My Vampire System
125 Influence
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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125 Influence

[210/200 exp]

[Congratulations you are now level 12]

[28/65 HP]

[2 free stat points have been added]

[10/400 Exp]

Quinn wasn't thinking correctly and purely attacked out of anger. The fact that someone had almost killed him, he just reacted and what happened was not part of his plan. But just like when he looked at Ian's dead body, Quinn felt nothing looking at the earth users body lying there lifeless in the corner.

Then from the back of the shadow void, he could hear a groan.

"pLek sve me!" It was coming from the wind user who still had the earth spike lodged in his throat. The colour in his face was now turning pale. If Quinn were a healer then perhaps, he would have been able to have done something, but he had no such abilities. At least not something that could heal at this level.

After biting his victims and noticing the marking on their necks healing quicker, Quinn decided to do a few tests with Layla before coming to the Planet. What he had found was that his salvia seemed to have some type of healing ability.

If he was to cause a cut mark on Layla to draw blood, then rubbed his spit on her, the mark would heal quickly, but it was clear his spit wouldn't be able to save someone from something like this.

Walking over to the wind user Quinn looked at him.

"Your own friend did this to you. No, you did this to yourself when you tried attacking me. I will put you out of your pain."

Casting his blood swipe from above and at a close range he manged to cleanly cut off the wind user's head and now he was no longer in pain.

[Level 3 user killed 60 exp gained]

[70/400 exp]

"So, I really do get more exp for killing them."

Just like with the earth user, Quinn had obtained the double the number of points after killing the victim. The reason why he received more for the level three was most likely because he hadn't knocked out his opponent yet, but straight out killed them. Allowing him to earn 60 exp points instead of 40.

Looking at the bloody mess instead of feeling sick like a regular person, his stomach started to growl.

[Your hunger grows]

During the fight, he had used up a lot of blood and had been stabbed several times and right now the sweat smell coming off the body was only getting stronger.

But his mind felt conflicted. He felt no emotion when seeing the dead, and the mangled bodies didn't affect him. Even before when he was a halfling, he still had a little sympathy, but now he hardly felt any.

"I guess I really am no longer human."

Walking over to the body, Quinn lifted the dead wind users arm and using the tip of his clawed gauntlets, he made a cut across the wrist. At that moment, the sweetest taste had entered his mouth, and his body started to feel re-energized.

[65/65 HP]

[Blood type O has been consumed]

[1 free stat point has been added]

Before doing anything else, Quinn checked if the free stat point could be put into his charm skill and just like he thought, it could. He then went on to the next body, the earth user and had done the same.

This time there was no need to consume a large amount of blood since Quinn's health was full, and he had already eaten his fill. Putting his equipment back in his dimensional space, he dipped his finger into the blood and gave it a little lick.

[A blood type has been consumed]

[+1 strength stat]

The last person was the crossbow user who also had the O blood type. He was already bleeding across his chest. The wounds weren't too deep. It seemed he had passed out more from the impact rather than the wounds themselves.

[Blood type O has been consumed]

[1 free stat point has been added]

After getting everything he needed, he could finally increase his charm points to 10.

[Charm points: 10]

[New Skill: Influence has been unlocked]

[ Depending on the user's charm points and the mental strength of the opponent. The user is able to influence the person or creature to do their bidding. This includes things such as, memory loss, information extraction and so on. Must make direct eye contact with the target]

Looking at the bow user on the ground, Quinn was tempted to just end his life there and get the experience points. However, he felt like he really would have lost a grip with himself if he did. In the end, he decided to try out his new powers, and if it didn't work, he would have to go through with it anyway.

Lifting the user up off the ground, Quinn slapped him across the face a few times until the man eventually woke up. As soon as his eyes opened, Quinn activated his new Skill.

[Skill influence activated]

[Skill successful]

Around the user's eyes, a small red circle could now be seen, and his body went slightly stiff.

"What do I do now?" Quinn asked.

"Just say whatever you want, and it will happen. If you ask him a question, his brain will process the information and answer. If you tell him to forget something, he'll forget it. You can even replace the memory, but that's a little risky, to be honest, and doesn't work well if he gets pulled in for questioning."

Quinn did as the system said and gave out his instructions.

"I want you to forget everything that happened today. You never saw me, and you never met me. You just came out to hunt some beasts, and I want you to go back to sleep."

"Do you think that's enough?" Quinn said.

"Yes, if you can, I would bury the bodies under the sand. Eventually, they will be eaten by the beasts in this area, but when he wakes up, he will have no clue what happened and can only assume it must have been a beast."

The colour around the man's eyes returned to normal, and he quickly went back to sleep as Quinn had ordered.

After burying the bodies into the sand, he started to look round the place for his umbrella, eventually, he had found it, but it wasn't good news. Sometime during the fight, the umbrella must have been destroyed.

With his MC points only half full, he would just have to bear the sluggish movements in the sun for now while he recovered.

Quinn then tried to cancel the shadow ability and slowly from above the shadows started to shrink and disappear. The fight had lasted about half an hour, so he still had another thirty minutes of the shadow void left if he wished. But if he left the shadow void up, his MC points would not return.

The shadow started to slowly clear and shrink back until it all went right underneath Quinn's feet.

[You are being hit by direct sunlight]

[Your stats have been reduced by 70 Percent]

Immediately, he felt sluggish, and his head started to hurt, once his MC points had returned, he was sure to use Shadow cloak to cover himself and get out of the sun. Then just as Quinn was getting ready to set off, he spotted Black smoke off in the distance.

"Isn't that next to where Peter was? "


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