My Vampire System
168 Martial Arts
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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168 Martial Arts

Out of all the students there, Leo had selected Quinn. It didn't come as a surprise to the others anymore. Since the first day, it seemed like Leo was favouring Quinn. He would often go to the area he was in most, he was the only one that had a spar with him one on one and Leo seemed to have saved his life more than once.

Having no good excuse to refuse, Quinn walked up onto the platform.

"Hey did that student always look like that?" A student asked.

"I think so. I'm not really sure I didn't really pay any attention to him before."

"It's a shame he is only a level one. Otherwise, he would be good boyfriend material." A female student said.

Ever since evolving into a vampire Quinn's looks had slightly changed. He was no longer the weak skinny frail him. his body had filled up, and he looked like he had a proportion of muscles all over. The students never paid much attention to Quinn in the first place, other than those that saw him as a target to pick on. Now standing in front of the class they were able to see him better.

Quinn and Leo were standing at opposite ends of the platform. "Now for this session once again I would like you all to not use any of your abilities, later on, we will try to learn how to combine your abilities with our fists to make more of an impact but for now forget about it," Leo explained as he looked at Quinn. "Okay, when you are ready I want you to come at me and don't pull any punches."

Leo assumed a fighting stance and at the same time, a quest appeared directly in front of Quinn.

[High-level opponent detected]

[Defeat the opponent in battle. Reward: Instant Level Up]

It seemed like the reward for winning the fight was the same as last time. Although Quinn didn't feel like he could beat Leo anytime soon.

But the quest reward did give Quinn an idea. So far each level up required him to earn double the amount of EXP before. However, this changed when he evolved at Level 10. If at every ten levels he was to evolve then Quinn could time it right and challenge Leo to a fight at level 19.

The problem then was if he was to level up in front of Leo and the evolution process started straight away what would he do then? As he got used to the system, more Quinn had to start thinking about how to utilise it to give him an advantage over others.

'Let's see if you really are the person from last night.' Fex though standing by the sidelines. it was unlikely there was more than one vampire here. There were often vampires, sent as scouts at the military base, but they would be disguised as high ranking officials. But Fex had never heard of one of these scouts being a student.

"Do you think Quinn will do okay?" Layla asked Erin.

"Do you not remember what Leo did to that Dalki. It didn't even take him that long, while the five of us including Quinn struggled." Erin replied. "I admit, Quinn is strong and I hate to say this, from what I saw probably stronger than me. But we're just students and nothing compared to the ones above."

The fight had started and while Leo didn't move at all, Quinn started to dash in as fast as he could. He didn't have any of his beats gear on so his stats were lower than usual but he also wasn't being affected by the sunlight so much.

"Wow, he's quite fast." Seeing Quinn dash from his position, he was certainly fast, but not fast enough for people to think of it as an ability.

Quinn threw out a punch fast, but didn't add any of his blood skills. He knew he was limited by what he could use in front of everyone but he still wanted to test himself after not being able to land a punch yesterday.

However, Leo was able to move his head to avoid it—Quinn then changed his fist and went to grab Leo instead. He hoped to throw Leo to the ground but it was too late.The man had already pivoted on his foot and went for a spin—while doing so he lifted his other leg in the air and managed to kick Quinn right in the head. At first, Quinn thought he could take the blow from the older man but he quickly realised his mistake.

The force was strong and caused Quinn to fall to the ground.

"Again!" Leo said.

Although the force was strong enough to cause him to fall it didn't do much damage to a body like Quinn's. He tried attacking again throwing punches of his own, but every time his attacks would come close, Leo would move or using the palm of his hands deflect the strikes. then when he was attacking he would use his legs.

The confrontation lasted about ten minutes and finally, Quinn was starting to get worn out by the whole thing.

'Yep, those sloppy punches of his, that's definitely the person I fought with yesterday.' Fex thought.

"Okay, that's enough," Leo said.

Quinn was now huffing and panting a little, even though he hadn't used any advance abilities, like the flash step or hammer strike, it seemed to be more tiring fighting against Leo.

During the fight, Leo had displayed many different techniques but what stood out to the students was how he thought. There was definitely a style they all recognised. He would always use the palm of his hands for defence, and whenever he was attacking, he would use his legs.

"What you have just witnessed is the martial art we teach our soldiers here. It is named the Pugna style. A mixture of Karate amongst other things with the hands, while using a form of taekwondo in our legs. It's important, the reach in our legs is longer and more powerful than our arms. but our arms are more versatile and flexible."

Leo then started to look at the crowd of students again. "Is there anyone here who would like to have a go? This is your chance to have a one on one battle with your teacher here."

Most of the students were nervous. They didn't have much hand to hand combat experience because they focused on using their abilities or training with weapons most of the time. Other than the street fighting they did in school they all felt it would be embarrassing for them if they were to go up.

Out of all the students there, a single person had his hand raised. "I wouldn't mind having a crack at it." A student announced as he sauntered forward out of the crowd.

When He came into view, Quinn was surprised to see who it was. 'Just what is he thinking?' Quinn thought.

"Oh, if it isn't the newbie," Leo said with a smile.

Sweeping his black hair back with his hand and taking a look at Quinn, Fex had a big smile on his face.

"Bring it on."


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