My Vampire System
179 Alone
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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179 Alone

When Quinn had first come in and made the request, he had explained that his system had hidden the level of his actual ability. It made sense why he needed to adjust the score on the watch. This was why when Logan saw Peter and they had made the same request… it secretly made Logan happy inside.

He thought that perhaps Peter had been put under the same type of system that Quinn had. He saw Quinn as a friend now and was happy to help him, but his urge to find out about the system far surpassed that of their weak bond.

When touching Peter, he realized how he was quickly disappointed, he didn't have the same reaction as he did when touching Quinn. Which meant right now, he couldn't think of a reason why Peter would need to change his level? If it was something as simple as to avoid others from bullying him, it was too risky to do.

Once they found out how weak he was they would report him and the watch would be replaced. The only thing he could think of was, Quinn and Peter were hiding something from him. So he came up with a plan to implant a recording device into the watch.

At first, he was originally going to do this with Quinn, however, he quickly felt him and Quinn get close together. He enjoyed the small conversations they would have. He decided it wasn't right to invade his privacy and believed Quinn would eventually tell him.


It was time for the two to split up, Peter would head to the elemental class with Vorden while Quinn would head to his normal Weapons class.

For the start of the lesson, they continued to go through the kicks that had been done the other day. Quinn worked on perfecting them while in his head imagining the feeling of blood swipe going through his legs.

Usually, he would just have to think about activating the skill and the system would do the rest for him. The energy inside his body moved on its own but he could still feel everything that happened were only automatic.

If he wanted to combine his blood swipe with his leg techniques he had to recreate that feeling in his legs while throwing out a kick. It was too bad his mind had been preoccupied with other things, otherwise, Quinn would have loved to test it out right now.

While practising though he noticed once again that Fex was standing by his own. Not a single person had approached him. It was to the point where Fex was just lying about and looking at the ceiling in boredom.

Now Leo didn't do anything about students who didn't want to learn. In his opinion, in the end, it really was up to them if they wanted to participate or not. However, if they were to disturb the class he would deal with them.

Seeing this Quinn decided to approach Fex. HE didn't feel like Fex was a bad person but more like a child who didn't know what was right and wrong. IF Quinn could just approach him and get close maybe he could learn more about the vampires that might be after him.

"Hey, do you want a spar?" Quinn asked.

Fex got up from the floor and looked around him, noticing that there was only one person Quinn could have been speaking to. "Who, me?" Fex asked, tilting his head a bit.

Quinn nodded. "Maybe I can use my full strength against you this time?"

"Yeah, right. But if you insist on an arse kicking then I'll be happy to give you one." Fex replied with a smile.

Fex was a good fighter and Quinn was hoping to learn from him, if in the future he really did become his enemy it would be useful to learn how not only he fought, but how others fought as well. There was also the fact that recently Quinn had gotten a stat boost, he knew he wasn't as powerful as Fex yet, but maybe slowly as he consumed more people's blood he could change that.

The two of them sparred using the kicking techniques only and Leo also noticed that Fex could actually perform the kicks quite well. IT seemed like he was performing them badly before just because he didn't want to.

Still, the two of them knew not to show their true strength or speed otherwise the others around them would start to get suspicious.

While Layla and Erin were practising their kicks against each other, Layla noticed Erin was incredibly distracted and was constantly looking over at where Quinn and Fex was. She was never interested in Quinn before, even after learning he was a vampire. So it had to mean she was looking at Fex instead.

After last night she tried to repeat the movements while she was under control multiple times but they just weren't right. She wanted to feel them one more time, she felt like she was close but something was just missing.

But as she looked at Fex's face it filled her with disgust. She would never allow herself to be controlled by another person.


In another training hall, the elemental class was taking place again. Voden and Peter did their usual thing keeping their distance from one another but at the same time not too far. The lessons usually started off with an explanation, demonstration and then students would try to replicate what they were being taught.

At the end of each lesson, there was free time. Students could practise fighting against each other, or practise on their own trying to perfect and get a hang of their skills.

So far the whole lesson had passed without anything happening, and it was only in the last part that the same men that approached Peter the other day, had approached him once again.

"So Peter, I see you finally reached the level two earth ability, but your progress is a little slow don't you think?" The student who had approached had quite a skinny frame and it looked like he hardly had any fat on him. His face was even sunken in by the cheekbones.

It was as if fate had decided how he would look from birth, for the name given to him by his parents was Bones. Although Bones himself didn't look intimidating, Vorden could see he was confident when approaching Peter.

While looking around he saw a couple of other students also looking in their direction. They were probably working for Duke as well.

"The Duke wants to make sure that you progress as fast as possible, and the easiest way of doing that is through a practical assessment wouldn't you agree? Why don't the two of us have a little spar?"

Although Vorden wasn't close enough to hear what they were saying, he was able to tell they were in some sort of trouble just from the look on Peter's face. Then when he saw them walking off in a certain direction and clearing a space around the two of them Vorden knew what was happening.

They wanted to test his abilities when Peter had no abilities.


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