My Vampire System
123 Shadow void
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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123 Shadow void

Out on the sandy desert where the area was mostly covered with rocks and sand, one area looked different today. From the outside, it looked like a dark cloud that's was continually moving and shifting, creating a large dome-shaped space.

"What is this?" One of the men said.

The three from Ben's group were now surrounded by moving shadows. Although the inside of the Shadow Void wasn't pitch black as one would think. The shadows seemed to give off a slight purple light that allowed the interior to be seen.

"Did you see his watch?" Another one said. "He was actually a level six. We need to get out of here!"

It was the first time Quinn had cast the shadow void skill. He was unsure of how big the area of effect would be, and whenever or not, he could deactivate it once the skill was used. If something like that was seen at the school, it would have caused alarm bells to ring.

Inside the shadow void, Quinn could feel a connection with the shadows, it was hard to explain, but it was as if it was created using a part of his own body.

Quinn looked at his stats, and as the system had told him, everything was normal. There was no weakness to the sun. While Quinn was busy checking his stats, one of the men tried to make a break for it.

He ran to the edge of the shadow void walls. This was bad, if the three were to escape from the shadow void, then Quinn would lose his advantage.

Out of instinct as Quinn saw this, he lifted his arm and started to shift the wall of the shadow into some type of arm. When the man was close enough, he tried swinging his dagger at the arm, but when it made contact, his arm started to slow down. And he immediately pulled it back afraid of what was happening.

[MC points 48/100]

Fifty points of MC had already been cast to activate the shadow void, and it looked like if he used shadow control on the outside walls, it would use up his MC points. However, the others didn't know this.

They felt like they were trapped, and if they were to go close to the wall, the arms would once again appear.

One of the students, the level four user had a Mohawk. The situation around him was starting to frustrate him as he felt more and more trapped.

"Screw this guy!" Mohawk said. "You saw the number on his watch change right? He's probably a fake and besides, being a level six doesn't mean he has strong abilities."

The other two hearing Mohawk's words gave them a bit of confidence.

"Yeah, you're right, and he doesn't even have any beast gear!" One of them said.

Out of the three of them, one of them held a crossbow on his back, while the other had a set of daggers around his waist. Mohawk, who was in the middle, had a chest piece that gave him extra strength.

"Get him!" Mohawk shouted.

The crossbow user pulled out his bow and started to fire bolt after bolt towards Quinn.

[Shadow equip]

Shadow's started to form around Quinn's arms and legs, and suddenly they were covered in beast gear. As the first bolt came towards him, he lifted his hand, deflecting the bolt onto the ground.

If Quinn wanted to, he could have used his shadow ability to block the bolt, but right now it was best for him to use his vampire abilities because he would soon be able to replenish whatever blood he was about to use anyway.

"What, but that was a beast arrow. It wasn't just made out of metal!" The crossbow user said.

"Just keep firing the thing!" Mohawk shouted.

He did as ordered, and arrow bolts started to fire one after another. This time as they came forward, the other user who had remained still had gathered what looked like a small hurricane in his hands, and then at the right moment, he brought his hands forward, and a gust of wind came out with it.

The wind seemed weak, but it wasn't his aim to do any harm, it was to support the bolts making them faster and more powerful.

"Let's see you deal with this."

Opening his palm facing forward, Quinn waited until the right time before using his skill.

[Blood spray]

[55/60 HP]

A spray of Blood left the palm of his hands and knocked each of the arrows out of the air, causing them to break and fall to the ground.

"Now it's my turn!" Quinn activated his wind walk on his boots to further increase his speed. While doing so, he used the inspect skill on each one of them.

The crossbow user had the ability to duplicate items. Although each item that was duplicated would only be half the strength of the original. This was how the crossbow user was able to continually fire out the arrows.

The other student was a wind ability user and lastly, Mohawk was a level four earth user. Just like the one he had faced in the game once, only this one didn't have a full set of beast gear equipment on.

"First, the annoying one." With Quinn's added speed with the boots and his reflexes, it was nearly impossible for the crossbow user to hit him and then when Quinn was close enough, he cast out four blood swipes swinging out his arms.

With no defence, the four attacks each hit him dead in the chest causing large cut wounds across his chest and to be thrown onto the floor.

[51/60 HP]

Next was the earth user who was by his side, and this time, Quinn wasn't giving him no chances. One second Quinn was in his view, the next moment Quinn had performed Flash step, and at the same time, Hammer strike dealing a blow right on the chest.

His chest piece started to crack until it eventually broke away, then Blood spewed from his mouth as his insides were ruptured and he too fell to the ground.

[46/60 HP]

Suddenly, a sharp pain was felt inside Quinn's back. As he turned around, he could see the wind user holding the small little daggers in between his fingers.

"I got you!" He said.

He threw another dagger, and it came out too fast for him to react, hitting Quinn's stomach.

[42/60 HP]

Quinn then looked at the dagger and pulled it out of his body. As he did, the wound slowly started healing as the skin could be seen coming back together, until finally, there was nothing left apart from a hole in his military uniform.

"You monster!" The student shouted.

Continuously throwing blades he manged to hit Quinn repeatedly. Making sure to cover his face with his hands, Quinn rushed forward not caring for the small blades hitting his body.

[38/60 HP]

[34/60 HP]

His Hp continued to go down, but Quinn didn't care. Without realising it, the student was moving backwards out of fear. He continued to move backwards until he finally felt something grab onto him from behind.

As he looked down around his waist, he could see the shadow wrapped around his body. He tried to fight against it, and it was working, but he was only moving ever so slowly from the shadow. It was as if time itself had slowed down for his body while touching the strange substance.

"Now tell me? Who sent you, and why did you attack me?" Quinn asked.


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