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166 Tricking Duke
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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166 Tricking Duke

The two day rest period was over, and students were now required to go back to classes as usual. Vorden, Peter and Quinn didn't feel like they had rested at all. Over the last few days, they had experienced one high tense situation after another.

In the morning Quinn and Peter didn't go down to the canteen for breakfast, they had decided to stay in their dorm room. While Vorden still had the regenerative ability, he had decided to cut off another one of his limbs, but Vorden actually looked scared about cutting off his own body part again. At first, Quinn was against him doing it again, but Vorden had convinced him it was necessary to make sure Peter wouldn't go crazy with hunger again today.

When Quinn had finally agreed, they decided to cut off a bigger limb, because it would give Peter more meat to feed on. Eventually, they chose to cut off one of Vorden's legs.

Quinn couldn't bear for Vorden to go through so much pain again, that's why he offered to help, with his greater strength he was able to cut through the entire leg in one clean stroke. It took Quinn some time to mentally prepare for it, but he finally convinced himself that it would mean less pain for Vorden, which gave him the resolve he needed to do it.

Vorden looked scared when Quinn was about to cut his limb off, but all of a sudden his facial expression changed, instead of fear it now showed anger. Vorden shouted at Quinn, "Just do it, you little wimp!"

After eating human flesh for two days in a row, it seemed like normal raw meat was no longer an option for Peter, when he tried to eat it, he immediately threw it back up, like his body was rejecting the raw animal meat. From now on Peter would only be able to eat raw human flesh. Quinn was quite upset about this, because he didn't want to see Vorden go through this painful process again. Quinn now wanted Peter to evolve as soon as possible, as hopefully, this would help with Peters dietary problems.

After Vorden went down to the canteen to eat, Peter was looking at the black bag with Vorden's leg in it. He couldn't stop himself from drooling, and his saliva was dripping out of his mouth and falling onto the floor.

"Are you going to eat that or what? Don't let Vorden's sacrifice go to waste." Quinn said, while holding a glass of Vorden's blood in his hand. They had collected it after cutting Vorden's arm off, it would have been a shame to let it go to waste.

Quinn swirled the blood around in the glass before he drank it all in one big gulp. It tasted nice and sweet, and when he was finished drinking he had a smile on his face.

"How do you do it?" Peter asked with awe and horror on his face. "How can you be so calm about it all? How do you deal with this sudden change so easily?"

"Trust me on this one Peter, at first I didn't," Quinn replied looking pensive. "Think of it this way, everyone has multiple sides that they show to people, they are different with their family members, compared to their friends, and they are different with their girlfriends compared to their family and friends. But does that mean those other sides don't exist when they are with different people? We choose to show people which side of us we want them to see, this way different people will form different opinions of us. I was scared too, but I choose not to show it to others. I was also very lucky that I found someone who helped me deal with everything."

As he was saying this to Peter, his mind had immediately gone to Layla. Like he told Peter, he was extremely lucky that she was the first person who found out about his secret. Since she found out she had been nothing but supportive, she also helped him learn a lot about being a vampire. He wondered how different things might have been if it wasn't for her.

While Quinn was talking to him Peter had been trying to hold back from eating the leg that was in front of him. However he could no longer stop himself, as Peter started chomping down on Vorden's leg, Quinn turned around to look away, even though it didn't bother him much it still felt wrong to him looking at one friend eating another friend's leg. Quinn also realized he thought of Peter as a friend again, he suspected the strange bond between them might have something to do with this.

When Vorden was done with breakfast, he had returned to the dorm room to collect Peter, he knocked on the door and asked Peter to come out, he didn't go in because he didn't want to see Peter eating his leg.

Because the two days of rest were over, every student was required to start training in their combat classes again. Peter was still registered in the elemental ability class. He was currently known as an earth user, and Vorden had a feeling that Duke was keeping an eye on him.

After Peter had told them that Duke had gifted him with the level two, three and four earth ability books, Vorden was puzzled by this, he couldn't understand why Duke had given Peter those books. The only thing they knew was that for whatever reason, Duke wanted Peter to become a level four earth ability user.

The three of them split up, Peter and Vorden went to the elemental class, while Quinn went to his own combat class. Now that Peter had been fed twice in a short time, the system assured Quinn that he could last at least twenty four hours before he needed to feed again. In that time Quinn needed to come up with a solution, or if he couldn't, he would have to find Fex and ask him for help.


Vorden and Peter were together in the elemental class, however, they pretended to no longer be on speaking terms with each other, of course, Vorden still kept an eye on him, but he made sure to stay a few meters apart from Peter, or to always have a few other people between them.

Their teacher was currently making a demonstration, she was showing the different uses of her water ability. She was trying to teach the students that with a little bit of creativity in the use of their respective elements they could even make their own skills.

All the students were gathered around her, and they were watching her display.

While everyone was looking at the teacher, Vorden noticed that a couple of students had come over to where Peter was standing, and it looked like they were nudging him a bit. The three of them started to move away from the crowd, towards the back of the classroom, out of sight of the main group of students.

'Are they working for Duke?' Vorden thought. 'They won't do anything to him here, and Peter has just been fed so he shouldn't go on another rampage.'

Peter had never seen these two students before and was a bit afraid, but when they approached him, and he saw they both had power levels of 2.4 and 2.6 he was no longer worried. One of the students whispered into Peter's ear, "Move to the back of the classroom". Once they were at the back, one of them whispered again saying, "Duke has a message for you, make sure you bring your earth ability up to level four by the end of the week, if you do there will be even more rewards for you."

Peter agreed, because he didn't know what else to do. As he looked down at his watch, all he could see was the number one. Now that he had become a ghoul he couldn't even use his earth ability anymore, he was wondering how he was going to solve this in a weeks' time. 'Quinn can change the number on his watch by tapping it, maybe I can ask him how he does that?' Peter thought.


Fex had woken up that morning and tried his best to fit in during his time at school. He hadn't thought much about what happened last night, and he really didn't care that much about it. He was just trying to help a fellow vampire out, but if they didn't want his help that was their choice.

After staying at the school for only two days Fex had already learnt something, life at the school was quite boring. He had gone out to the city to talk to others and experienced some new things, but doing things alone on his own sucked. For some reason the other students were ignoring him, he chalked this up to being the new kid.

Fex didn't know the real reason for this was that his watch was displaying he had a power level of one. When he made his plan to explain his ability to the school, he hadn't realized there was so much discrimination towards weak people at this school.

When coming to the human world he was hoping to try new things and meet people but right now he was wondering if he had made a mistake. Then he remembered there was one person that had spoken to him, although it wasn't a very pleasant meeting, he still remembered it. The first student that he had met was Erin.

After doing a bit of research of his own he was able to find out her name as well as her schedule. Because Fex was a new student he had to decide which combat class he wanted to go to, and after finding out Erin went to the beast weapon's class, Fex knew what class he wanted to sign up for.


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