My Vampire System
124 Increasing the Charm
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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124 Increasing the Charm

The wind user was trapped inside the wall of shadows, but it was a strange feeling. It wasn't like he couldn't move, but instead, if he tried moving his movements would be incredibly slow, like he was stuck in some type of glue.

In his panic, he had completely forgotten about his ability. With his mind now thinking straight, he used his hand to cast a wind blade cutting a piece of the shadow. It quickly separated and then started to reform again in almost an instant.

The moment the student had cut the shadow with his wind ability, Quinn's MC had decreased.

[44/100 MC]

It also seemed that while Shadow Void was active, he would be unable to gain back his MC points like he initially thought, which meant he had to be even more conservative if he was planning to use his shadow abilities along with the shadow Void.

But just like when he used shadow control on his own shadow, whenever the shadow was attacked, his MC points would lower slightly.

The student cast wind slash after wind slash and was slowly able to move more. Then finally, he was free.

"I did it!" he shouted, but when he looked up, Quinn was there right in front of him. He grabbed both arms of the wind user and twisted them inward, so his palms were facing towards his own face.

Then Quinn kicked both feet of the user, causing him to fall to his knees and once again the shadow had grabbed onto his legs.

With the elemental user, the ability to control the elements came from their hands and feet. This was different for fire and some other elements. But this fact was true for the basic ones.

"Now I want you to answer my question from earlier, why did you follow me!"

"I'm s... so... sorry!" The wind user said with a stutter. "It was all Ben's idea, he said that we would be able to take care of you level ones and take your crystals, add it to our team's points."

The wind user was deadly frightened; not only had he never seen such a strange ability before, he was still trying to decide if the person in front of him was human. It seemed like he was a person with multiple abilities. He could control the shadow, shoot out red aura from his hands and on top of that, he had supernatural healing, and now with the wind users' arms twisted, he felt like he had superhuman strength as well.

"This ben, does he work for anyone?" Quinn asked.

"I mean, we all work for the military, but no one told us to do anything if that's what you're asking."

Quinn couldn't be a hundred percent sure if he were telling the truth or not. But judging by his reaction and how frightened he was, Quinn felt like his words were true.

"You know if you increased your charm stat a bit more, you would be able to get these weak minded people to tell you anything." The system said.

"Are you kidding me?" Quinn asked.

"No, there are certain skills in your system that will only unlock once you get enough stat points. One of them is a type of mind control for the Charm stat. It��s quite handy, if their mind is weak, you can replace their memories, get them to spill the beans or even if it was really high, you could even get the person to kill themselves. Of course, that would only be for the very top of Vampire classes."

It seemed like the charm stat was becoming more and more dependable. At first, Quinn thought it was just an annoyance that only allowed him to get girls, but that didn't seem to be the case anymore.

"Do you know how many points in charm I need to unlock this skill?" Quinn asked.

"Ten points are needed for the influence skill."

[140/200 exp]

Right now, Quinn and gained 20 exp, for defeating the level three student and 40 exp points for defeating the level four student. Then there was also the two daily mission he completed bringing him up to 140 exp. Even if he did defeat the wind user in front of him, that would only bring his experience points up to 160.

It wouldn't be enough to level up. When using his inspect skill at the two around him, one was blood A type while the other two were blood O. The blood O stat allowed him to put a point into anything he wished. Still, he was unsure whether that included the charm stat or not, but it was likely.

But even then, he would only have 8 points in his Charm stat. He needed 10.

The reason why Quinn was so adamant about unlocking this skill after hearing about it from the system, was because he didn't know what to do. The three users here were from the same school as him, and they had seen his ability, it would have been fine if it was just the shadow ability, but they had also seen his blood abilities as well and his incredible healing.

If he could, he wanted to avoid killing his fellow students, but it was something that would have had to be done. In the end, they were the ones who attacked him, and it was a secret he couldn't afford to be let out.

But could he really do it, technically he had killed already but back then he wasn't sane of mind. Quinn would even argue that it wasn't really him but something else controlling him. But killing someone while he was fully sane was another thing altogether.

Just then, from the corner of his eye. Quinn saw something forming from the ground. The sharp object shot out like a bullet and Quinn managed to move his head and doge at the last second.

Suddenly, heavy breathing sounds could be heard. When Quinn looked at the wind user in the shadow wall, he could see that an earth spike had impaled right through the wind user's neck. Blood was flowing down the spike as the student struggled to breathe.

More spikes started to appear from the floor, and when Quinn looked ahead, he could see that the earth user had regained consciousness and was barely standing on his feet with his hand held out.

"Die you Bast*rd!" He shouted.

Thinking about the spike, Quinn felt like he had just avoided death. Sure he had plenty of health points remaining, but if the spike had impaled him through the head, he was pretty sure he wouldn't have been able to recover from something like that.

"You just tried to kill me!" Quinn shouted. "When I was just thinking about sparing your lives."

'Humans are truly disgusting!' Quinn thought. For some reason, he thought if he could change maybe, they could too. They were still young, and only students, they had time to change their ways.

In a fit of anger, Quinn sent out blood swipe after blood swipe. The earth user tried to raise a wall between them, but the wall was far too weak. The second the blood swipes made an impact, the wall was smashed, and the blood strikes continued to hit the user.

Quinn continued to fire out blood swipe until a message had appeared.

[A level 4 human has been killed, 80 exp gained]

At that moment Quinn stopped.


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