My Vampire System
149 Strange Device
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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149 Strange Device

The VIP dorm rooms of the first years building were on the third floor. Quinn had decided to head here to meet one someone. That someone was, of course, Logan, as he was the only VIP Quinn knew. Although he wasn't sure if Logan could even help him or not.

Quinn's plan was to use the winged lizard crystals to create some type of costume or suit that would cover his entire body. He needed a flexible material so it could wrap around him but he also needed it to be strong enough to survive in a fight.

It was easy enough for him to find a black suit that covered his entire body that would help him avoid the sunlight. The problem was the second Quinn would be hit and the suit ripped then he would be weakened by the sun again.

That's why, when he learnt of Sam's cape through the VR game he had come up with an idea. Now that he had the materials the only problem left was to craft a costume out of them.

Most blacksmiths and tailors had a blueprint they would follow. These blueprints specified the techniques used and which materials needed to be mixed when creating weapons and armour. But because Quinn was asking for something that hadn't been made before, he would have to ask someone at the expert designer level to custom make one for him.

This would be very costly and even if he sold all the crystals and used up the ones in his hand he wouldn't have enough to pay the cost. This led him to Logan. He saw how many crazy things Logan seemed to create for himself in his room. He thought perhaps he might have an idea or, if not he might be able to introduce him to someone who could do it at a lower price.

At first Quinn knocked on the door but there seemed to be no answer. It was strange because for the week that Quinn trained using Logan's machine. He hadn't seen him leave the room once.

When trying to push the door open he was surprised to see that it wasn't locked nor shut properly. "Hello?" Quinn asked as he crept into the room.

Just at the other end of the room, he could see Logan in his chair. He had some sort of metallic tool glove in his right hand while a giant pair of goggles seemed to be hovering over his eyes.

'Oh, he was just busy as usual.' Quinn thought to himself

Quinn then started to look around the room at all the gadgets around him. He knew when Logan was in his concentration mode no matter what you did you wouldn't get his attention. So the best thing to do was just to wait until he was done.

While walking around the room Quinn continued to look at all the storage devices and whenever he found something interesting he could use his inspect skill.

What he noticed was, some of the devices the system didn't seem to have any clue what it was. While for other items it would give basic descriptions, such as what materials the item was made from.

For the others, it would simply show a line of: ?????

These were items that Logan had uniquely created and didn't exist in the world. But there was one thing they all had in common and that was the name of the creator, Logan Dyson.

But as Quinn was looking around he spotted a strange circular object on one of the shelves. It stood out compared to the rest because most of the things in the room seemed to be covered in dust but not this one.

It was a square-shaped device no bigger than a laptop and on the top, it seemed to have some type of digital display.


[A return portal device, when the correct access code has been entered it will return you to the destination that has been pre-set]

[Creator Richard Eno]

Quinn moved in to take a closer look. It seemed to be the only item that wasn't made by Logan and on top of that, it was a teleporter. But it was one that he had never seen before. The portal teleporters they currently carried were quite large devices but this one was small and compact as if the technology was ahead of their current time.

Quinn reached out to grab it, but just then a voice from behind spoke to him.

"Hey, if you want to get your fingers blown off, then please, be my guest, carry on and touch it," Logan said sarcastically, his seat was turned around and he was staring at Quinn. "Then again I would love to see which ability is stronger mine or yours." He continued.

"Sorry about that" Quinn said as he pulled back his hand. "It looks kind of interesting. What is it exactly?"

When Quinn finished talking, the robotic gauntlet that was on one of Logan's hands started to break down. It appeared to break into smaller parts until they looked like little bugs. Then the bugs went over to where Quinn was, they grabbed the case and brought it over to Logan.

"This thing has been the bane of me and my family's life," Logan said looking around it. "As you know my family are originals who hid their abilities from the world. Before the war started they were researchers who worked privately for different corporations. Sometimes even governments, different armies and all sorts of companies. Anyway, on one of their trips around fifty years ago, they discovered this device. At the time no one knew what it was and it seemed like our ability didn't work on it either.

Of course, my family tried to research it and eventually when we discovered the Dalki technology we found similarities between this and the Dalki technology. It appears to be some type of teleporter. But the question is, why Dalki technology would exist on earth before they even arrived. Then that just brings us even more questions, why did the Dalki attack us? Were they here before? But did we just never know about it?"

Hearing all of these questions were causing Quinn to think about it. Perhaps Logan was on to something before he would have taken everything the government had told him as fact. He knew they hid things, governments always did, but just like his vampire system were they hiding even bigger secrets from the public?

"Anyway." Logan said." It's not like I'm expecting you to know any of these answers. The one thing we do know is whoever was able to create a compact teleporter such as this is a genius. Oh, how I wish I could meet him one day."

"Wait, what did you say?" Quinn replied. "Did you say you don't know who created it?"

"Of course I don't. If I did, my family and I would have been chasing him for generations."

This made Quinn sink even deeper in thought. Richard Eno was a well-known scientist, the person who had discovered not only the power of beast crystals but also how the Dalki portals worked. Could he have really known everything all along?

Right now though this was too big of a problem to solve especially for someone like him. He was just one person in this whole thing and he had his own problems to deal with.

"Anyway," Logan said. "What did you visit me here for, did you want to play the game again?"

"Actually," Quinn said. "I was wondering if you could help make me a suit."


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