My Vampire System
199 The one rule
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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199 The one rule

Right now both Jack and Hayley were both inside the medical office. Hayley was sitting down at her computer while Jack was standing just above her shoulder taking a peek at the screen.

"Is this the report you wanted?" Hayley asked as she brought up the file.

Jack gave it a quick read over and it was the same report that he had received from her before. "When you recovered his body, other than the two boys that were with him in the place, was there anyone else or anything inside?" Jack asked.

"Nothing that I can remember. Although now that you mention it, it did seem a little strange?" Hayley said.

"What do you mean?"

"Well even though everything was supposedly destroyed, the whole training centre was left untouched due to it being made of glathrium. It looks like not a single beast had managed to get inside the place. Yet, when we entered. It seemed like the whole place had been trashed, as if a huge brawl had taken place."

"Do you remember any other details?" Jack asked.

Hayley then went into detail describing what the scene looked like, how there were several mangled doors and how chairs from the arena were all over the place and crumbled up. She then also went into detail about Truedream's body when they recovered it. The bottom half was still intact while the top half had the same two bite marks on it. She also did a quick on the spot evaluation and found that the body seemed to have died not too long ago.

"It sounds like Ian must have had fought something while he was in there." Jack said." Ian's ability was magnetism, judging by the scene you were describing, whatever he was fighting with at the time managed to kill him. Do you have the name of the two boys, if they were there then they must have at least saw something."

Although Hayley felt the same way, the boys had already been interrogated several times over the event. Right now, Hayley felt like the most possible thing was a beast. Something might have attached themselves to one of the students and got on to their scent. It followed behind them, killing people in the process and causing small puncture wounds on their neck. This was the only logical conclusion she could come to.

Still, she didn't want to inform Jack of all the previous investigations they had already done. He was in a way higher position than her. She had also heard rumours of his bad side.

At first, Jack was apparently a pleasant person, he thanked the military for helping and taking him in, promising to always help them out. But as he got better abilities and more people on his side, the demands he started making were ridiculous. Nowadays if he didn't get his way, there was no telling what would happen.

The two students files were brought up, the first one was Quinn. Jack quickly scanned it over, but as soon as he saw he was only a level one ability user, he quickly disregarded it, the next person though was Vorden who interested him.

On his file, it stated his initial testing was a level 5 but next to it in brackets, they said it was (subject to changes) and it was also stated that he was an original. The school already knew Vorden's power due to the information passed on to the previous school but just for filing sake, they took down his initial score.

As Jack was reading through the file, that's when he spotted the name. "Vorden Blade." After reading this name out loud a memory had popped into his head.

Several years ago Jack had had his power for a few years now and his family members were starting to grow, he had been called in for a meeting. This meeting was between the big three powers. The strongest originals. He was invited to a private island where a large mansion sat on the highest point.

He remembered each of their presence that day as they sat on a round table opposite to each other. The pressure coming of each of them was immense. After all, they were the strongest people in the world. They didn't rule it by political gains or winning the peoples hearts like in the past.

Instead, they ruled it through their own power and an iron fist, and just looking at them he could see that. There was no military there, no government, there was just the three leaders of the family and himself. They didn't need any guards with the. What was the point when they were stronger than any guards they could hire?

The meeting had come as a surprise because the reason he was called, was because they wanted him to have a seat at the leader's table.

The leader's table consisted of the eight head generals and currently the heads of the three big families.

They had acknowledged the strength of Jack and his family had at that time. And on that day it went from the big three to the big four. However one thing had stuck in his mind, there was one rule they stated before he left… "To never touch the Blade family."

At first, Jack thought it was a joke as he started to laugh, he had heard of every single one of them out there. He even knew several other big name original families out there in the real world, but he had yet to have heard of this Blade family before.

But soon after he realised that each of them were dead serious, the pressure they were emitting just seconds ago seemed to completely vanish at the mention of this family name.

"Can you tell me why?" Jack asked.

"If you ever meet one of them, you have two choices." One of the men said. "Stay away, or help them, but if you go against them, not even we can help you."

At the time he was truly frightened.

Looking at the report once again, he looked at the name carefully. 'Could this really be related to the same family they were talking about?' Jack thought. 'Would they really care if I got rid of one kid, or maybe they were behind the deaths of my men in the first place.'

He started to think about what to do and decided to go confront Vorden. However, every time he felt like he was about to do this, images popped back up in his head of the strong men on the table that day. Just what had gotten them so worked up?

"Perhaps, it's best if I just leave it alone for now," Jack said. "I could always get some more men."

A few hours had passed and lunch break had just passed. Although it was a Sunday all the students had been told to gather in the assembly hall for a special occasion. While the others were wondering what it was exited and chattering away.

Quinn and his group had stomach pains and their blood was pumping widely around their body. They knew exactly why they had all been called. A part of them didn't want the letter to be true, but they could no longer escape reality.

Standing inside the assembly hall was all the first-year students and the second-year students. In total in the assembly hall stood around 1000 students. All of them stood nice and straight staring in the direction of the stage.

Right now, standing up on the stage was Duke, and behind him were the two men who had arrived with Jack.

"Alright is everyone ready?" Logan asked. Right now Logan had a small earpiece that acted as a microphone. While the others apart form Peter had the same.

It was time for them to put their plan into action.

"Ready." They all replied.


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