My Vampire System
133 Shadow blood
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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133 Shadow blood

After consuming the blood in the bowl, Quinn felt like a new person. His blood bank was filled, and his whole body was now fully healed. But best of all, the sun had finally disappeared behind the horizon, and it was now night time.

"I can't hold on any longer, I'm too tired," Sil whined. The struggle against the Dalki was too much for him. He wasn't fighting obsessed like Raten, so he gave up control and left Vorden in charge once again.

Vorden was the weakest of the three and only knew how to use one mind and one ability at a time. As soon as he and Sil had switched places, the pressure that the Dalki felt was immensely weakened.

The Dalki could suddenly move one foot in front of the other again, the amount of force it felt being exerted on itself, was like nothing compared to before.

'I thought this one was special but looks like all he could do was delay me a bit!' The Dalki thought.

Quinn seeing this happen, knew he was in trouble. He had gained two agility points bringing it up to 18 and then with the boots this made 22. Seeing the Dalki head towards Vorden, Quinn felt like he had to quickly decide what to do with his free stat point.

He put the free stat point into agility without hesitation, it now brought his agility stat up to a total of 23. Then using all the speed he could, and activating his boots Wind Walk ability, he rushed over to where the Dalki was.

Regardless if Vorden was in trouble or not right now, he would have put his points into agility. The Dalkis strength was too great for Quinn to match, and although it was fast, it wasn't faster than Quinn, he could follow its movements.

With the extra stat points and his boots active, he would be able to dodge the Dalki's attacks, although just barely.

Moving at an incredible speed, Quinn managed to cover the distance from the building to where the others were in only a few seconds. As soon as he was in range, he cast another blood swipe. The attack ripped through the sand and was heading straight for his target.

The Dalki pulled his head back at the last second, and the attack skimmed right past its nose.

It turned its head and looked at Quinn, seeing that the boy was in perfect condition.

"But how is this possible? I'm certain you should be on death's door by now." The Dalki said.

At the same time, Vorden had collapsed onto the floor. All of his energy and MC points had been used. "It's up to you now, Quinn." He said. "Good luck."

The Dalki charged towards him, and as it did, Quinn could feel the blood and adrenaline rushing through his entire body. He was in a state of absolute concentration as he waited for the Dalki's attack.

A swing was made to for his head, Quinn ducked down and threw out a punch performing blood spray at the same time, taking advantage of the close range. The attack managed to push the Dalki back a few steps away from him.

[60/65 HP]

The fight continued in this fashion with Quinn avoiding each of the Dalki's attacks, and whenever it would get too close, he would use his blood abilities to push it away.

Slowly but surely his HP was starting to get lower bit by bit.

[48/65 HP]

"What's he doing?" Erin asked. "His attacks are too weak, he's not hurting the thing at all why doesn't he use the same attack as before?"

"I think he's stalling for something," Vorden replied, now sitting on the floor with the others. "But for what, I have no idea."

Quinn had to be absolutely sure not to get a hit from the Dalki. Not only were his attacks crazy powerful, but if he got even a tiny scratch on him, the ability from the boots he was wearing would deactivate, which would slow him down a lot.

But after dodging for a while, his boots had deactivated anyway as the skill time then wore off. Another claw was coming at him, and it looked like he was about to get hit, he had no choice but to perform the flash step and appear directly behind the Dalki.

'Damn, I can only use the flash step one more time, any more and I'll get worn out.' Quinn thought.

But the Dalki was getting equally frustrated.

"You little Keenan, I will squash you." It lifted up both fists and smashed them into the ground, causing a crater to form and rubble to lift off the ground.

It didn't seem like an attack made to hurt anyone. The rocks just lifted into the air and quickly fell back to the floor. It was actually just a way for it to let out a bit of frustration. At the same time, it had another effect on everyone, it once again showed the might of the Dalki.

Quinn had taken a few steps back away from the Dalki and quickly opened up his status screen.

[MC points 40/100]

This was what Quinn was waiting for, he was waiting for his MC points to return so he could use the shadow ability again. Since it was night time, there was no need for him to use the Shadow void skill. Unfortunately though while the skill was active his MC points would not return.

This whole time Quinn was doing his best to dodge, focusing all his energy into avoiding the Dalki's attacks, waiting for the right moment. Now he could finally use his shadow abilities once again.

In truth, he wanted to stall a bit longer to gain more of his MC points back, but continuously dodging was getting far too risky.

When the Dalki looked up, it was surprised to see that Quinn was the one coming towards it.

"So you've finally decided to attack, I see!" It shouted.

Quinn flung his hand out with his fingers held together, casting a single Redline of aura. Then before it could move away from him, the shadow underneath his feet started to move.

The shadow reached out and grabbed the Blood aura holding it in place, and now the other end of the shadow was attached to Quinn's hand.

To the others, it looked like Quinn was wielding a large red and black scythe. The black shadows reached into his hand while the curved blood aura acted as the blade held tight by the shadow.

The two opponents were still quite a distance away from each other, but Quinn still swung out the shadow scythe.

Seeing this, the Dalki wasn't afraid, it was slightly confused actually, as the scythe wouldn't be able to reach him. Suddenly, as the scythe was swung outwards, it seemed like it was starting to extend.

As Quinn swung it too his side the shadows extended and the red aura part manged to hit the Dalki right on its side. It was pushed back a few feet and at the same time could feel a stinging pain, when he looked down, he could see a large cut had appeared where his ribs were, and green blood was starting to leak from the wound.

This was what Quinn had been practising the whole week in Logan's room. A way to combine his shadow skills while also using his blood skills and after countless trials and errors, this was what he had come up with.


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