, ee decided to go for the duplication ability user.

it was the best option for them, Peter would no longer have to go to the elemental class and try to pretend to be able to use a certain type of ability. This would make Vorden's job a lot easier. And he would also be able to join Quinn's beast weapon class allowing him to keep a close eye.

Hearing this, Quinn wanted to protest the idea. Out of the three men from Ben's group that had attacked him in the desert that day. Two had died while one had lived. That was the same person they were suggesting Peter act as.

Quinn had left him in the desert after removing his memory, but he never came back nor did the search party find him. Perhaps while he was laid on the desert floor a beast really did come and kill him.

After thinking about it, he released if he hadn't come back now the chances were really low of the person returning. He was most likely already dead.

Peter looked at the screen and carefully started to morph his face. The student had medium length brown hair, and one of the finer details about him was he would often wear a bandana that cut off one side of his hair while the other remained up.

Finally, Peter would no longer go by his own name while in the school and now would be known as Pio Blank.

Quinn took a long stare at Peter and released this might have actually been the better option for him. If he was to look at Peter, a person he had killed or seen die right in front of him day in and day out, he really wouldn't know how that would make him feel.

While this all was happening, the groans from the back were heard as Erin lifted her body off the bed and started to touch her head. It was ringing with dull pain and her face felt slightly numb similar to a migraine.

When she looked up she could see the faces of everyone staring at her and a person she had never seen before.

"Who the heck is the new guy." Erin groaned out still not fully there.

No one said a word and after a few moments, she started to remember everything that happened to her. Her last words with Jack and what he had planned to do with them.

"No! No! No!" She started to scream. There was no need for her to try to use her ability. She could feel that it was no longer with her. But just in case she tried to form ice in her hand. Again and again but there was no result.

"Calm her down, before someone outside hears us," Vorden said.

Layla quickly rushed over to her side but Erin couldn't help but scream in anger and sadness. The others had never seen this side of Erin before. It was different for most of them who had been weak their whole life. If their powers were taken away it wouldn't make much of a difference.

But for Erin, she was high up. Of course, the others didn't know the full story and just how much everything meant to her. Losing her ability felt like she had lost everything. All she had left was her swordsmanship and after meeting Fex she could tell she was nothing special.

"Do you really want us to be caught?" Logan said as he threw out a circular device towards Erin. The device opened up mid-air just before reaching her mouth and wrapped around it like a tight fit mask. The screams had stopped but the tears still continued to run down her face.

"Erin, I know you are upset but right now your situation involves all of us," Logan explained. "I can't have your selfish actions harm me or the others, now Layla, I believe you would be the best person to explain to her what we have planned."

While Erin's mouth was covered, it was a lot easier for Layla to explain. It gave no option for Erin to complain in between and allowed Layla to explain everything. How Jack had sent out a search party for her and Peter, how she was part of Pure and they would be sending her to Pure for protection.

Logan then walked up to Erin and had a few words to say himself before taking the device off her mouth.

"Now if you scream, it goes back on. The situation is not favourable for any of us and please trust me. We went through all the options. I even looked into your background and thought about seeing if we could send you back to your family. But that's not possible.

"Staying with Pure is the only option we have." Logan took off Erin's wristwatch and made a few adjustments to it before placing it back. "We are a bit wary of Pure so if you need any emergency help, you can contact me through that, although I doubt we will be able to do anything. Do you understand?"

Erin nodded calmy. Rather than angry or sad she seemed to be going through a different stage right now of shock. As soon as the mask was taken off she started to look at Layla.

"Will you be coming with me?" Erin asked with pain in her voice.

Layla looked in her eyes and held both of her hands before shaking her head. She knew the next words would hit her hard. "No I can't, I still have my mission here," Layla replied.

At that moment Erin snapped her hands back. Everything was getting a little too much for her. Her abilities had been taken, she was being treated as a convict by the school, Jack was possibly after her life and now she had no choice but to join a terrorist group.

Yet, why did this have to happen to her, was it just her bad luck, then she started to remember there was one more person who was going through something similar.

"What about Peter, will he be coming along with me as well?" Although Erin did get along with Peter, if she was going through this struggle with someone she knew, it would at least be better then going through it alone.

The student who Erin didn't recognize stood next to Quinn then stepped forward and his face started to morph back into his old self.

"But how, didn't he used to have an earth ability?" Erin asked. "How did he learn that?" The sound of a little excitement and hope could be felt in her voice.

"That's because Peter is no longer human," Quinn explained. "When a human turns into a vampire or vampire subclass they lose their old ability as their body changes. Logan's guess is it has something to do with the cells in the body being different. Essentially it's like getting a new body so Peter was able to learn a new ability."

Hearing these words from Quinn's move suddenly gave Erin an idea. She had lost her ability but not all hope was gone. If what Quinn was saying was correct, there was a chance for her to get her powers back.

She stood up from the bed and said… "Quinn, I want you to make me a Vampire. I want you to turn me like how you turned Peter."


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