My Vampire System
153 No evidence
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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153 No evidence

Once the strange feeling that had come over Quinn's body had disappeared. A message appeared, one stating that a family member of his had gotten stronger. There was no need to ask the system what the message meant because he could feel it.

The strange sensation and connection between him and Peter. It was a similar feeling to when he consumed blood but it wasn't him getting stronger it was Peter.

"I'm sorry Logan. Thanks for all your help, but I don't have time to talk now, I have got to go!" Quinn shouted. He went up to the mannequin that contained the mask and the suit and immediately put them into his dimensional void and just like with his other beast equipment, they had been registered with his shadow equip so he was able to put the costume on and off whenever he wanted.

Just as Quinn was about to leave though the door, he turned and looked at the workbench. On top there were several different mask designs all a little different form each other. They were the different designs he and Logan had come up with until they felt like one of them was best.

"Hey, Logan if it's not too much trouble, do you think you could complete the other mask designs for me?"

Logan chuckled to himself. "Are you kidding me? I could finish them all by the end of today if I wanted to."

Quinn smiled back and looked at the bags under his eyes he could tell that Logan had worked hard on the costume and hadn't even rested since finishing it. "Logan, I promise I'll pay you back for all this one day. As soon as I find out anything about this situation, I'll let you know."

With that, Quinn ran down the hallway and down the staircase rushing over to where Peter was. Although he had no clue where Layla and Vorden had taken him. It felt like the system or a part inside of him was telling him where Peter was. If he went towards the right direction the connection grew stronger. If he headed in the wrong direction it felt weaker.

It was similar to playing a game of hot and cold.

Without slowing down, Quin ran down the stairs and out the hallway ignoring everyone he went past. But for the first time a strange scent entered his nose. It was unusual for Quinn as he had never smelt this before.

Ever since he had turned into a vampire all of his senses seemed to improve apart from his taste but he could also say it was just heightened in other areas. Still, this smell was completely different to everyone else around him and he didn't know why.

If he wasn't in such a rush and panic he would have turned around to see just who was giving off such a strange smell.

Before leaving the school he grabbed a random umbrella at the entrance. Often people would forget their umbrellas after a day of rain leaving it out to dry, this made things a lot easier for Quinn.

Once he had left the academy, he continued to listen to his body following the connection which eventually led him to the park and finally inside the forest.

As he arrived he managed to hear the last few words that Layla had said. However there wasn't much to ask, judging by the systems message Quinn could guess what had already happened. And seeing the bloody clothes in Vorden's hands and the marks of dried blood on Peter's hands and mouth he already knew.

Peter had eaten human flesh and most likely killed someone in the process. While Quinn wanted to blame Peter for his actions he really couldn't. Quinn was the one who turned him into this creature, and he knew exactly what it was like.

When Quinn had turned into a vampire, he too was unable to control his lust for blood and ended up biting Layla in the process. It was just unfortunate that for Peter his needs were human flesh, which usually turns out fatal for the person being eaten.

As Vorden was exiting the forest from where Quinn had gone he whispered into Quinn's ear. "You need to do something about him and fast."

As soon as he said those words, he continued to exit the forest with the clothes in his hands while shouting. "I'll get rid of these; you guys look after Peter."

"Now can one of you please tell me what happened?" Quinn asked.


Meanwhile Vorden made sure to cover the clothes as best as he could. When wrapped and piled in a bundle it was easy to cover most of the blood marks. He entered the school without being seen, and headed back to the dorm room where he put all of the bloody clothes into a plastic bag including his own.

Then from his and Peter's closets he grabbed a change of clothing. Luckily the school supplied them with plenty of uniforms, mainly because of how much fighting went on at the school. Although if you went through too many you would eventually have to pay for it yourself.

With a new set of clothes for Peter in one bag and the bloody clothes in the other, he needed to find a way to get rid of the evidence.

Just as he was walking down the hall and thinking what to do about it, he spotted someone who would make his life a lot easier for him.

"Hey Berg!" Vorden said. "How are you doing?" Placing the bag in his left hand into his other hand, he touched Berg on the shoulder and successfully copied his flame abilities.

"Oh Vorden," Berg said with a fake smile on his face. "It's so nice to see you, ermm about those crystals, you don't have to worry about giving them back. Think of it as a gift form my family to yours."

"Oh, thanks I was just coming to check if that was okay with you." Vorden replied.

But while Vorden was doing his best to fake a conversation, he noticed that many of the students in the hallway were gossiping about something.

"Did you hear about what they found?" One of the students said.

"You mean that thing they found behind the second-year building?" Another replied.

"Yeah all the students are outside, while the schools investigation team is trying to find out what happened."

"I think maybe a student got killed?"

"Inside the school, isn't this like the second case this year? Maybe we should start worrying if a beast got through the portals or something."

Vorden took this opportunity to break away from Berg and head to a place where he wouldn't be seen. It was quieter around the first year building now since most of the students had moved to the second-year building. They tried to see what was going on, or if they couldn't get close they were asking other students about it.

Using this opportunity Vorden was able to sneak off into a secluded area and burn all of the evidence without anyone noticing.

"I just hope there wasn't anything we forgot about."


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