My Vampire System
155 Plan B
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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155 Plan B

The next day seemed to be more regular then the others thought it would be. The students still talked about the events that happened at the second year building, but the area was quickly cleared up and the second-year students were allowed to enter the building once again.

Although it didn't stop from rumours spreading between the students and eventually an announcement had been made updating everyone on the situation. It was an emergency announcement so each student got sent the same voice message via their watch.

The message said that a beast had escaped through one of the portals and it has been dealt with. They are investigating how a beast was able to get through such a thing, so the same mistakes were to not occur again in the future.

Luckily for the military, Earl had come from a no name family and his death wouldn't have any direct consequences whatsoever on the school.

The next day had arrived and the usual suspects were inside the same room once again all deciding on what to do with Peter.

"So do you feel hungry right now?" Layla asked.

"Not any more than usual when I wake up," Peter replied.

Vorden and Quinn had already brought plenty of raw food for him to eat, and for now, it seemed to have been working in suppressing his hunger.

The only problem was the system's words seemed to worry Quinn even more. Now that Peter has had a taste for Human flesh the chances of his hunger for it would come back even quicker. The only problem was, they didn't know how long Peter would have lasted before eating Human flesh.

If it was a week until he went crazy then the system would have been able to give a good estimate of when Peter would need food again. But because Peter had chosen to kill out of his own choice and had eaten before starving, it was unable to give a good estimate.

This thought was on the back of everyone's minds.

"Guys relax," Peter said nervously. "I won't be doing anything like that again and Quinn can testify to that as well. I promise, as soon as I get hungry again, I'll let you guys know straight away!"

"Still," Vorden said. "That doesn't solve our problem of feeding you when you do need to be fed. We may have gotten away with it this time but we need something consistent."

The other three thought long and hard of what their options could be, honestly though Vorden did have a plan, but it was a last resort. He still didn't trust Peter and wanted to see just how loyal he would be and only then if all the options had been thought of, would he tell them his plan.

"Have you tried drinking coffee?" Layla asked.

"Coffee?" the others thought, it was a bit of a random suggestion.

"Oh, well don't worry, I just read about it in a book once. Don't mind me." Layla said smiling away. "What about the cemetery or even a morgue? The city has one."

Quinn had actually thought of these suggestions early but once again the system had informed him of bad news. The meat being used had to be fairly fresh. To the point where it was being eaten off the bone or if someone had died recently.

But there weren't many people who would die in the military city just like that. It wasn't like a regular city which had high levels of crime and an old population. Also, the consequences of getting caught just trying to do that, didn't sit well with the others but it was much better than getting caught in the middle of killing another student.

The pressure was getting to Quinn... It felt like he was about to pull his hair out, no matter what, he couldn't think of a good way. The only solution he could come up with was killing more people and if he was to do so, he needed to start making a list of those who deserved it.

"Quinn, relax," Vorden said. "I have an emergency situation if it comes to it. For now, spend your day like normal while Layla and I will try to come up with something. If it doesn't work out, then we can use my back up plan."

"What is the backup plan?" Layla asked.

Vorden then called Quinn over and whispered into his ear while looking at Layla out of the corner of his eye. It was clear he was doing this just to get one up on her. He had a plan that would help Quinn out while she didn't.

Layla couldn't help but tap her foot and stare at Peter angrily in the corner of the room.

"Vorden, I can't let you do that!" Quinn said.

"As I said, only if it comes to it, it's the only thing that won't put us in any danger," Vorden replied.

Although Vorden had helped Quinn through this process, what he was suggesting was just too much.

While Vorden and Layla were basically babysitting Peter. Quinn was left to do his own thing. Whatever happened he didn't want Vorden to go through with his plan. So the only thing he could think of was the hospital.

There were plenty of cases where soldiers would get injured in mock battles or out on expeditions during portal training, and sometimes there would be lethal damage. Some might also catch a disease of some sort.

It was the only place Quinn could think of which would have the freshest but at the same time almost dead people in the city.

But while Quinn was outside, he decided to stop off at a certain spot. He was back in the park at the open area in the forest, where the others had trained with Peter.

The reason for him being here was because before doing anything, Quinn needed to make sure he was fine first. He threw his umbrella that was hanging over his head on the ground.

As the light touched his skin the normal system message had appeared.

[You are being hit by direct sunlight]

[All stats will be reduced by 70 Percent]

"Shadow equip!" Quinn called out.

The shadow started to wrap around his whole body this time and after a few seconds later, the black suit that Logan had designed covered his entire body and the demon-like mask was planted on his face.

[You are no longer being affected by sunlight]

[All stats have returned to normal]

It was a success. The outfit had worked and had done what it was designed for, but there was still one thing Quinn needed to get used to. The outfit covered his whole body from head to toe and that included his eyes.

As a replacement, Logan had installed some virtual eyes and the outside looked like that of an evil demon. Logan wanted the outfit to match Quinn's shadow ability. So he thought there was nothing better than to make him look like a shadow demon.

With his white glaring eyes and demon-like mask. Then the red claws running up the side of his arms. He truly did look like something out of a kids night mare.

The vision the eyes gave was nearly just as good as a regular human eye site. But it seemed to be a little slow compared to Quinn's.

If it was him before then it would have been fine but right now the virtual eyes clearly put him at a slight disadvantage compared to him at night.

Although the suit also had a night mode which allowed Quinn to lower the top half of the suit so his head could get some fresh air, while his face was still mostly covered by the metallic mask.

Even though the suit wasn't needed at night, it still gave him extra protection so it was best to use it when he could.

Quinn was over the moon as now there was no longer any need to hide his shadow ability from others.


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