My Vampire System
176 Fex“s bad plan
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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176 Fex“s bad plan

As the three boys followed Fex they couldn't help but wonder what kind of plan he had. He said he had prepared everything beforehand. Quinn was thinking of all the possibilities, given how young Fex was and how the system hadn't recognised him it was clear that the two Vampire minds were a generation apart.

Meaning perhaps there were some things that had changed that even the system didn't know about. Maybe in the time period, they were able to find a substitute for the human flesh? Whatever the plan might have been it had to be better than letting Peter roam around and kill people.

As they followed Fex they realized that he was leading them back to the student dorms. Until finally, they had reached a room not too far away from theirs, located at the end of the hall. It was the last room.

"I hope you're hungry," Fex said as he opened the door.

As soon as they entered the room, their jaws had nearly dropped to the floor. Quinn immediately looked out in the hall to see if anyone had seen them before closing the door shut.

"What is the meaning of this?! " Quinn asked.

Currently on the floor were seven different students who had been tied up. They each had a blindfold around their eyes and a piece of cloth gagging their mouths. Their arms and legs were tied up using the same type of string that had been used on Peter.

"This is what someone should have done before they turned him into a ghoul. I noticed he was a crazed ghoul so he shouldn't need much human flesh to evolve. He would need a different type, right? So here you are, I brought you a different person he can eat for each day of the week." Fex explained.

Quinn realized then that It wasn't that the system didn't have anyway and Fex did… it was the fact that they were two different types of vampires. The system knew that Quinn would never consider this an option so they would never suggest it

While Fex, even though he was interested in humans, saw them just as a thing to be used.

"So what, you plan to just kill these students?" Vorden asked. "The school would find out if seven students just went missing, this isn't really a plan."

"Hey, hey now look who's being the stupid one, no one said anything about killing," Fex replied. "The size of meat that a ghoul needs to eat only needs to be about that of a shoe. So there's no need to kill, no need for the school to find out."

"But won't they say something happened? If I was them as soon as I left I would get out of here." Peter said worried as he saw the students wriggling about, scared for their lives.

"Although you guys seem to be friends it's like you don't know much about vampires do you?" Fex shook his head. "If I use my influence powers then I can make them forget anything ever happened. As for their missing limbs, I can replace them with a memory saying they lost them in an accident fighting with each other."

When Quinn was thinking up of different ways to help Peter he too had come up with a similar option. The only problem was Quinn wasn't confident in his influence skills. whether it worked or not depended on two things, if the person he used it on had good mental strength and his charm stats which were low at the moment.

If there was the chance it didn't work then Quinn would have to kill someone with his own hands. The killing wasn't the part that Quin didn't like, but killing someone who had done nothing wrong or no harm to him was different.

These people in the room were strangers to him and they had families waiting for them back home, who was he to decide what happened to them. If he was to abuse his powers then he would be the same as the very people he hated.

"Well, Quinn, what do you want to do?" Peter asked, looking at him. Peter had already made up his mind. He was sick of worrying about this and just wanted to get it over and done with. He convinced himself if he didn't at least resort to this then there would be more body bags and a missing limb was better than a body bag.

"I can't," Quinn said. "I don't even know these people that well."

Quinn's reply surprised Peter, as he was sure Quinn had felt the same way. As if he just wanted to find the quickest solution.

"If it makes it easier for you some of these people aren't good people." Fex then went over to two of the male students off to the right side and lifted up their head, revealing a few bruise marks on their face.

"You see these two here, they were my roommates. As soon as I entered the room they started ordering me around, I refused and you know what they tried to do, beat me, so I gave them a beating back. I hadn't even said a word to them yet.

"What about the rest?" Quinn asked.

"Well, the rest were randomly selected, they just had bad luck that's all. Look, someone had to draw the short straw right?"

While Vorden was looking at the students he recognized one of the female students. It was the same girl who he had copied the regenerative ability off the other day. Now it made sense why he couldn't find her earlier, it must have been due to Fex keeping her in this room.

Seeing this though gave him an idea.

"Quinn, there is something we can do?" Vorden said.

Vorden explained how when he was coming up with plan B he managed to get a list of the first-year students abilities and what class they belonged to. On this list, it stated that out of all the first years there were three students who had regenerative abilities.

Before he had never considered this an option, only now that they were able to erase their memories did he think of this.

"There's still a problem," Quinn said. "Even if we manage to get those three students we still need two more."

"But at least it's a start, Quinn," Vorden replied.

They explained their plan to Fex, after all, they needed him to be in on it to make sure he erased their memories. Although he complained a little he did accept in the end.

He then lifted the female student of the ground who had the regenerative ability. "I'm telling you guys, we could get this all over and done with. Are you sure you want to do it this way?" Fex asked.

Quinn nodded in response.

"Alright then." Fex then pushed the female student towards Quinn and he managed to grab her just before she tripped and fell over. "This is your problem, not mine, I'm not going to do everything so one of you is going to have to cut off her body part. I'm not a sicko who gets pleasure seeing people in pain so I'm afraid I'm not going to volunteer myself."


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