My Vampire System
115 Red zone
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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115 Red zone

After a successful haul of 15 crystals plus the one that Quinn had obtained. They decided to head back to the Shelter. But instead of telling others of the beast, he had killed. Quinn decided to keep the crystal for himself in the system.

All crystals that were handed into the military base would be counted toward their points. However, the military would keep ten percent of whatever they gave in to be counted. So instead Quinn decided to keep the crystal inside his system, where it couldn't be found and sold later.

Just as Del had said to them. The sun was still burning brightly, and it didn't look like it would set any time soon, but they knew they had been out for at least 6 hours. Travelling to the location and getting ready beforehand, it all took a long time and was quite draining.

They then headed straight for the military base, which was located at the centre of the Shelter. This was square like building that had several different departments, but for the next week, just in front of the building was a small stand for students.

At the stand was a single adult soldier and behind him a large digital screen. They handed the man the crystals they had collected, and after counting them, he took two of the crystals and retuned the rest back.

The digital screen behind him then was suddenly updated. The name Layla could be seen, and the number 15 was displayed next to it. Out of all the numbers on the screen, Layla's name was placed in the middle.

Towards the top of the screen where higher numbers and towards the bottom were lower. Some groups hadn't handed in any crystals yet and had a score of 0.

"Hey, do you see that? Layla said, pointing at the screen. Towards the top, a single group had managed to obtain 30 crystals. Almost double the number of crystals their group had.

Although Erin and Vorden were considered strong, that was only true for their class. This didn't mean they were the strongest out of the first years, there were still several other first-year classes.

While looking at the board, Quinn also spotted Logan's name who was second on the leader board with 24 points. He hadn't spotted him since this expedition but knew he would be here since he was a first-year student.

"I guess that's what a power level 8 can do, he must have some pretty strong teammates with him as well." Quinn thought.

After finishing up, it was time for them to rest and sleep for the night. The solider behind the counter instructed the group where to go next. They did as he ordered and were led to a building near the edge of the Shelter.

It was a two-story accommodation block that was used just for students during their outing missions. A room had been given to each team.

There were also several blocks nearby for other students, and it didn't seem like there were any residents nearby.

When they entered, they were surprised to see how large the space was inside. It was a lot nicer compared to their rooms at the military school. They each had their own individual rooms, there was also a cooking area and a living room.

The cost of living was cheap on shelters, so they were able to provide bigger spaces for the students. Before they were to head off to sleep for the night or day, they decided that they should have a group meeting on the kitchen table.

The five of them were sat down, and Erin was the first to speak.

"I would like to make a suggestion." She said. "As you all know, my goal is to come out as one of the top teams during this assessment. Right now, we're just above average, and I can't accept that. That's why I think tomorrow we should head into the red zone."

Peter looked like he was about to say something. Contest against the group, but using her eyes alone, she had shut down Peter, not allowing him to say a word.

"I think we're strong enough," Vorden added. "But the problem are these two."

The two people Vorden was talking about was, of course, Peter and Quinn. To be honest, Quinn wanted to go to the red zone too. Most likely the Wingedlizard lived there, but he had planned to go there when the day cycle had changed too night.

He could use his shadow abilities but would prefer to use it when nobody was around for now. There was still no way that Quinn could trust Peter to keep a secret if he knew and then there was Erin,, who he didn't really know much about in the first place.

There was also the fact that he didn't know how many beast crystals he needed. If he had obtained them as a group, he would have to equally share them with the group as well.

"I thought of that too." Erin said." As you can see on the map, there is a safe zone just outside of the red area. Most likely it's a territory where two different beasts clash, so they don't cross each other's path. The two can wait there while we go inside and attack."

After hearing Erin's suggestion, Quinn didn't think it was too bad. If they were to leave him and Peter alone then perhaps Quinn could sneak off at some point to hunt the Wingedlizards on his own.

"Well, since the two of them haven't rejected the idea, it looks like we have a plan," Erin said.

The group then went to rest for the night. They slept well as it was a tough night for them all, and for the first time, they didn't feel cramped and had space all to themselves.

When they woke up, it was time for the group to head off once again. They exited the Shelter, and their destination was the RedZone.

What the group didn't know was another group was following them closely behind.

"We just need to wait for the right moment." Said Ben.


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