My Vampire System
138 The assesments end
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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138 The assesments end

Looking at the green blood Quinn was unsure of what it would do. The system had already confirmed it would have no negative side-effects. Or at least it wasn't poisonous. However, it came as a surprise to Quinn that the system didn't know what it did.

Unless it was keeping information from him, which again was possible. But if the system was telling the truth, did that mean none of the old or current vampires ever interacted with the Dalki race? But then how did the system know of beast weapons.

Everything was suddenly getting confusing for Quinn as the timelines just didn't make sense. Humans had discovered the use of teleporters and the Beast planets in this solar system only once they had fought with the Dalki.

The portal technology was originally there's to begin with.

Yet the vampires had never heard of them, yet still had access to beast weapons. Right now it was clear that Quinn didn't have all the pieces of the puzzle, and just thinking about it would give him a headache.

"Well, here it goes." The temptation was too much. Quinn imagined anyone in his situation would have done the same thing. As the blood touched his tongue, a mint sensation entered his body. Similar to toothpaste, it wasn't nice, but it wasn't exactly bad.

As it went down his throat, a weird tingling sensation could be felt in his body and then, it started to spread all over as if his body was on fire. Right now, Quinn wanted to do anything to let out the energy.

[Level 1 Dalki blood has been consumed]

[A 10 percent increase in all stats. Will last one hour]

The tingling feeling Quinn felt through his body was hard to describe and the buff that he got form obtaining it was amazing. It wasn't a set amount like those before it, but a percentage increase. Which meant as long as he got stronger the buff increase went up along with it as well.

Quinn looked at the arm again and thought if there was any way of him taking it back with him. Unfortunately, it seemed like non-living matter was unable to enter the Dimensional space.

When Quinn was back at the school, he decided to do some more tests. First, he had placed a flask into the space, and the object had gone in fine. Then using some blood he had obtained from Layla, he had placed it into the flask and tried to put it into the space again. But it refused to go in.

Once taking out the blood it would go in again. Quinn then did some more tests by trying it on certain animals and other things, and it looked like any type of living matter, including plants were unable to be stored into the space.

It was a shame, but he was unable to place the arm in the space. But by that time. Leo and the other two were already done with checking out the dead Dalki body.

"These two will escort you back to the school. Make sure that all your injuries are dealt with."

"Back to the school!" Erin complained. "What about the assessment."

"It's cancelled, all the students in the shelter have already gone back to school, and anyone outside hunting has been brought back," Leo replied.

At that point, Erin knew there was nothing she could do, but wait for the school to make an official announcement.

As the others walked off with the soldiers, Leo grabbed on to Quinn's wrist.

"It looks like you stayed true to your word, and you protected them," Leo said. "I guess you are on our side after all."

Quinn didn't know what to say back, Leo's sudden words were a surprise to say the least. But as Leo looked past Quinn, he noticed Peter. And he looked slightly different and had a slight tint of purple to his aura similar to Quinn.

Although Leo had never taught Peter before, so he was unsure whether Peter always had this aura or not. "I'm still keeping my eye on you two," Leo said. "But for now, go rest."

Quinn quickly rushed off and followed behind the others, but he couldn't help think back to the words that Leo had said. He was keeping an eye on us two. If he wasn't sure about it before he was sure about it now. Leo knew he was different, and he could tell Peter was now to.

But looking at Peter, Quinn was even unsure of what he was himself. When going through the blood ritual, Quinn had assumed that Peter would be changed into either a Vampire or a halfling like he first was. But instead, Peter had turned into something called a vampire ghoul.

Just then, as the group continued to carry Peter on their shoulders, it seemed like he was starting to wake up.

"Hey, Quinn get over here!" Layla shouted. "It looks like he's waking up."

As he opened his eyes, Vorden and Layla slowly allowed him to stand on his own two feet.

"What happened?" He asked.

Then images started to flash through his head of jumping in the way to save Quinn. He quickly looked down at his stomach and noticed a big hole where his uniform should have been, but his stomach didn't have a single mark on it.

"I think you should talk to Quinn, once we have the time and this is all over," Vorden replied.

"Anyway, how are you feeling?" Layla asked.

"I'm feeling good," Peter replied. "Better than usual actually, although I am a bit hungry."

As Peter said those words, the three of them looked at each other.


Somewhere in an unknown place in a large room, there was a large rectangle table that stretched out far and wide. On the table, there was a total of thirteen seats, and each one had a person sitting in them, all apart from one.

It was a mixture of men and women, and they all looked all sorts of ages, but they all had one thing in common as they sat in their seats and that was their red coloured eyes.

Behind each of the seats was a single purple coloured flame just behind them up attached to the wall and behind the empty seat there was one that had been lit up as well.

A single man sat at the head of the table and started off the conversation.

"As you can all see, the flame has been lit above the 10th chair."

"Does that mean he's back? But I thought he had died" Chatter started amongst the twelve in the chairs until the head spoke once again.

"No, I believe he managed to somehow find a someone before he left this world and they have officially blooded their first, creating a new family."

"But why now, it's been a hundred years!" A female shouted

"I don't know but what I do know, is we must find this new family and bring them in as soon as possible. Make sure they uphold our laws and if not. We shall get rid of them all."

End of Arc 1


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