My Vampire System
121 Naive
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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121 Naive

Berg and his group handed over the crystals they had obtained inside a bag. Vorden now had a big grin on his face. Just before he had split off with Quinn. Quinn had asked him to try to get as many Wingedlizard beast crystals as possible, saying he needed them for some reason.

And right now, in the bag, there were 39 winged lizard crystals in total. After talking it over with Berg, Vorden eventually decided to head back to Erin and Layla.

"Hey, boss you're going to let him go just like that?" Lippy said as he saw Vorden walk away.

"It's okay." Berg said, "We can always get more crystals, we will soon get our number one spot back. But it's important to keep the relationship and our lives intact. That's the most important thing."

Walking over with a skip in his step, Vorden was over the moon about his haul.

As Layla peeked inside the bag, she couldn't believe her eyes.

"What, just, I don't understand." Layla said, "How?"

"Don't worry about that, I think it's best if we head back and hand these crystals in to be counted towards our score and I'm a little worried about Peter."

"But aren't those crystals useless?" Layla asked. "Most of them have already been counted."

Each crystal inside had a unique pattern to it. Every single crystal was unique, similar to a human fingerprint. When the crystals are counted, they are placed into a machine that assigns a certain code to each crystal. These unique codes are then added onto the teams score board.

Once crystals were counted, students were able to do what they wanted with the crystals. Sell them for credits, turn them into beast gear or even trade with them. But what they weren't allowed to do during this assessment, were buy Beast crystals.

The whole shelter was under strict instructions to not sell any beast crystals to any students. This was to avoid a group from buying crystals and registering them under their points.

But there was a reason why these unique codes were assigned to each team's codes.

"Oh, I guess you guys don't know." Vorden said, "My brother did the same thing 2 years ago, so I have a little bit of insider information, I guess. Although the same crystals can no longer be registered for points. If the crystals belong to another team. The unique codes from their score will go onto ours. So while there score would drop, ours would rise."

This information was purposely kept from the students but was told to a select few. Either originals like Vorden knew of it, or those who had already registered with the military.

"Well I hate to say it, but you actually did a really good job this time," Layla said while pouting. She knew when compliments were to be given, and this was defiantly one of them.

"Well, while we are ahead, why don't we keep on hunting?" Erin asked.

"The truth is I'm worried about Peter. Because of this, he might be targeted." Vorden said.

"If you knew about this, then why didn't we leave him at the shelter?" Erin asked.

"If we did, it would just be the same result. Perhaps even more so, people would attack him as soon as they saw him on the street."

There was acutely a second reason why Vorden and Quinn wanted to bring Peter along. They were hoping to draw out whoever Peter was afraid of. Peter seemed pretty sure that someone was going to attack them on this expedition and if so, Vorden and Quinn thought they could find some answers.

"No one would attack a fellow student like that are you crazy. I understand when the second years attacked you." Erin said. "You were the one who attacked them, but why would they just randomly attack another student inside the shelter. Even if it meant getting their crystals, no human being would just attack another because of the test. and even so, people would rush over to help him."

At that point, Vorden and Layla looked at each other, and both of them had the same thought.

"Erin, you do know that Peter is a level 1, right?" Vorden asked.

"What does that have to do with anything?" She replied back.

It was as the two had thought. Erin was unaware of the treatment that lower Levels received compared to everyone else. The truth was, Vorden and Layla already knew this to some degree.

Most of the students at the school who were midrange levels didn't experience much of the bad side, and this was true for Erin as well. The two knew this was the case, many of the students were just unaware of what happened. But they just didn't realise that Erin was one of them.

Erin herself never mistreated low levels, but just never paid them any attention either. She had one goal, and getting to know them wouldn't allow her to achieve anything.

As the three of them started to head back to where the well was. The two of them began to explain to Erin just what really happened at the school. But not only at the school but what happened on the outside world as well.

"But the strong would never steal form the weak," Erin said. "Just what does that prove? We already know we are stronger than them. Wouldn't it make more sense to fight against those that are stronger than your selves and try to improve as a person? Just what is there to gain from all of this?"

Erin just couldn't comprehend why certain people would choose to do such things. In the situation with Vorden and Berg, she could understand. The two of them had battled it out and had a grand duel. The loser Berg, had gifted Vorden with the crystals as a prize.

But neither group had aimed or started a fight with the sole purpose of stealing the crystals.

"Every person is different," Vorden replied. "Honestly if we knew all the answers of why people acted a certain way, then perhaps we wouldn't be in the situation we are in right now."

At that very moment, Vorden's fear was becoming a reality, as Ben and his group had just spotted Peter inside one of the buildings.


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