My Vampire System
181 Logan moves!
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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181 Logan moves!

After hearing what Peter and Vorden had said, Logan wasn't shocked by it. His mind worked differently to others. It was very rare for him to feel any emotion, such as sadness or shock. It wasn't until he first discovered computers and programming that he started to feel the emotions of joy and excitement.

So his reaction to hearing this wasn't normal, to say the least, he felt like he needed more information before coming to a logical conclusion. So far there were three students involved, Vorden, Quinn and Peter that he knew of.

The words that stuck out most to him during the conversation were "kill again". Logan then proceeded to log onto his computer and started to access the school's servers. Whenever he would hit a firewall or a security breach, he would place his hand on the computer and close his eyes.

"Please I need your help, will you let me in?" Logan asked.

A few moments later and he was into the school system. Since the new school semester started there were a total of two student deaths that had been reported, one named Brandon and the other named Earl.

When looking at the files he also noticed that two students had been brought in for questioning and one of them for both cases, Quinn.

'IF the three of them are friends are they covering for Peter? Maybe the military was always close in their investigation but never got the right person.' Logan thought.

This seemed to be the most logical conclusion but then there were still a few things that didn't make sense. Why would they be covering for a murderer, they couldn't have been that close as no one knew each other before coming here.

Unless they were directly involved there would be no need for a cover-up. Then the second thing was the fact why would there be a need for them to kill again. The way Peter had spoken had made it sound like an accident.

The Next thing Logan pulled up was a file on Fex. A student name that was mentioned in their conversation.

'Now things are starting to make less sense.' He said.

Fex was a new student who had only been here a few days and had been brought in for draft evasion. For some reason, there was a link between all these people but Logan just couldn't find it.

His heart started beating as the excitement of a mystery about to be unlocked. He felt the same feeling he did when he was working on a new idea and when he finally found the missing component, a rush of dopamine would be sent to his brain.

There was one place that they would be at tonight without fail and that was the student's names Fex. Before leaving Fex grabbed a round ball-like object and started making some adjustments with his mechanical glove.


Vorden had caught up with Quinn and given him information on his target, saying what homeroom class they were from and also what combat classes they would attend. Judging by the time of day, they were able to guess most likely were the student would be.

Quinn had gone to one of the homeroom classes to find his target. Vorden had gone to wait outside the dorm area and lastly Peter to the canteen.

As Quinn walked down the hallway where the students were just outside their homeroom, he would use his inspect skill on all those walking by. Vorden had given a description, but Quinn felt like using his inspect skill would allow him to spot the right person quicker in the crowd of people.

As for how to convince the student to come with him Quinn had wanted to test something. Finally, he found the student walking back towards the dorm room. Quinn quickly tapped the student on his shoulder.

"What is it?" The student said half annoyed as he turned, but he quickly changed his tone. "Oh, sorry how can I help you." He said with blush marks underneath his cheeks.

He had never seen a student so handsome before, it was as if something was drawing him in.

[Influence skill activated]

[Influence skill successful]

Before approaching the student Quinn had asked the system to allow his charm skills to go back to normal. He had increased his points by two, and out of all the student's regenerative abilities Quinn was tasked with the second weakest one.

"Follow a few feet behind me, don't say anything to anyone understand."

The student nodded and continued to follow Quinn.

Vorden found it quite easy to convince his student to do as asked after showing him his watch, threatening to beat the person if he didn't comply, and then finally it was Peter's Turn. Dinner had ended and he could see his target moving up and leaving the place but he was also with a few of his friends as well.

However, Peter managed to pluck up the courage and stand in front of the student.

"I'm here to deliver a message," Peter said. "General Duke has asked me to take you to him at this moment."

The student agreed to leave his friends and follow Peter. It was all going well for Peter so far, the student was following and asking him what the General wanted to see him about. Whenever asked Peter would reply, saying the general would never tell a low level like him information about why.

However, the problems started to occur when the student realized that Peter wasn't leading them to an office, but instead towards the dorm rooms.

"Where are you taking me?" He asked.

"Oh, I just need to grab a few things form my room first that I forgot," Peter replied.

"I thought you said it was urgent!" The student was now starting to get annoyed at Peter. This was bad as there were still several students around returning to their dorm rooms after leaving the canteen.

It wasn't like Peter could knock him out there and then.

"Is there a problem here." A voice said.

As the student turned around he could see a black hared student he didn't recognize and suddenly, his eyes lit up red.

"Head over to room 224 and wait there," Fex commanded and the student did as asked.

"Thank you, but why are you out here?" Peter asked.

"I had a feeling one of you might mess up this plan of yours, and out of everyone I picked you. I've been following you since the canteen."

The two of them entred Fex's room and tied up the student. They then sat together in silence as they patiently waited for the others.

Until Fex broke the silence. "Don't worry too much, once this is done, you will evolve and no longer be required to do this type of thing. I honestly don't know why your turner didn't prepare this all beforehand."

"Well, he didn't really understand what was going on, none of do?" Peter replied.

"What do you mean?" Fex asked.

But before Peter was able to give further details a knock was heard at the door.

Quinn had arrived first and then Vorden only a few minutes after. They did the same procedure as last time and allowed Fex to tie the other two students up. Now laid on the floor were three students.

"Well, are you ready to do this," Fex asked?


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