My Vampire System
132 Blood Bowl
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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132 Blood Bowl

My Vampire system Chapter 132

For a moment everyone's morale was increased, for the first time they had a glimmer of hope again, when they saw the mighty Dalki fall to the ground. They didn't know why Quinn was so powerful, or why he was hiding it before, and frankly they didn't care because all of them only had one thought on their mind.

'I want to live!'

After seeing that powerful attack from Quinn, they felt that they might survive this after all, but that happy feeling didn't last for long. A few seconds after the Dalki had fallen to the ground, it sent Quinn flying with a single swing of its fist, Quinn was flying right into the other building, the one that was still intact.

As Quinn hit the building, his body crashed through the wall, and he fell to the floor.

"Is he okay?!" Peter shouted.

"That guy can take a lot more hurt than that," Vorden said. "Trust me, I know from experience. Something like that isn't enough to kill him."

Layla looked at the sky, she immediately realised there was something else they needed to be concerned about. As long as Quinn had a steady supply of blood, he would be fine, but right now, something was holding him back from using his full powers, of course, she meant the sun.

Now she realised why Quinn had cast a shadow surrounding them all, and how he was able to fight so well even though the sun was still up. Looking at the sky, she noticed that it was finally starting to set, the colours were fading from its bright yellow to orange. It would only be a matter of time before it would finally be night on this planet.

"We need to get to Quinn!" She shouted to the others.

However, her cries were useless, no one moved forward, including her. She wanted to go in and help him, but stepping in against such a powerful foe, was like committing suicide.

"Now that was impressive!" The Dalki said with a smile on its face. Its teeth were now on full display, they were a little strange compared to regular human teeth. It looked like those of a crocodile, each tooth was razor sharp and they overlaid one another.

"I heard there were something called 'martial arts' the earthlings use. I never believed it could be something useful, until just now. You actually managed to bypass my hard skin and hurt me from the inside."

As the Dalki began to walk over to where Quinn was, something strange was happening on its back. The single spike on its back started to pulsate and glow with a slight blue colour. "Did you know, the more a Dalki gets hurt, the stronger they get!" It said with an evil grin on its face.

The others could tell that it wasn't bluffing, they could feel a strange energy coming off its body every time the spike on its back would light up.

When the Dalki tried to take another step forward, it felt something akin to a force field that was pulling him back and slowing him down. This made its movements felt incredibly sluggish.

'Is it coming from the kid from earlier? But that's impossible he hasn't moved since he tried those ice spears.' The Dalki thought.

"Crazy boy!" Layla yelled, looking at Vorden with both of his hands stretched out.

"What is this ugly dinosaur trying to do?" In the black room inside Vorden's mind, both Vorden and Raten were no longer in the seat, Sil had taken over. "Are you trying to take Quinn away from me?" He yelled.

The Dalki then turned its head slowly using its strength and saw Vorden standing there. "The boy from earlier, but how did he get so strong. He wasn't like this before. You earthlings are nothing like we were told, and you're not even adults, you're just students." The Dalki said.

The whole situation was filling the battle crazy Dalki with happiness.

The others were amazed at how powerful Vorden's telekinesis powers were right now. But this was because he was using all the MC points from his other abilities and had it all focused inside the telekinesis ability.

At that moment Quinn was just lifting himself off the ground. He was so badly hurt he had no choice but to use his Blood bank.

[100 Millimetres of blood used]

[50 HP has been restored]


[Blood bank is now empty]

As soon as the blood was consumed, his body started to heal almost instantly. The healing was much faster than when he allowed his body to heal on its own accord. But there was another problem, the ceiling of the building he was in had collapsed, it was letting the sun in, and it was hitting him right now, making his movements extremely sluggish and decreasing his power.

"Vorden, how long do you think you can hold him?" Layla asked.

But Sil didn't reply. His own name wasn't being used, and he didn't talk to strangers much in the first place. However as powerful as Sil was, he was unable to completely stop the Dalki's movements. It continued to use its brute strength to power through the telekinetic field and was now walking towards them.

At the same time, she saw Quinn lifting himself off the ground and the sun continuing to set behind him.

'Even if it turns to night, how is Quinn going to be able to fight such a thing? It's just too strong.' Layla thought

Then she seemed to recall something Quinn had told her in the past. That he seemed to get stronger with each person's blood he drank. Layla didn't know the exact details but anything they could do to tip the scales in their favour she would be happy to do right now.

She knelt down to Erin's side and asked her for a favour.

"Erin I know you're weak right now, but do you think you could make a bowl of ice for me. I know it sounds weird, but you need to trust me."

Erin's was completely exhausted you could see it in her face. It clearly wasn't just from using her abilities, the whole scenario was affecting her mentally as well. She didn't reply back to Layla but lifted both hands and ice started to form eventually creating a small bowl of ice.

The next thing Layla did, she didn't even bother asking for Erin's permission, she grabbed one of the arrows from her quiver and used the tip to make a small cut on the palm of Erin's hands. The strangest thing was, that Erin gave no reaction what so ever, which proved that something was seriously wrong with her.

Then using the bowl of ice, she allowed for the blood to drip into it. Once there was a good amount of blood, she continued to do the same using her own blood. Next up was Peter.

"I have no time to explain Peter, but if you want to live, let me do this!" Layla said with a strange look on her face. Peter had no intentions of going against her order and allowed for his blood to be put into the bowl as well.

The Dalki was continuing to move towards them, and the sweat was running down Sils face.

'This stupid dinosaur's strong' Sill said to Vorden and Raten.

"We know, but don't give up, just a little longer!" Vorden shouted. "Just hold on until the sun goes down."

"Sil, think of everything that ever annoyed you, pretend it's that stupid things fault!" Raten cheered.

The words of encouragement from the two empowered Sil to continue fighting, and he was doing his best to hold the Dalki back.

Suddenly, Layla appeared by his side. "I know you're busy keeping the Dalki at bay, but I need your help, it's for Quinn." She said.

The bowl was almost full, Layla didn't know how it worked or how much she needed, but she had to do something. Using the arrow, she created a small cut on the back of Vorden's leg, allowing it to slowly seep into the bowl.

When the bowl was finally full, she started to make her way towards Quinn.

"Just what is that girl doing?" The Dalki thought, but for now, it would have to ignore her. Right now he had a bigger pain in the backside, it was the boy who was controlling his movements.

"Quinn, are you alright?!" Layla asked as she came rushing over.

"Yeah, I'm fine, I was just waiting for the sun to go down. I'm not much use while the sun is out, but it looks like Vorden managed to delay him." Quinn answered.

They both looked at the sun and the faint bit of light that was left. As the sun continued to go down, strength was returning to Quinn's body.

"Here drink this?" Layla said as she handed over the bowl full of blood.

"What is it?" Quinn asked.

"It's all of our blood, I thought it could help you in some way." Said Layla.

Quinn had yet to drink the blood from, Vorden, Erin or Peter so right now the blood would give him three extra stat points. He was unsure in what, but right now he needed everything he could get, to turn the tide.

He took the bowl and gulped it down in one go.

[65/65 HP]

[Blood bank has been filled]

[2 points have been added into agility]

[One free stat point has been added]

A row of messages had appeared giving Quinn a smile on his face, but the last one was the best of them all.

[You are no longer affected by sunlight]

[All stats have returned to normal]


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