My Vampire System
152 Fake Peter
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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152 Fake Peter

In the dark alley away from the prying eyes of others, the two of them stood there in shock as they watched Peter feasting on a human body. Even though they were now only a few feet away from them, Peter continued to rip chunks of flesh from the body and shoving it in his mouth, as if he had been deprived of food for weeks.

Seeing the shocking sight, Layla could no longer stomach it. She turned her head away and felt like she was about to throw up, but before she did Vorden grabbed her, turning her back around and looked her in the eye.

"Don't throw up, keep it in. we can't leave anything behind. It would leave clues for them to find out we were here." As Vorden said these words there was a look on his face, it almost looked like panic.

Seeing the near panic on Vorden's face. Layla closed her eyes and started to imagine. 'Think of your happy place Layla. Just think of your happy places.'

The uneasiness in her stomach started to settle and when she opened her eyes once again she could see Vorden was now heading over towards Peter. But when the sight of the ripped up body came into view once again, the feeling in her stomach returned.

"I think I'm just going to step out of the alley for a bit and keep watch." Layla said as she quickly rushed out.

Layla seemed to be experiencing more and more gruesome things lately. When she saw that head the Dalki threw at them, she didn't really have time to take it in before the fear of being killed herself took over.

But this was different; she was able to fully take in the sight of Peter eating another person in front of her. Seeing what Peter was doing, suddenly she was starting to get second ideas about Quinn turning her into a vampire. Was it something she could really handle? The books made it seem so much easier.

"Peter!" Vorden said in an aggressive but quiet voice, "Peter!"

Suddenly, Peter seemed to snap out of whatever daze he was in. He looked at the body on the floor and in his hand was a piece of reddish-pink flesh. He had no idea which part of the body it had come from. He immediately dropped what was in his hand and started to scurry away backwards into the alley.

"Was this me?" Peter said as he thought back to what had happened just moments ago.


When Earl had called out to him and had kicked him down the alley a type of rage had consumed him.

As Peter stood there looking at Earl's face all the memories of what had been done to him started to surface once again. Everything that happened to him, just because he was weak. Well, Peter wasn't weak anymore.

Earl readied his arm and went in for another slap to the face.

Peter grabbed it mid-air and using all his strength crushed Earl's fingers. As Earl yelled in pain the image Peter had earlier came true, making his hand into a claw like shape and using all the supernatural strength he had, he clawed towards Earl's neck ripping out the jugular in one go.

Then soon after, Earl had become a tasty snack for Peter.

Peter would have liked to say his mind was out of it, he didn't know what he was doing, but he knew that was all a lie. For every step of the way Peter knew exactly what he was doing.

The second Earl had hit him he knew what he had planned to do. For once he could get his sweet revenge, all the people that betrayed him, he would get rid of. They weren't needed in human society anyway.

The only thing Peter didn't plan for was what happened after. When seeing Earl's body on the floor, his eyes seemed to be attracted to something. It wasn't the blood but what laid beneath it. The pink line of muscle fibre and fatty cells.

Before he knew it he was digging in.


Right now, in front of Vorden, Peter needed to keep up his act, as a weak minded boy. He was too worried what the others would think of him, if they found out he knew exactly what he had just done.

"I….I… Just killed someone." Peter said.

"Cut the crap," Vorden said." Now is not the time to act like this, how long has he been dead for?"

"What do you mean?" Peter replied.

"I said how long, it's important Peter. Five minutes, ten minutes?" The panic in Vorden's voice seemed to be getting urgent.

"I don't know, maybe ten minutes I would say." Peter answered.

Vorden then rushed over to the body, if you could still call it that, as it was now complete ripped up into little pieces. It was hard to recognise what was what, apart from the main body parts, but then Vorden found what he was looking for. The wrist watch. Using his powers he lifted the watch into the air before throwing it in a random direction as far as he could.

Wasting no time he then grabbed Peter by the arm and dragged him out of the alley. "We have to get out of here now." He said with urgency in his voice.

As the two were running they quickly saw Layla and she too could see Peter with blood all over his uniform. "What's happening?" Layla asked.

"We have to go, now!" Vorden shouted.

She didn't ask any more questions and the three of them quickly ran away from the second year building. Once they were out of there, they quickly headed towards the park where they were before, but they weren't rushing this time.

Vorden stayed in front going out from time to time while asking the other two to stay back. When the area was clear they would walk again until they finally returned to the open spot in the forest where they were practising a while ago.

"Take off your clothes now." Vorden said.

"What, but then everyone will see me naked." Peter replied.

Vorden then walked over to Peter and started ripping the clothes off him, by now he had lost his patience with Peter. He knew something like this would happen sooner or later.

"Get off!" Peter said. "I can do it myself." Using both of his hands he shoved Vorden with quite some strength but Vorden stayed on his feet.

Taking a step back Vorden then allowed Peter to take off his own clothes.

"What was the big rush back there, we just left the body in the alleyway, won't the school find out that a student died?" Layla asked.

"We had no choice," Vorden replied. "Maybe if we had gotten there a little earlier we could have done something, taken the body with us. But once the watch is taken off of or detects no sign of life it pings a message to the school.

"Fortunately for us the watch waits a full five minutes before sending this type of thing, that's why I was in a rush. If we were seen there's nothing we can do. At least now we won't be caught."

"But what about the body, won't they search for whoever did this?"

Just as Layla said this, the sound of leaves ruffling on the floor could be heard as another person entered this part of the forest. It was a student holding an umbrella in his hand.

"What body are you guys talking about?" Quinn asked.


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