My Vampire System
131 The perfect counter
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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131 The perfect counter

The black shadow started to surround all of them. It slowly encased the group until finally, the whole area around them was filled with purple shadows.

"Damn it! We're all going to die." Layla said.

But then Erin noticed that the Dalki was also looking around in confusion at the shadows, as if it was something unknown to it. "No look, it seems like the Dalki is just as confused as we are, that's probably why it's not attacking us right now."

It wasn't unusual for someone to be afraid of the unknown, and right now, the Dalki was seeing something it had never seen before. It got into a crouching position and was prepared for whatever was to come.

Its senses were telling it something was in the shadows with them, something other than the four in front of it. Then from behind a claw-like shape of red lines came flying towards the Dalki. It turned around, sensing the power in the attack it lifted both of its arms to protect itself, and it placed its arms in an X-shape right in front of its face.

The lines of power had hit it, but the attack hadn't done much damage, just as it was about to look up, four more of the same attack came at it. It quickly held up its hands, it was strongly relying on its hard skin to block the attacks.

Although the attacks didn't hurt the Dalki, for the first time in a long while, it had been pushed back from its position by an attack.

When it pulled its arms down, it was surprised to see what looked like another student standing in front of it. "Oh, so it was you?" It said.

It was a young Dalki who had only met a few adult humans on its journey, but not a single one had given him any trouble or manged to even make him move back with their strongest attacks, the same could be said for any beast that had attacked the Dalki. But here on this safe little planet, it had encountered a young human who had done just that.

As soon as Quinn had released his first attack, his shadow cloak had disappeared and this had revealed him to everyone, the problem was he was low on MC points. He had 90 when he first used the shadow cloak, by the time he had arrived, he only had 80 MC points left.

Then when he had cast the shadow void skill, it meant he only had 30 of his MC points left, and he needed to use them wisely.

He had also used shadow equip to put his equipment on his hands and feet.

"Is that Quinn!" Peter shouted. "What's with this power? I don't understand."

Then Erin spotted that Quinn's watch, to her surprise it currently displayed the number six. "His ability requires more MC than mine, does this mean this Shadow circle his doing? Was he hiding his strength this whole time?!" She shouted.

"He must have had his reasons," Layla said. "But right now, he's going up against an enemy I think even he can't deal with."

Layla didn't know what to do, at this point her arrows were useless and couldn't even be used as a distraction, because the Dalki would just ignore them. Erin had run out of MC, and Peter was far too weak to be of any use. So right now the only one that could help them was Vorden.

"Please, help Quinn" Layla begged. "You two have to fight it together."

Vorden wasn't the one in control, but Raten was.

'How is the little one doing?' Raten asked.

'He is still sleeping,' Vorden replied.

'So it looks like I'll have to deal with this one.' Raten said.

The Dalki then went and picked up another piece of scrap metal from the ground that was part of the Well's machinery. Although the roof and area were covered in shadows, the same couldn't be said for the ground.

The crumbled building and the broken metal pieces remained scattered everywhere. After picking up a piece of metal, it used its claws to once again turn the metal into a spear.

"I'm assuming I can't get out of this bubble that you created, so I can't run away." The Dalki said. ���Otherwise why would you waste so much of your power creating it."

Of course, the Dalki doesn't know about Quinn's problem with sunlight, actually the sole purpose for Quinn to block out the sun, is so he can fight at his full power.

"Let's see how strong you really are!" The Dalki shouted, as he chucked the spear-like object towards Quinn. It went lightning-fast and was similar to the one that required all four of the others to block before.

"No, there's no way he can block that on his own!" Layla said. "We have to help." She shouted.

Peter stayed by Erin's side while Vorden and Layla rushed towards Quinn, but the spear was going too fast, and they hadn't been able to take a single step before the spear reached Quinn.

[Shadow Control]

Using his Shadow Control skill, Quinn was able to create a black circular shield.

