My Vampire System
114 Weakest link
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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114 Weakest link

While thinking about whether or not to Blood Layla, Quinn decided he would leave it to her and would ask her later. At a time when the sun wasn't out. If she became a vampire or something similar, she would have the same weakness as Quinn right now, and that wouldn't be good for the situation they were in.

Not all beasts were hostile, but the Teethworms were definitely that. The slightest vibrations would cause them to react, thinking food was nearby, springing upon its prey and attacking them. Although there were quite a few in number, they didn't have the hindsight to attack together.

Unlike like the Rattaclaws which were more difficult to deal with. The level of beast didn't generally mean how strong it was but how strong of a crystal was produced inside its body. There were some basic tiers stronger than others, and this was the same as you went up a tier.

Although it was unlikely a basic tier at any strength could match the weakest of an intermediate tier.

While the group was busy fighting away on the outside, one of the worms managed to wiggle past there formation and was heading straight for Quinn.

"Damn it! That one went right past me." Layla said as she turned around and saw who the worm's new target was.

"Quinn!" She shouted, but the worm was too fast.

It had already locked on and jumped from the sand with its teeth wide open.

"It's okay," Quinn replied. As soon as the worm had reached the shade of the umbrella, Quinn grabbed the worm mid-air by the end of its tail. It continued to wiggle around stretching its body trying to bite at whatever it was in front of it.

"So ugly," Quinn said as he squeezed it tightly with his bare hands. The centre of its body was strung like a towel as black blood fell to the floor.

[Basic beast killed]

As long as Quinn stayed underneath the shade of his umbrella, he was at full strength no matter what came after him. For something as simple as a weak basic tier beast like a Teethworm, he could deal with it just using one hand.

[10 exp earned]

[First Teeth worm killed 100 bonus exp gained]

[You are now level 11]

[70/200 exp]

[Strength 16]

[Stamina 15]

[Agility 16]

[Charm 5]

[You have received two stat points]

As expected, just like how the system no longer gave him experience points for fighting low levels in the game. It was now the same for basic tier beasts. Before Quinn would be awarded a 100 exp per kill now, it was only ten percent.

However, there was some good news. It was the first time he had levelled up since becoming a full vampire, and he was now receiving two stat points instead of one. He wasn't sure if this was the case if he levelled up again, but it wouldn't make sense if it wasn't.

[Stamina 16]

[Charm 6]

For now, Quinn decided to put one stat point into his stamina, as he did, he felt a little energised. Then for the next one, he put it into his charm stat.

Although half a second didn't sound like a long time. Quinn realised when using it in the game how useful it actually was in a fight. The second reason was because he wasn't sure if there was any way he could increase his charm points other than through the free stats.

Drinking different blood types increased his strength, stamina and agility, but he was unsure if it would increase his Charm points. When asking the AI system about this, he said it had been a while and forgot.

The group had taken out a total of 9 Teethworms together, and slowly the number of Teethworms that were coming towards them started to lessen.

Allowing Erin and Vorden to relax a little. Nearby, a mound was seen right next to where Peter was standing.

"Was this here before?" Peter said, staring at the thing. The next thing he knew out from the mound of sand another Teethworm came jumping out. All panicked Peter fell to the floor, and completely forgot about the earth staff he held on his back.

But before the earthworm could reach him, a spear of ice came rushing from the side and killed it in one shot.

"I knew I would be carrying most of this team, but I didn't know I would be protecting it as well," Erin said. "You should at least be able to deal with this type of thing yourself."

"Thank you," Peter said. "And I'm sorry, I'm just a bit nervous about the whole thing."

Peter wasn't a horrible fighter. He had training from Vorden when the two of them were still friends and learnt all the basics. If it was a one on one fight with an easy basic tier beast like the worm, then he should have dealt with it fine.

But his mind was just far too preoccupied with other things. Even while the others were hunting, he would constantly look around them.

Right by the oasis another group had witnessed the whole thing and couldn't help but laugh at Peter's reaction. They were a group of five from a different class. The leader of the group was named Ben, and he wielded a large club on his back.

After having a good laugh at the weak Peter, they continued to watch the group and noticed how easily Vorden and Erin were dealing with the creatures.

"Look at that, they're killing so many of the things." One of them said.

"Yeah and there leaving none for us. If we had an ability as useful as that on the team, we could do the same as well." Ben said.

"Boss watch out!" one of them shouted as a Teethworm jumped from the side.

He reached out for the club on his back and was ready to slam the thing to pieces. Instead, an ice spear came out from the side and accurately stabbed it through its body and into the sand. It wriggled about for a few moments before stopping completely.

"You don't mind if I take that one's beast crystal, do you?" Erin said, walking over.

"Sure go ahead," Ben replied with a fake smile.

While students where busy fighting multiple beasts, it was nearly impossible to obtain the crystals while fighting. It was best for them to fight first until the beasts stopped attacking. Only then would they receive the crystals.

This caused an unwritten rule to be made. If you killed the beast, then the beast crystal was rightfully yours.

The Teethworms were no longer jumping out and attacking, and now they had time to collect the beast crystals.

"How much did we get?" Ben asked.

"A total of four boss."

"Seriously?" As Ben looked over, he noticed that the other group must have obtained over ten, more than double their hall. Then he noticed something else as well.

The boy at the back of the Group, Peter didn't seem to gel as well with the others. In fact, it was almost as if they were treating him as an outcast. They weren't talking to him and would hand him crystals to put in the bag every now and again.

"You're only as strong as your weakest link," Ben said with a smile.


Busy moving apartment today so the mass release has been moved to tomorrow 00:00 China time.

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