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205 Result of no Truedream
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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205 Result of no Truedream

MVS 205

The room was slowly heating up as the flame started to spread from one piece of furniture to the next. Soon the entire room would be engulfed.

Peter had already left the room carrying Erin over his shoulder. He followed Logan's instruction telling him where to go making sure to avoid the hallway where Quinn and Kenny were fighting right now. The directions he was giving them were to his own room. Right now, it was the safest place he could think of.

Unlike the other rooms that had routine check-ups now and then, Logan's room was different. It was off limits most of the time. This was a special request he made because of the number of different inventions he contained in there. Afraid at any point and time someone would come in and possibly take on of his ideas for profit.

At this point, the smoke had hit the detectors above, and the sprinklers had been activated. However, the flames were too strong to completely get rid of the fire. It could only slow them down for now.

Looking around the room, Jack before could only see the students who were asleep in their chairs and was wondering what had caused the fire. However, when the sprinklers had turned on, the drops of water bouncing off Raten formed a slight outline to be seen.

Raten had currently had not only the abilities of fire, but of invisibility as well.

The strange shape that Jack could see was standing right in front of him, if it wasn't for this, he would have made a dash for the door.

Raten had made the suggestion to kill Jack, but Vorden knew this wasn't an option. The simple reason was the balance of the current world right now. If Truedream were to die, it would go back to what it was like straight after the war.

When the war had ended, Earth was a mess. Ruined cities, the low population of animals and a lot of the land had sunken into the sea. The whole human race had been struck with poverty. Only there was a big difference now, they had powers.

This caused more infighting to happen than ever, and there was no control put in place. Eventually, the rise of the three families had come to create some type of order. But the relationship between the three of them wasn't the best either, and the fighting continued.

The military had power, but they weren't strong enough. They would have many people switching sides between them and the three families. That's why when Truedream had come to them seeking support, it was a blessing. It was someone the military could use to keep everyone in place, and it was why the current system had been put in the first place.

If Truedream was to be taken out of the picture, the military power would weaken, and the power balance would be upset, leading to another civil war. But that wasn't what worried Vorden the most. Civil wars happened, and in the end, there would often be a result.

The problem was if the Dalki was to see this. If the humans were fighting each other, they would come to invade as soon as possible.

For the sake of the current human race, Truedream was someone who needed to live, no matter how evil of a person he was.

Vorden tried his best to explain this to Raten, but right now he didn't care he was in charge.

"I disagree," Raten said. "If the human race can't survive without one person, then maybe we shouldn't be alive in the first place." Raten had set his hand ablaze and threw a punch right towards Jack.

All Jack could see right now was a floating arm of fire. He tried his best to move out of the way, but the attack was clearly too fast.

As his hand full of flames was about to hit, a slight reflection could be seen in front of Jack. "What the…" His hand had touched the reflection, and it felt like he was hitting a solid wall. A mysterious force then moved from the point where he had hit, and it seemed to bounce off right back at Raten.

"Hugo?" Jack said. As he turned his head, the large guard, wielding the two-handed axe had entered the room. "Well, we know someone is getting a raise."

"Damn!" With nothing else left to do, Raten quickly headed for the corridor. He didn't know Hugo's ability nor how strong he was. He loved fighting but wasn't crazy enough not to know when his chances were against him.

"Hugo the door!" Jack screamed.

Hugo held out his hand, and another reflection appeared just in front of the door. But it was too late. Jack could see the figure moving through the sprinklers water, and it was clear it was no longer in the room with them.

"Damn it! You were too slow, forget about that Raise let's get out of here."

As Raten ran down the hallway, he could see Quinn was still busy dealing with the green guard Kenny. "I'm leaving!" He shouted.

And that was the signal for Quinn to disappear as well. Using his shadow cloak skill, Suddenly he had disappeared right in front of Kenny's eyes. A few seconds later and Jack and Kenny had immediately come out of the room.

"Where the hell are they, find them now, and find that girl and boy. I want them both dead you here me!" Jack shouted.

Instead of listening to Jack's words though, Kenny immediately ran back into the room they had exited from. He ignored both Jack and Hugo. The fire was still burning in the room, and the students were still asleep under his abilities effect. He lifted two of them on each shoulder and took them out of the room, placing them on the ground gently.

He then did the same with the other four, and eventually, guards had arrived to help extinguish the fire.

Jack then walked up to Kenny, he lifted his hand and whacked him across the face giving him a big slap. "Did I say to save those students lives, you let them getaway. If you don't have any information or good news, you know what will happen to you."

While looking at the kids all safe out of the room, Kenny had a smile on his face. Although Jack was unable to see this due to the mask covering his mouth. "Sir, it seems like there were a few of them. I'm not sure how many but there were at least two of them. They claimed to be from Pure and were trying to save the kids."

"Pure, they've been tailing me for months but never acted out, this is a first for them. I thought I was safe here, so I didn't bring anything with me. We'll head back for now, I can't risk staying here any longer." Said Jack. "But before we go, send a report to Duke. They want to save the kids that badly, well I won't let them have their way. If Duke is to find either of those two students, they are to be sent to me immediately, you understand you two!"

"Yes, sir!" They both said.

As the three of them walked off, Logan's mechanical spider had done the same. It had also listened to all the words that had been spoken form Jack's mouth.

After a few minutes, everyone had entered and returned to Logan's room. Vorden, Peter, Layla, Fex, Quinn and Erin where all inside but Erin was lying on the bed still under the sleeping spell.

"We did it!" Layla shouted. "I can't believe we really got them two out of there."

"Man, that big guy was scary," Fex said. "For a second I thought he wasn't going to give up and he moved pretty quick for a big guy."

"I wouldn't celebrate just yet guys," Logan said. "It seems like we have a problem."

Logan then played the recording of the mechanical spider. It stated that Truedream would order the school to bring Erin and Peter back even if they were found.

They had hoped claiming they were from Pure perhaps Jack, would let the whole matter go and aim his anger at them, but it seemed to have the opposite effect.

"So what are you saying, Logan?" Vorden asked. "That we have to hide both Erin and Peter forever. We can't do that in the military base, that's just not possible, sooner or later will slip up."

The group remained silent as each one thought about what to do. So far, they had always managed to come up with a plan to get out of this one.

It wasn't like they didn't think this could happen, but the problem was they had concentrated so much in saving their two friends, they didn't think about what to do after.

Of course, the school wouldn't just let them go. They knew the truth about Jack, so the best-case scenario was for them to end up in the dungeon, but now probably something even worse would happen to them if they were found out. Quinn's secret was kept but at what cost?

The anger of the big four. The loss of Erin's ability.

As Layla looked around the room, she could see everyone had a look of defeat on their face. Even the genius Logan hadn't come up with a solution. She then looked at Erin, who was sleeping away, her dear friend who had looked out for her this whole time. Although Erin might not have seen her as a friend, Layla did. She couldn't let Jack get her hands on her.

There was only one thing she could think of to get them out of this.

"Guy's, I have a solution, but…please I just don't want you to hate me after this." Layla said.


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