My Vampire System
117 A New Fire user
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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117 A New Fire user

After watching the other groups deal with the Wingedlizards. Vorden and his group decided to implement a similar strategy. Layla would be the first to approach one of the rocks and then fire out an arrow hitting the foot of one of the lizards.

After using her ability, she was able to take the arrow back out and swirl it around the beast's head like an annoying fly. The lizard followed the arrow easily, and now it was Vorden and Erin's turn to deal with the beast.

A trail of ice started to form across the floor, eventually trapping the lizard's four legs. Now that its movements were restricted it was Vorden's turn. He created ice spikes in his hand and continued to throw them at the lizard. But even with its feet tied, its arms were still free to move.

It blocked each one of its attacks lifting its wings and shelling up like a turtle.

'You idiot!' Raten said. 'You know from watching the others that it won't work.'

"Either shut up or help!" Vorden shouted as he continued to throw the Ice spikes. Eventually, Vorden knew the beast would get tired, and it wasn't as if his attacks were doing no damage at all.

But proceeding this way would take far too long. Before he knew it, he could see Erin up in the air with her long sword held in her hand. As she fell to the ground, she sliced downward at the beast's wing.

A large gash was made, and black blood started to pour out. A few seconds later though the wound that was created started to freeze. Slowly the ice began to grow until it completely froze the beast's left wing.

Now with one wing frozen in place, Vorden was finally able to throw an ice spear directly into its body killing it.

"Did we finally do it!" Layla said, looking at the thing.

She quickly extracted the crystal and placed it inside her small bag for now.

"This is a problem," Erin said. "It is taking us far too long to kill a single one of them. Even if there are many, it takes three of us just to kill one. We would be better of searching for another group of Teethworms at this point."

Then they heard cheering coming from their left side. The group with Berg in charge had just finished burning five of them to a crisp at once.

The look on Erin's face was currently one with disgust.

"Come on, let's just go into one of the other areas and find a bunch of Teethworms to deal with."

"Hold on!" Vorden shouted, "I have a plan."

Berg and his group had just finished killed there eighth lizards and were currently resting for a bit. He needed some time to recover his MC points before he could use his abilities again.

"I still have a long way to go," Berg said, looking at his hand. Although his flame powers were strong and he was considered one of the strongest in school. He couldn't say the same about his family. They would have been able to go on for a lot longer and create more powerful flames.

Every original family was different when it came to teaching their members about their powers. They had their own methods, and for the Redsheilds, it was all about discovery. After teaching them the basics, they had to learn about the ability themselves and get stronger.

"Hey, Berg watch out!" A voice from the side said. As he looked up, he noticed a human body was flying his way, and before he knew it, they had crashed into him.

The two of them tumbled into the sand, and eventually stopped.

"That bitch, how could she do that to her own teammate," Vorden said as he lifted himself off the ground. "I'm sorry about that, do you need a hand." Just then Vorden reached out his hand and lifted Berg.

"Hey what do you guys think you're doing!" Another person said as he came running over. "You just barged into our leader."

"Enough Lippy," said Berg. "I'm sure it was an accident."

Lippy, who was also a part of Berg's team, was surprised by his actions. If a person usually did something like this, he would have burnt them by now. But the reason was simple. When Berg looked at Vorden watch, it currently displayed the power Level of 8 on it.

Not knowing what Vorden's powers were, and the possibility there was someone of equal strength to himself, he didn't want to get into a fight.

"We're sorry!" Layla said as she came running over with Erin behind. "Our idiot teammate was being annoying, and I just needed to throw him somewhere."

"Don't worry about it," Berg said. "Accidents happen."

After apologising, the three of them decided to leave the group be and go hunting once again. Vorden now having the flame abilities was ready to burn some lizards

"Why did you let them go off like that?" Lippy asked.

"That person, he was a level eight user, let's keep an eye on them for a little bit," Berg said.

Nearly everyone already knew of Berg's abilities due to him coming from one of the big four families. However, the same couldn't be said for the other high-level users or Originals. Keeping an eye on Vorden was Keeping an eye on the competition.

Berg had seen the group just go behind one of the stones, although he wasn't paying much attention to them before, he was sure that their group was hunting on the same side of the rock like them.

'Why did they choose to move?' He thought.

The curiosity got the better of him, and he decided to go scout out and hunt a bit closer to where Vorrden had gone.

After walking around one of the large rock's in the centre, he could see Vorden and his team. Just as Berg saw them, he could see Vorden burning one of the Wingedlizard using his fire powers.

"What, but how?" Lippy said, "Is he part of the Redshileds?"

"No, I've never seen him in my life, it looks like we've got some questions to ask."


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