My Vampire System
145 The Crystals
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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145 The Crystals

The next day had arrived and when Vorden had woken up, he had faint bags under his eyes. Quinn eventually managed to get some sleep, but he didn't seem to have fared much better either.

"Didn't get much sleep?" Quinn asked.

Vorden shook his head while looking at Peter who seemed to still be sleeping peacefully away. "At least he still looks like a human."

All of the first-year students had gotten the next two days off after the expedition.

With the next two days off Quinn knew he needed to hurry and find a solution for Peter's situation. It was a large city that not only had the people from the school but the workers and soldiers outside as well.

There was bound to be a morgue in the city. Although crimes that lead to death did not occur, like in a regular city since most of the citizens were soldiers, but that didn't mean there weren't any. One thing was for sure, they didn't want to get a body from the morgue in the school they were in. It would be too obvious and another investigation would be carried out.

While Quinn was thinking about what to do a knock was heard at the door. When they opened the door they were surprised to see Layla there. She was on her own though but came to update them on the situation with Erin.

"It seems like she has calmed down a bit," Layla said. "And I'll be honest it was strange. She really wasn't upset by the fact you were a vampire even after I tried explaining it to her, but just that you could have helped us out more during the assessment. Anyway, what about him?"

Quinn then went on to explain about what had happened to Peter and how he had turned into a ghoul. When Quinn mentioned this, her face immediately dropped, she had read enough books to know some of the downsides of being in close proximity to a ghoul. Some of them were blood hungry starved creatures, while others constantly craved human flesh.

And after hearing Quinn's explanation it seemed like she was right.

"You know after seeing you turn Peter, I thought you were hiding something from me, but I guess this was something you were afraid of and honestly being a vampire is cool and all, but being a ghoul not so much," Layla said.

Quinn started to think about what Layla had just said, before everything had happened, he was seriously considering turning Layla into a vampire. However, the system had stated that this outcome, someone turning into a ghoul, was one of the options.

"System, if I was to use the blood ritual on Layla would it be the same result?" Quinn asked.

"Honestly, I'm not sure, it depends on the person and the situation they were in. Perhaps Peter had turned because of how close to death he was when the ritual was formed but maybe he would have turned into one anyway considering how weak his mind was. I can't say that it won't happen, but I believe that Layla would have a higher chance of turning into something else."

For now, Quinn decided to keep the words of the System to himself. He already had enough problems to deal with, and he didn't need another one if Layla was to turn into something else even more problematic than a ghoul.

"Oh. I almost forgot." Vorden said, as he went under his bed and pulled out a small bag before throwing it over to Quinn who caught it.

Quinn opened the bag and noticed that it seemed to be full of crystals.

"Since, the expedition ended early, we got to keep all of those."

"You mean these are?" Quinn asked, with a look of excitement on his face.

"Yep. The winged Lizard crystals you asked for. " Vorden replied, with a smile.

Looking in the bag there looked to be around thirty of them, Quinn couldn't imagine what the group must have done to be able to obtain this many. But now he realised why Erin was incredibly upset, with this amount of crystals, their group would have come out on top of the whole leader board.

Right now, though he had enough crystals to create a costume for himself. The cape that Sam used was hard enough to block Quinn's blood swipes while also being flexible. If he could use this to create a full set of clothing then he would finally be able to fight during the day.

Although at first, he wasn't sure who he could go to for help to design a costume, suddenly someone came to mind. Logan, if there was anyone who was good at creating things and knowing if something was possible or not, he would be the one to go to.

Still, he couldn't just leave Peter as he was, not with the chance of him turning into a flesh hungry monster.

Vorden could see that Quinn seemed to be struggling with something. There must have been a reason why he had told him and Layla to gather as many of those crystals as possible.

"Just go do whatever you need to do," Vorden said. "Layla and I can deal with the problem; I have an idea anyway."

"Are you sure, what about the others do you want me to pay you guys for these?" Quinn asked.

"Are you joking," Layla said. "Quinn if it wasn't for you back then when the Dalki attacked, we would have all lost our lives and that includes Erin. As much as she says she's angry at you she can't deny that you saved our lives. The least we could do is give you these crystals for free.

Quinn looked at them one more time, and knew that if there was anyone he could rely on, it would be Vorden, and even more so with Layla helping him. "Alright, just let me know if there are any problems, I should be in the VIP area just above."

After that Quinn quickly rushed out of the room with the crystals in his hand.

"In the VIP area?" Layla said. "I wonder what he's doing there."

"Who knows?" Vorden said as he shrugged his shoulders. Just then Peter was starting to wake up and rub his eyes. "But right now, we have a bigger problem to deal with."


Inside the second year building duke was sitting down at his desk smoking a cigar in his office, he wasn't much of a smoker but when he was under immense pressure, he found that he tended to smoke a lot more cigars than normal.

"Damn that Truedream guy is coming again!" Duke said to himself.

The door to the room then swung open as one of the sergeants with an afro on the top of his head and sunglasses on came walking in. His name was Raphael and was one of the teachers for the second year students. "Sir I have brought the list of names that you asked for."

Raphael then came forward and handed over a little stick to Duke. When placing it on the table a digital display of students had appeared.

"Let's see... It looks like we have a good mix of abilities here." Duke said. "And you've checked the background of all of these? There will be no complaints from important families if something was to go wrong correct?"

"Yes sir."

At the top of the list of names, one of the students' picture was being displayed. It was of a picture of Peter Chuck.


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