My Vampire System
195 An illegal?
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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195 An illegal?

After the meeting with Logan, the boys only had a little bit of time before lunch would end and they needed to head to their combat classes. That's when Fex asked a question that seemed out of the blue for everyone present.

"So who is this Truedream guy, is he a big deal?" Fex asked.

Everyone stopped for a moment and turned to look at Fex strangely. It was impossible for someone who lived on earth to have never heard fo the big four family names. This fact had even shocked Quinn, and he started to think more and more, that perhaps vampires were no longer on earth.

"Whoa, what's with all the creepy stares, so I don't know one person, is he really that big of a deal?" Fex asked.

"Well, to be honest, I think Vorden would probably know more about him," Quinn replied. "I only know the basics."

At this point, everyone was all ears to hear what Vorden had to say.

"Truedream is different from the other big families," Vorden said. "The families had their powers long before the world knew they even existed, slowly passing it down from family to family member. And to be honest, even within all the ability users, the three families always reigned on the top."

"The three?" Quinn said.

"Yeah, this is what I mean when I say the Trudream family are a little different. For one, most of his family actually consist of multiple different ability users. This is due to the nature of his ability. The second thing is Truedream had discovered the ability himself later in life, we believe he is the first to have this power.

"His ability is unique and we're not even sure if he can pass it on for others to learn or not. The military who are partners with him, like to keep it this way. Remember its only because of him that so many of those in power chose to not disobey. Anyone who tries to fight back or rebel gets their powers taken away. There are even rumours it was because of Truedream that the Pure faction had started in the first place.

"Once your ability gets taken away, there's no way for the body to learn another one and for some reason, it seems like Truedream's ability stops you from completely producing any more mutant cells for your old ability. As you know, someone without an ability can't get very far in the outside world at the moment."

It was true, currently, in the outside world, most of the things that couldn't be done with abilities were already automated with technology. Everyone then recived a universal income, but it wasn't enough credits to live on earth, causing most of the humans to relocate to shelters on other planets, some that were less protected than others.

Although, even after Fex had heard Vorden's explanation this Truedream person still didn't seem like a big deal to him. Even if Fex's ability did get taken away, there was nothing he could do about his vampire powers. Also, it seemed like Truedream himself was very weak, so he didn't understand the fear associated with his powers that the others had.

After the boys finished talking it was time for them to split up and head for their combat classes. Before doing so, Peter changed his number from an ability level of 2 to a 3. This way Bones could see he was progressing and report back to Duke.

As usual, during the combat class, the group was going through their kicks once again. It was expected since the theme for the lesson would carry on for a week. Only this time Leo demonstrated how to block using your legs and counter certain moves using the palm of your hands instead.

Fex and Quinn weren't really in the mood to practice all out, they were too busy thinking about the plan they had to initiate. So they were casually kicking and blocking each other's attacks at a normal speed.

They had a lot on their minds as the plan wasn't perfect. It couldn't be perfect, because they didn't know what Truedream was going to do, so the only thing they could try was improvising and plotting around a few things they did know what was going to happen.

In the middle of their practice, Fex asked Quinn a question. "Hey, that ghoul he evolved right? So I'm guessing you sorted everything out, do you know what he evolved into?"

"You mean you can't tell?" Quinn replied as he palmed away a kick.

"I can tell he smells different from before, but I don't think I've smelled his type, so what is he?"

"He's something called a wight." When Quinn spoke those words, Fex had suddenly stopped kicking.

"Seriously, what a rare evolution, he must be quite powerful then, maybe even stronger than me in terms of physical abilities."

"What makes you say that?" Quinn asked.

"Well, a wight's strength is mirrored by his creator's strength, and his creator has to be a leader," Fex explained. "Which makes me think why he even left the ghoul in the first place or why he hasn't come back to pick it up."

"Well it doesn't have to be a leader, right?" Quinn said nervously hoping to throw Fex of this dangerous trail. "Any Vampire can turn someone?"

Quinn had made sure to check this fact with the system beforehand, and it was true that most Vampires could turn someone. However, depending on their power it limited how many people they could turn. At most a regular Vampire could only turn one person.

"Are you serious? Did they really teach you nothing here?" Fex said as he let out a sigh. "Although it's true that a vampire can turn anyone it is against the laws. The only person who has permission to turn someone is the leader of one of the thirteen families. If anyone else was to turn someone that would be classified as an illegal. The vampire and whoever created it would be taken back to be executed."

Quinn gulped at hearing this piece of information, is this what the system meant when they said they would now be coming after him? Was Quinn and Peter both considered illegal in the eyes of the Vampire families?

Afterall Quinn was an unusual vampire as the system had stated. As he was busy thinking and taking it all in the system had interrupted.

"Don't worry you are not illegal." The system said. "However, I didn't want to tell you this so soon for you still are not strong enough and don't have the classifications of one. But ever since you turned Peter and created your own family name. You too are now a vampire Leader. But as I stated before if you want to live, never reveal this information to anyone."

Although Fex didn't say anything else, he had kept a few things to himself. Wight's were known to only follow one person, otherwise, their natural nature would take over and they would go on a rampage.

Many of them had to be destroyed once their masters had be slane, otherwise, they would attack everyone in sight.

The fact that Peter hadn't done that, meant whoever had turned him was still closeby. Fex was no fool, judging by the frightened look on Quinn's face, he could only assume Peter was created by him and perhaps Quinn's leader wasn't aware of this certain event.

Fex didn't know how close to the truth he was, and how far away he was at the same time.


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