My Vampire System
172 Bad Timing
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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172 Bad Timing

"There's no way we can trust that guy!" Layla shouted.

Currently, the whole group had finished their combat classes for the day and were inside Quinn's room. He had just informed them all of what had happened yesterday when he had rescued Peter. He also included what had happened at the combat class and what Fex's request was.

"I hate to admit it," Vorden said. "But I kind of agree with Layla on this one. What is another Vampire doing in the school in the first place? Is he here because of you Quinn or maybe Peter?"

"I don't think that's the case, honestly he seems to be disinterested in me. He also said something that he wasn't meant to be here either. I don't know if he was telling the truth or not, maybe he was trying to get me to reveal myself." Quinn felt like pulling out his hair at this moment, there were so many things running through his head. "I wish there was like a manual or something on how to be a vampire. They have so many rules I just don't understand."

"The thing is… I can understand if he wanted you or Peter but why Erin, it doesn't make any sense?" Vorden shook his head.

Inside the room Erin had been here the whole time, silently listening away. So far she hadn't said a single word. As if her mind was someplace else.

"That I have no clue about either, all I know is he said he wouldn't hurt her," Quinn replied.

"Hey, I have a question." Layla said." How come when you're in the sunlight you get weak while he doesn't? Is he some kind of special vampire, because when we left the training hall he seemed to be walking fine."

Quinn also noticed that as well, and when looking at Fex closely he noticed a ring on his finger. He knew instantly that it was the same ring from the shop. It was a ring that required you to defeat a total of ten Advanced tier beasts to obtain. It only caused Quinn's worries to grow, it was clear that even if he didn't ask, none of them were powerful enough to stop him.

While the others were thinking about what to do, Vorden pulled Quinn off to one side so they could have a private conversation with one another. "Hey man, not to add to your worries or anything…" Vorden started, "But I think we got another problem you should know about." Vorden said.

Vorden then went on to explain how a few of Duke's men had come up to Peter in their training session and how they had asked him to learn the level four ability by the end of the week. It seemed like everything was happening at the worst possible timing.

"Then we have no choice," Quinn said. "We don't know if Duke is going to keep a closer eye on Peter or what he plans to do. If we don't get Peter off this new diet of his as soon as possible then we might have a serious problem on our hands. If it's out of trusting the Vampire boy and the Duke, I think right now I trust the Vampire more."

"You might be right about that one," Vorden replied. "But the problem is how do we convince Erin?"

As soon as Vorden had finished those words Erin stood up straight and had placed her hand on the hilt of her blade, that was currently sheathed by her side. "I'll do it, I'll go see this trash," Erin said.

"What, Erin you're not thinking straight, he's a vampire, he could be planning to do the same thing to you, as Quinn did to Peter!" Layla shouted before pausing. "Oh sorry, I didn't mean that in a bad way."

"I'm not afraid of him, that fool needs to learn his place. He needs to learn not to mess or blackmail others ever again." Erin said.

The others felt a little touched. It seemed like Erin had changed, as if she was fighting for their sake, something that she had never done in the past. But little did they know, Erin was still the same as always, when she was talking about blackmail she was talking about her own situation. She was afraid that if she didn't go through with this, there was a chance that Fex could tell everyone about what she read.

She regretted giving him an easy time when the two of them were at the library and now wished she had taught him a lesson and now this time she would. "Don't worry I'm confident in my skills, if I was to lose to scum like him then I deserved it for not training hard enough."

Erin's stubborn side had shown and at this point, Layla was the only one trying to convince her to not go while the boys remained silent. Even Peter wanted to get this whole thing over with, and if Layla just had to become a vampire's blood bank, then it was a small price to pay. Peter had to do worse things than that right now.

"I think it will be fine, we shall meet on the roof," Vorden explained. "The three of us will wait by the door to make sure no one else comes upstairs. If anything fishy happens we can come out and help her."

"Do you think he'll be okay with that?" Peter asked. "Didn't he say he wanted to meet her alone?"

"The two of them will still be alone and will just be a short distance away. If he truly says he will do her no harm, then he should at least accept these conditions." Vorden explained.

A plan had been set, although it wasn't a very good plan it felt like it was the only thing they could do at that moment. Quinn had left the room to go meet up with Fex to set the meeting point tonight, while Erin wanted to go to the practice room to brush up her skills before the meeting, but before she left Vorden stopped her by holding her hand.

"Sorry, I'm going to need to say this," Vorden said. "Listen to me, Erin if you need any help or anything, you come running to me alright. I promise I won't let this guy get you."

"Vorden, you are the only trustworthy one in this group, I would never rely on any of the others to protect me.��

Erin still believed Vorden was the best option out of everyone out there, she had seen him get serious and even beat a student from one of the big four. Although Quinn was powerful he had too many weaknesses an enemy could exploit if they were to find them out.

"What the hell, why doesn't he treat me like that?" Layla asked in disbelief. "Am I the only one he treats like crap, what the hell did I do?"

Vorden had grown close to his circle around him, he had never had this many people this close to him before and Erin was one of the very few people who had approached him first. He didn't want to upset this little family that had been created. Unfortunately, Layla got the short end of the stick due to the little one, misunderstanding the relationship between Quinn and her.

Vorden then went off with Peter to go gather the strongest abilities he could find, first heading to find Berg and one other ability.


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