"That won't be strong enough," Erin said, looking up from the ground. "It took all four of us to stop it before, why doesn't he try to dodge it?"

But for Vorden seeing Quinn's action made something click in his head.

The spear flew going at lightning speed until the tip had touched the black circular shadow, at that moment the spear looked like it had stopped in mid-air. However, Quinn and Vorden knew that it was only moving ever so slowly through the shadow.

Once the spear slowed, Quinn moved to the side, he took the shadow away and allowed the spear to continue moving forward and out of the shadow void.

"This is perfect," Vorden said.

Quinn's shadow ability was nearly a perfect counter to the Dalki. The enormous amount of strength meant nothing. No matter how powerful the attack was, it would be slowed down, because Quinn's shadows blocked attacks in a different way from how other abilities did.

In a way, Quinn as a vampire was the perfect counter to the Dalki.

Vorden continued to run forward while Layla took cover somewhere off to the side. It was clear that for the moment the Dalki was stunned by what he had just seen, and this was their chance.

Vorden threw an ice spear at the Dalki, it shattered into a million pieces once it hit the Dalki's body. However, it did catch the Dalki's attention, which was what Vorden was aiming for.

Knowing the Dalki was able to eat fire, it left Vorden only with 2 options, to use ice and telekinesis to fight the Dalki.

"You are boring!" The Dalki said. "I'm far more interested in that one." Ignoring Vordens weak attacks, it dashed straight forward heading for Quinn.

Seeing this, even if Quinn was to use the wind walk ability on his boots, he wouldn't be able to outrun the Dalki. The only thing he could do was fight, but what could he use. The blood swipe, although powerful did no damage, which was problematic.

"Hey, Brat!" Vorden shouted. "Its skin is too tough, use an attack that can hurt it on the inside."

'On the inside?' Quinn thought. He now knew exactly what to do.

When the Dalki was a few meters away, it leapt up into the air with its claws out and with both of its hands above its head, ready to smash down. Quinn quickly placed the shadow above himself, allowing both of its fists to sink into the shadow.

[MC 20/100]

The Dalki could feel its attack slowing down as soon as it touched the strange shadow-like substance but by using its considerable strength it was able to pull its hands from the shadow. The problem was with every physical attack, Quinn would lose MC points. He needed to finish this fight fast.

The Dalki was quick on its feet and didn't allow its first unsuccessful attack to distract it. It threw out a straight kick at Quinn, and once again Quinn stopped it with his shadow shield.

[MC 10/100]

'His attacks are so strong, I can only take one more.' Quinn thought.

Quinn needed an opening and just defending wasn't going to do it. The next thing he was going to do was very risky, but it was the only option he had. As the Dalki threw another punch towards him, Quinn moved the shadow and wrapped it around the Dalki's fist.

[MC 0/100]

The shadow void started to disappear, and Quinn only had a few more seconds before the sunlight would hit him. Quinn could see the Dalkis other hand coming straight at him, he looked the Dalki in the eyes.

[Skill daze]

Even though the Dalki was a strong opponent and the skill was likely to fail. There was always a slim chance that it might work.

[Daze successful, your opponent has been stunned]

But for Quinn's next move he would need more time then the Daze would allow. He flash stepped behind the Dalki and prepared all the motions for the hammer strike. As he finished his movements, he added blood spray to the last part, turning it into the most powerful attack he had, Blood hammer.

As Quinn's fist hit the Dalki's hard back, vibrations and a wave of air had been sent out from around the two of them, the Dalki still hadn't moved from his spot. But after a few seconds, he fell down on one knee.

This was Quinn's answer, an internal attack.

[You are being hit by sunlight]

[Al stats have been reduced by 70 percent]

When Quinn thought everything was over, a large fist had come out of nowhere swinging out and hit him right in the ribs sending him flying through the air.

[Critical hit]

[Your ribs have been broken]

[12/65 HP remaining]

The Dalki stood up from the ground and smiled wiping away the green blood from its mouth.

"I'm not done with you yet, boy."


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