My Vampire System
186 Breaking free
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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186 Breaking free

"I have a question?" Vorden said. "How did you figure out what we were up to?" 

Vorden was sure he had covered all their tracks with Fex. The last thing he wanted to do was get caught, yet they did. If they had slipped up somewhere and Fex was able to find out, then this meant others could find out about what happened to them as well. 

Logan then walked over to Peter, who turned his head and gave him a dead eye stare. Seeing this Quinn immediately intervened. 

"Peter stop that!" It was almost like an instinct for Quinn to do this. Like he was telling off a bad dog growling at another person. 

The wrist watch had been removed and Logan made a few adjustments using his glove before handing it back to Peter to put back on. 

For now, he had removed the listening device implanted. That's when he noticed that the heartbeat sensor inside hadn't indicated a signal in a while.

If he had found this out too late the guards would have rushed over. although he didnt know why he could only assume it had something to do with the evloutio. He decided to also make a fake signal so it would indicate that Peter was alive.

Peter had become a lot less talkative and at the same time, it seemed like he wasn't as timid before. It was causing a strange atmosphere in the room. 

"Peter why don't you come over by me." Quinn said, noticing how everyone was feeling. 

Peter then walked over to where Quinn as, while constantly looking around the room, as if he was watching out for any dangers.

"I planted a listening device into Peter's wristwatch when you asked me to make adjustments. I felt like you were hiding something. So this was the best cause of action."

Hearing this News Quinn felt like he had no right to be upset with Logan. He really was hiding things form him and even now Quinn still hadn't told him a few things, "It's okay, Logan are we still friends?" Quinn asked. 

"We're friends?" Logan replied with an odd look on his face. 

"Of course, Friends help each other out, and you've helped me more than ever." Quinn explained. 

"Well, if that's the case this seems to be a one way friendship since you haven't helped out with anything at all yet." Logan replied. 

Although Logan sounded rude, he wasn't. Logan had always been honest like this, and didn't really know about human feelings.

As the three were leaving the room Quinn stopped by the door and pointed at the briefcase he had looked at before with Logan. "You're right." Quinn said. "I really haven't helped you when you helped me so much. You know that briefcase from before, well my system says it was made by Richard Eno."

With that piece of information Logan's thoughts were confirmed, he knew it. 

"You are my friend Quinn!" Logan shouted as the door shut. 

The biggest worry looming over their heads had finally disappeared but that didn't mean they were completely in the clear. While Vorden and Peter had decided to go back to tier rooms, Quinn decided he would go pay the girls a visit and update them on the situation. 

They knew what they were planning to do today, although Lyla was happy to help, Erin didn't want to be anywhere near Fex, and Vorden strongly agreed to this as well. So Layla and Erin had agreed to stay out of it for the most part and allowed the others to help Peter out.

Boys weren't allowed in girls dorm rooms, and although they usually weren't very strict on this rule, it was currently night time and it would be curfew time so Quinn was more worried if anyone were to see him. After a knock on the door he spoke through the door to confirm it was him and the three of them then went for a walk down the hallway while Quinn explained everything that happened. 

"So he won't have to eat humans anymore, and there is no need to get involved with that Fex kid again? Good." Erin said. 

After hearing everything that happened it seemed like they were able to solve Peter's problem with ease and thanks to the dark market place if another ghoul was created they would be able to solve the problem a lot easier. 

'Should I experiment with myself first before telling the others?' Layla thought. 'Just maybe…if I get strong enough, I can break free.' 

Still, after Quinn had told them everything, Layla could tell that something else was on his mind. 

"What's wrong is there another problem?" she asked. 

Quinn then proceeded to tell them the situation with Duke, how they desperately wanted Peter to learn the level four earth ability by the end of the week. The major problem was Peter didn't have an earth ability and he was too involved to cut ties. 

"Wait, did you say the end of this week, this Sunday?" Layla asked. 

"Yeah that's what Peter told us." Quinn replied. 

Layla was visibly shaken after she heard this news, but she forced her facial expression to remain neutral. The message she had received from one of the Pure agents, was Truedream would be coming at the end of the week. On the same day they wanted Peter to learn the ability by. 

If the others found out Truedream was coming over, they wouldn't find it a big deal. For he had close ties to the military and would often visit the military basis. But Layla knew the truth. 

One of Pure group's biggest targets was Truedream, he was the whole reason why the military was able to keep such a strong grip on everyone. The reason why he was coming of course, was to take students abilities form them to add them to his own men. 

And Peter had been selected as one of the Targets. 

After finishing there talk the group decided to leave each other and head for their rooms for the night. When Quinn opened the door, he was surprised to see Vorden rushing over to him. 

"Quinn, thank heavens your back!" Vorden said. "Peter he's become a weirdo, he just standing above his head and won't listen to anything I say. I was trying to relax, listen to some music but I can't with him just standing there staring. What the hell happened to him?" 

Quinn started to laugh nervously, it looked like Peter had changed more then he thought. "Peter you can rest, why don't you lie on the bed."

Peter di as asked but when lying on the bed they noticed he didn't close his eyes. 

"System what's up with him? " Quinn asked. 

"Don't worry he just recently changed, you have to think of him as a new-born person, he will soon start to do things on his own more often but now that he is an undead, he will no longer Requires any sleep." The system replied.

Seeing this made Quinn a little upset, the old fragile scared Peter had completely disappeared and was no longer there. Even though Quinn had saved him, had he really it seemed like Peter was now an entirely different person and he didn't even know who he was looking at anymore. 


Inside the girls room, Layla herself was having trouble sleeping, there was three days before Truedream would arrive on campus. Which meant she had three days to try figure out a way how to tell the others what was going to happen to Peter, without reviling who she really was. 


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