My Vampire System
143 Vampire Ghoul
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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143 Vampire Ghoul

Lately, the system seemed to be the bearer of bad news more than bringing good. Quinn already had a feeling that the word ghoul didn't have the best sound, but at the moment Peter seemed fine and Quinn decided to put his worries behind him.

"What's with the look on your face?" Peter said worriedly.

"Oh, it's nothing I just think maybe we should note this down on a piece of paper or something so you remember what I tell you," Quinn replied.

He then went over to his desk and pulled out a piece of paper from his drawer. Vorden and Peter were hovering over his shoulder taking a look at what he was writing. First Quinn put his name at the top and by the side wrote down the word: Vampire.

He then listed all the strengths and weaknesses he had. Super strength, abnormal healing, and the ability to see in darkness. He also listed down the powers he had along with it.

Then underneath with a line branching off from the top he wrote down Peter's name and wrote the word ghoul.

"I'm a ghoul?" Peter said looking at the word. "What does that mean?"

"First, do you feel any different Peter, or has anything changed like voices in your head or weird things in your vision." Quinn was trying to see if Peter also had a system, but he needed to tiptoe around the word.

"Other than my body feeling better, there haven't been any other changes."

"What about your ability?" Vorden asked. "I remember when Quinn asked me if I wanted to turn into a vampire he said I would lose my ability.

Peter then quickly went over to his desk where he always had a small ball of earth to practise on he held it on his hands and tried to do what he usually did, but there was nothing. "What it's not working do I really have no ability at all!" Peter said all panicky.

"Calm down." Quinn interrupted." Don't worry about it too much, although your ability is gone you can learn a new one. We just need to find one that's compatible like my shadow book."

"You mean I can have the same ability as yours?" Peter asked.

Quinn started to laugh nervously.

"Unfortunately after learning the ability is got destroyed by a beast." Vorden quickly interrupted.

"Anyway, let me try to explain everything I know," Quinn said as he grabbed the pencils and wrote a pros and cons list right next to Peter's name.

"Are you ready?" the system asked. While the system explained the difference between a vampire and a vampire ghoul Quinn would write it down on a piece of paper while explaining it out loud to the others.

"Why don't we start with the positives?" the system said. "First unlike a vampire, a ghoul is not affected by sunlight."

Peter breathed a sigh of relief when he heard this. "I thought I might have to start carrying an umbrella around everywhere."

The system continued and so did Quinn.

"Ghouls are stronger, faster and can see better than a human. But their main strength is their incredible healing abilities, they are even more impressive than yours Quinn. Broken bones chunks of flesh will be instantly healed on the spot."

"That isn't too bad." Vorden said. "Peter, this means we can just say you have a self-healing ability, there are a few of them out there. Although we will have to keep it a secret from the school since they all think you have an earth ability."

"What if someone sees, or tries hurting me and finds out?" Peter asked.

"Don't worry, not many people know of the other students' ability other than the staff, but if push comes to shove, I can try clearing their mind with my influence skill." Quinn replied.

"Now the next bit of information is more for you Quinn." The system said. "Ghouls are most loyal to their maker, the main reason for this is because your blood resides inside their body. Unfortunately what this means is you will need to supply Peter with your own blood otherwise his body will start to deteriorate and eventually will cease to exist. As long as he gets a supply of your blood then he will live on forever by your side."

"What do you mean by loyal?" Quinn asked.

"Similar to how your charm skill works, whatever you command, Peter will feel like he has no choice but to obey, although this does depend on the amount of your blood that remains inside his body. The longer he goes without a new does of blood the less inclined he will be to follow your orders."

Right now Quinn was feeling bad for Layla and Vorden. It seems like a bloody business was taking place. While Quinn would get his blood form Layla or Vorden then Peter would need to get his blood from him, which would require Quinn to get more blood from the others.

"What about Human blood, will I need to drink that," Peter asked as he gulped. Feeling a strange new hunger in his stomach.

"No there is no need to drink human blood," Quinn replied. "Actually, unlike me who gets stronger from human blood, it will have no effect on you."

Right now it seemed like they were getting a clearer picture of how a ghoul worked. It had superhuman capabilities similar to a vampire but had none of the vampire skills Quinn had at his disposal. But it did have supernatural healing that surpassed his own as well as being able to retain his strength in the sun.

Although he wasn't too strong now once Peter had an ability the others could see him becoming quite powerful. The only con so far was the fact that he needed Quinn's blood. Although Quinn decided to leave the loyalty part out of his explanation.

The two of them already felt this strange connection without having to say anything, and Quinn had a feeling if he asked Peter to do something, he would.

But Quinn knew the system wouldn't have said this was one of the worst options if this was the only issue with being a ghoul.

"Now, time for the cons." The system said.

Hearing these words made Quinn's hand shake a little, and the others could see this as he was getting ready to write down what the system was telling him.

"First off, the ability for Peter to eat regular food has completely disappeared. If he eats regular food, he will immediately throw it back up."

This didn't sound too bad. After all Quinn himself was only in a slightly better situation. At the moment the only food he could enjoy was meat. Everything else seemed to give him quite the allergic reaction to thinks, similar to that time he had eaten the food pill. But as long it was meat, and more specifically red meat he could still enjoy the taste of it quite well.

"Then does he just have to live off my blood then?" Quinn asked the system.

"No, the blood is a rare thing and will hardly be needed. I would more often feed Peter just to keep him loyal to you but still, a Ghoul needs a food source." The system replied.

"Well just tell me already what is it?" Quinn responded in an annoyed way.

"A ghoul needs to feed on human flesh…" The system said, sounding softer at the end.

The pencil in Quinn's hands had dropped onto the table and rolled onto the floor.

"Quinn is something wrong," Vorden asked.

He then turned to look at Peter.

"Peter, you are not feeling hungry by any chance, are you? Quinn asked.

"I'm feeling a bit peckish, I haven't eaten since this morning after all." Peter replied honestly.

Human blood was fine, But human flesh, it wasn't like Quinn could chop off Layla's finger and feed it to Peter every day and more than anything, what would Peter think of all this.


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