My Vampire System
161 Right side?
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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161 Right side?

Quinn and Vorden started to head back to their dorm room, making sure not to go too fast. They didn't want another situation where a student would see them running through the halls, which would draw attention and make them look suspicious.

But as they walked through the halls several thoughts were running through both of their minds. Quinn could no longer feel the connection between himself and Peter, while Vorden was kicking himself for not making sure that Peter and Layla were okay. He just never thought Peter would get hungry so quickly, he only ate Earl yesterday.

They had finally arrived just outside the room and when they opened the door, the first thing they saw, was the broken window and glass shards all over the floor.

"Huh, where's Layla?" Quinn asked. "You don't think Peter already…ate her do you?

But if that was the case Quinn would have gotten a message from the system, and also there was no blood to be seen in the room.

That's when they heard a small little sobbing sound coming from one of the corners. As they turned their heads to see where the sound was coming from, they could see Layla curled up into a ball sobbing in the corner.

"Oh." Quinn said with a sigh of relief. "You're still alive."

Layla looked up and noticed the two had arrived back together.

"Where were you guys!" Layla said with an angry tone. "I can't believe you left me on my own, you know I'm not strong enough to deal with something like this."

It was clear Layla had been given quite a shock. Quinn did his best to calm her down. He looked at her sobbing away and didn't know what to do in this type of situation, he had never encountered a girl crying before.

Then a memory came into his head, one that he had almost forgotten. When he was only three years old, Quinn had gotten lost from his mother in the supermarket. The place seemed to be a whole different world to him at the time. He felt alone frightened and when his mom finally found him. She had given him a big hug that made all the bad feelings go away.

Just then, Quinn wrapped his hands around Layla tightly. "It's okay, don't worry Layla, I'm sorry about all of this. It's all my fault, I should have known better." Quinn said.

Although Layla was frightened, she had expected Quinn to do something like this. The hug felt nice and warm and reminded her of her family. But what actually made everything even better was the look on Vorden's face.

For some reason when Vorden saw this he had the look of worry on his face. Layla thought that perhaps it was jealously because she was getting closer to Quinn. But actually Vorden worried about Sil. Luckily Sil was quietly sleeping inside the dark room and didn't get to see this scene.

The hug went on for a while to the point where it seemed to be getting awkward for Layla. This was because Quinn was unsure about the appropriate amount of time to hug someone.

"Quinn, I'm okay now. You can let go." Layla said as she made sure to wipe away the remaining tears from her face.

"Layla, you need to tell us what happened, where's Peter?" Vorden asked.

Layla recalled the events of what happened while the two of them were away, saying that it hadn't happened that long ago, around 15 minutes had passed. This coincided with when Quinn had felt the connection between the two of them got lost.

"If he's outside I have to go find him, before we have another Earl situation on our hands." Quinn said.

"This is bad." Vorden said. "Especially since they already suspect us, we can't deal with a situation like this right now.

Quinn then started to get ready to leave the room. "You two stay here, if worst comes to worst I can use my shadow skill to hide myself. Besides even if someone saw me they won't know who I am."

"Wait!" Vorden shouted. "I'm coming with you. If Peter is like Layla says he is, then you're going to need me. We're just going to have to go through with plan B."

Quinn didn't like it, he didn't like it one bit. Whatever happened he didn't want to go through with Plan B no matter what, but right now, what choice did they have?

"Alright, come on let's go." Quinn said. "Layla, it might be best if you head back to your own room. Also if you can prepare some blood for me, I might need it when I come back."

Layla nodded as the two of them went off downstairs.

'Quinn sometimes, I think you're too nice for this world.' Layla thought. After clearing away the broken pieces of glass Layla decided to head towards her own dorm room.

She knocked a few times before entering, pondering if Erin was already back or not. There was no answer and when she entered the room Erin was nowhere to be seen.

Underneath her bed, she pulled out a little chest with a digital lock. After entering the authorization code the chest opened and she took out a sphere shaped object. She then brought the ball with her over to the room door, that way she could hear if anyone was coming in, and she could quickly put it away again.

Pressing the top of the ball caused it to light up and she waited for a few moments as the light dimmed in and out.

"Hello agent 84, do you have another report to give." A female voice said coming from the communication ball.

"Yes, Ma'am. I wish to give you an update on the report I gave you earlier. It turns out what I believed would be good for our cause, turned out not to be so good for us after all. I will send you the full details later.

"That is a shame to hear." The female voice coming from the orb said. "I hope you do get to enjoy your time left at the school, continue on with the original mission. Also on another note. Mr Truedream will be visiting the base soon. We are unsure of which candidates will be selected this time, but don't worry too much if you are selected."

"Noted." Layla replied.

"May Pure be with you." The woman said.

"May Pure be with you." Layla replied in a way that made it sound forced.

'Quinn, I hope I'm doing the right thing not just for my sake but for everyone's.' She thought to herself.


As soon as the Quinn and Vorden went past the school gate they were free to rush off and run about, now that they were away from the eyes of the soldiers and guards. They had just entered the path and it seemed the place was empty of people, probably because the curfew was coming up.

"Vorden I'm going to go on up ahead, I think I got Peter's scent." Quin said.

"Peter's scent? What are you, a dog?" Vorden said sarcastically.

But the next second a shadow had gone other Quinn's body and soon after it was replaced with a black figure, a mask on his face and his beast equipment on his arms and legs. Into the night he sped away, rushing into the forest.


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