My Vampire System
191 Unique skill
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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191 Unique skill

It had been a while since Quinn had last fought, and that was against Fex. Before that, it was against the one scale Dalki. During both of these fights, he realised that he needed to get stronger.

He knew he still had a long way to go, but with everything that was happening, he wasn't sure if he had gotten any stronger. He needed this fight to gauge just how much he had improved.

Since the last time he played the game, he had gained a few extra stats, buffing up his body and his abilities. Even though he couldn't use his shadow skills in the game, he liked that it would force him to be creative in using his blood skills while fighting. All these things combined was what led him to coming up with the new skill in today's match.

[New skill: Blood Crescent Kick]

"A new skill but how?" Quinn thought. It was the first time a skill had popped up without him having levelled up. He also didn't increase any stats to get the skill either.

"Impressive!" The system said, "It seems like you managed to create a unique skill. This is a skill that you made all on your own, one that was not part of the system originally."

By combining the martial art skills Leo had taught him with the Blood Swipe skill he had learned from the system, he had created a unique skill only he could use.

[Blood Crescent Kick: When using the skill while performing different types of kicks. A red line of blood aura in the shape of a crescent will be made. The attack carries a distance of ten meters but the aura will get smaller and weaker the further it travels. Cost: minus 2 HP for every kick]

Compared to the Blood Swipe skill the two attacks were quite different. Blood Swipe released from Quinn's finger tips, forming a claw like shape, and five small lines of red aura. He could also use Blood Swipe with both of his hands and bring the lines closer together to form a single stronger red line. However, this didn't seem to be as effective as two single Blood Swipes.

The good thing about blood Swipe was that because it had five separate lines, it covered a wider range, making it harder for a person to dodge, and they were more likely to use a block skill.

While the Blood Crescent Kick was a single large line of red aura. It was sharper, faster, and also had longer range, but didn't have the same wide area of attack. There was also the fact that it cost 2 HP to use the kick instead of just 1 HP for a Blood Swipe.

This didn't look like a lot at first, but Quinn knew that in a prolonged fight, like he had against the Dalki, it would soon add up fast. It was one of the main problems with combining Blood spray into his punches.

Fex having witnessed the whole thing was quite amazed. 'Did he come up with that skill himself? When did he have the time to learn it? I saw him learn the leg kicks at the same time as me, and how does he know how to use advanced skills like the flash step? Yet he doesn't even know the basic hand to hand combat of the vampires.'

As he was deep in thought, he heard a laugh by his side. "It looks like another one has been converted into a fan," Nate said, "You wouldn't believe it, but every time he fights he shows me something new, this kid is growing stronger fast."

"Every time?" Fex replied, "Are you sure he didn't just use these skills before?"

"I'm positive," Nate replied. "The first time we fought I beat him, I beat him in such a way that made sure he showed me everything he had. But then I watched him fight against someone else, and he showed me a new skill, if he had used that in our fight, I don't know how it would have... Looking at him now he's like an entirely different person from back then."

If what Nate was saying was true, Quinn was getting stronger at an incredibly fast pace. One that hadn't been seen throughout the history of the vampires. 'Perhaps he is related to them, hmm… But I thought they all died out, if it's true, it would make sense why he has the shadow ability. Did they just move to earth instead?'

Quinn then sent a message to Fex, saying he was free to play a few games of his own if he wanted to. Right now Quinn wanted to practise this move.

Fex replied back, saying it was okay, and he would wait as he wished to watch Quinn fight a couple more times.

Quinn went into his next match making game again, and with it, the crowd had followed. At first, he found it strange, seeing the people watching him. Since he had never played the game before, he was wondering if it was normal for so many people to be spectating one person.

Did they randomly stumble upon his match, or were they there because he had been on a winning streak for a while now, hoping he would eventually lose.

However, Quin didn't have time to worry about them, and really needed to worry about himself. The next game he was placed with a level two. Knowing he would get no experience in this match he tried to finish it as quickly as possible.

Activating the wind walk skill in his boots to get in close. Then using Flash Step, and performing the regular Hammer Strike from behind. Hammer Strike and Blood Hammer where still by far his two strongest attacks.

For Fex though, it was the first time he had witnessed Quinn using them. He never used it against him in their fight, possible because Fex was too fast, because Hammer Strike took a brief moment to charge up. Against these weak people it was fine, but against someone as fast as Fex it would allow them to get in a free hit.

'So he does know the vampire martial arts?!' Fex thought, "Arghh!" He screamed, as he felt like pulling out his hair. "You know what, I'm going to have to just stop guessing and find out myself."

Two more matches where made and this time they were with another Level three user and a Level four user. These matches were closer and took more time but they weren't as strong as they could have been.

Rarely did Quinn get matched up with second years who seemed to have higher tier beast equipment. Quinn could only assume that the system had designed it this way on purpose or just not many second years were playing the game. If there was one person who would know, it would be Logan, he made a mental note to ask him later.

After winning the two matches he had gained twenty more experience points and had decided to take a break.

[100/400 EXP]

Just as he was leaving the game, he had received a single message from Nate. "I'll see you soon, and make sure you join the fighting event." Quinn had remembered Nate quite clearly. It was another loss that had stuck in his mind.

And judging by this message, Quinn knew exactly what he was talking about. The upcoming military base event. Soon all the bases would meet up to compete in special events, each trying to show that they were able to raise the best and strongest students.

Quinn was excited for once, perhaps with this event, he would finally be able to show his strength.


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