My Vampire System
127 The Dalki
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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127 The Dalki

On earth on one of the very few pieces of land that still existed, was a reasonably large tower that had been built. It was on a small island where the only thing on it was the tower itself. The tower was so large and grand in size, that if someone was to stand at the top of it, they could reach the clouds.

But its purpose wasn't for anything grand like tourism. Such a piece of equipment as grand as this could never have been able to be built before. But thanks to Richard Eno and his team, they managed to finally finish it after the war.

This sole tower's purpose was to monitor the activity of each of the planets on the other side of the portals. It needed a strange source to power it that only Eno knew off. It was the same source of power used to power the portals.

With this, they were able to get a clear view of what the area looked like. They had mapped out each planet the portals led them to in that solar system. There were still many planets left unexplored, but they kept good track of those with shelters on.

But today, unlike any other day, red alarm bells were ringing inside. The people were rushing all over the place. In a single room, they had about 200 employees all looking at a computer screen of their own. Then there was also the main monitor that resembles a cinema screen.

"Sir! It looks like there's been a breach on one of the green portal planets!" one of the men at the computer said.

Standing at the back of the room was a man who looked to be in his fifties, he was mostly bald with hair just sticking out of his sides, and he had small round glasses on his face. Although he was not one to seem intimidating just from looking at him. When he spoke, his words gave a certain feeling of trust.

Inside the monitoring room, he was the only one wearing a lab uniform rather than a military one.

"Bring up the information on the big screen in front of you." He ordered.

They did as asked and managed to pull up a small video. It was of a black flying object that had entered the planet's atmosphere. It looked to be slightly injured even before arriving on the planet.

"There are meant to be no Dalki in this area, this is near the start of the Solar, the Dalki's planets were mostly at the back."

The Dalki and Humans shared the planets in this specific solar system. When they had entered half of the planets had already been conquered by them, while the other half remained empty. Although not at war with each other currently, the two were at a race with each other to see who could conquer more planets.

Each planet had several different resources, and that included the different beasts that lived on there.

From time to time, this would still cause friction between the two, and a fight would break out. That was why the large observation tower was built in the first place. In case any of the Daliki ignored their upper command and decided to attack.

"Send a message out to Daliki station, ask them if it's from any of their known battalions and tell them we'll get rid of it at all costs."

"Yes, sir!"

"Also, inform the military base, which is in charge of the planet get them to send someone to deal with this immediately."

"Will do sir."


Out on the desert, the black smoke was now rising into the air more ferocious than ever. It looked like a signal was being cast and could probably now been seen for miles out in all directions.

Although Ben had told his friend to go ahead and run away, they both stood there. As the Dalki got out from the ship, they felt like their eyes couldn't leave such a powerful being for even a second.

The Dalkis were a lot taller than an average human but not too big that they looked like giants. This one, in particular, stood around 7 feet tall. However, their body frames where different. Just like humans, they walked on two feet and had two arms, but their muscle structure was magnificent.

Nearly every muscle fibre on their body could be seen.

Just like the humans as well, they wore beast gear to increase their power and right now this one had only a set of bottoms and boots on. While his top part was open and free.

The Dalki were a race that looked similar to dragons in human myths, only more human. They had scale-like features running from the side of their body running up to the top of their neck. Their eyes were slightly pointed and more oval-shaped, and their hands were shaped like claws with a tail sticking from its behind.

As Ben looked at the Dalki, he noticed that it had a single spike coming from the back of its spine. This was good news as they had learnt the fewer Spikes they had meant, the weaker they were. Every time a Dalki went through a type of evolution, a new spike would appear on its back.

Yet this one had only one, meaning it was the weakest a Dalki could be.

"Maybe we have a chance!" Ben shouted. "It's too late to run now but if we face it together."

As expected from a half-human – half-beast type creature. The Dalki were overall just better than humans in every way. They were faster, stronger and even more intelligent. Ben knew they had no chance if they turned their back, so there was only one option.

Ben reached for his club on his back and pulled it out.

"Are you ready, Hugo?" He asked.

After asking his question, no words were heard, and a few seconds later, a thud sound was heard. As he turned his head, he could see his friend's body lying there in the sand, dead.

Ben didn't even know what happened.

Out of fear he charged in with his club held in his hand and used all his strength to smash down at the beast, but with a single hand, the Dalki grabbed the club and then crushed it to pieces.

It came as a shock to Ben for he had the ability of super strength, he was five times stronger than an average human yet the Dalki was able to block his attack with ease.

"This place stinks!" The Dalki said.


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