My Vampire System
135 Blood Ritual
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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135 Blood Ritual

As Quinn saw Peter's body hit the ground, a certain reality had hit him. He had seen people die before. In fact, he was even the case of many. But this was the first time that someone he knew personally had died.

But what upset Quinn more than anything, instead of what happened to Peter, was another thought altogether. This thought was…

'Look at all that wasted blood.'

Fortunately though, that quickly changed as he soon realized what had occurred.

"Peter!" he shouted.

"When did he get over there?" Layla asked after hearing Quinn's shout.

"I was too busy looking at Quinn waiting for him back here," Erin replied to her question.

"The same goes for me. He must have started moving towards Quinn as soon as he saw the Dalki," Vorden said. "But why did this happen after what we were just talking about? You had a family that cared for you."

The Dalki looked at Peter on the floor.

"That's quite noble of you. A society should build itself on sacrificing the weak ones to preserve the strong." That's exactly how the Dalki does it. He was selfless, and his sacrifice allowed the stronger human genes to be passed on.

"It's a shame though…since you will all be dying with him."

'This was it,' Quinn thought. As the Dalki came closer to him, he had run out of trump cards. His MC had been used and all he had left was his original skills.

"I'll kill you!" Quinn shouted. "Even if it means killing myself!"

Opening both palms, Quinn soon ran forward. When he felt that he was close enough, he shot out a blood spray from one hand. The Dalki would slightly flinch in response to this as his foot shifted back a little.

[48/65 HP]

Usually, these attacks wouldn't inflict any damage. But although he got stronger the more he was hurt, that didn't mean his defence increased. He had been quite severely damaged by Quinn's Shadow Scythe attacks.

Another spray of blood fired out again.

[43/65 HP]

Quinn wouldn't let up and rapidly fired out multiple blood sprays.

"Hey! It seems to be working!" Layla shouted out.

But in contrast to Layla's words, Vorden wasn't too sure. He didn't know how Quinn's attacks worked for he hadn't told the two. Also, he wasn't sure if he was imagining things or not, but every time Quinn used that attack, his face seemed to grow paler.

[38/65 HP]

[33/65 HP]

"I'll kill you!" Quinn shouted. "And once I'm done with you, I'll suck out your blood until you're nothing but a walking skeleton!"

He continued to shout out words of abuse, but he himself wasn't really sure what he was saying. Fortunately, a nice surprise came to him amidst his combat.

[Blood Spray has levelled up!]

[Blood Spray is now Lvl. 2]

As Quinn shot out the new and improved blood spray, the power seemed to push his arm back even more as the spray's range grew further as well. As it hit the Dalki this time, its wounds seemed to be opening up as more green blood was leaking out of it than before.

[28/65 HP]

[23/ 65 HP]

Now that the two of them were a distance away, the group ran up on Peter to check up on him. They then moved his body and allowed him to lay on his back. Surprisingly, even though he had such a big wound, he was still breathing.

"What do we do?" Layla cried out." He'll bleed to death like this. Can't we use the robot?"

"No, the robot wasn't meant to patch up injuries like this," Erin replied.

"It might be best if we kill him here," Vorden said all of a sudden.

The two girls looked at Vorden with expressions of shock. They couldn't believe what they had just heard.

"Look. I know what Peter did against you two was wrong, but can't you just forgive him?" Layla shouted back in response to Vorden's words.

Vorden shook his head as a reply.

"You're mistaken, Layla. I already forgave Peter a while ago. I'm just saying this for his sake," he soon said. "Look at him, he's in pain. He's been bleeding for the last two minutes, and at most, he only has another three before he's completely gone. It'll be more peaceful to get rid of him now."

But the group didn't have time to decide for they were distracted by something else. Whenever Quinn would use the blood spray, a sound similar to a small shotgun would be heard, but the sound had suddenly stopped.

When they looked over, they saw Quinn kneeling down on one knee while the Dalki was still standing, but green blood was oozing from the multiple wounds on his body.

Quinn hadn't paid much attention to it, but he had unfortunately run out of stamina. With the increase of firepower in the blood spray, it also took up more energy to use it. Right now, it seemed that he had overexerted himself. Sweat was dripping all over his body while all of his muscles cramped up.

He looked at the Dalki that was still standing, unbelieving that it was still alive after it had received so much damage.

The Dalki soon started walking over while Quinn looked at it directly in the eyes.


[Daze skill uneffective]

And just like that, the last thing he could do had been tossed out the window.

"Damn it! If Peter can go forward, then at least I can as well!" Vorden shouted all of a sudden as he charged in with what little power he had left, but all of a sudden, a large metallic object went flying right by Vorden's head, landing directly between Quinn and the Dalki.

"You kids get back! Get out of here now! That's an order!" This sound echoed from the object that just landed, and all of them found out what it was straight away. It was a mech.

Quickly soon after, another Mech had landed right next to that one. It did not take for the Dalki and the mechs to be engaged in combat after that. The mechs had humungous strength and were equivalent to that of the Dalki they were currently facing.

The only problem was, they were still clunky and not as agile, but the others noticed that it would take a while before the Dalki was able to destroy them.

"Come, Quinn!" Vorden yelled, putting Peter on top of his shoulder. "Let's get out of here!"

And with that, the two of them went over to where the others were by Peter's side. Right now, his face was much paler than before, and not to mention, his eyelids were drooping as well.

Quinn knelt down by his side and looked at him in the eyes.

"I'm sorry, Peter. You saved me." There were no tears in his eyes like the others, but there was a hint of melancholy in his voice.

But then, just as he said these words, a voice was heard from the system.

"If you wish to save him, you must act quickly," the system said.

"I can save him? But these wounds are impossible to heal with no healer around."

"That is indeed the case, but if he was no longer human, and a supply of blood from each of you, he would be able to overcome this fatal wound. As long as his heart and the core of his brain is not damaged, then he will live. You have the choice, but you have to decide fast, whether to do so or not."

[Would you like to activate the blood ritual?]


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