My Vampire System
103 Buying from the shop
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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103 Buying from the shop

After sending away the advanced tier crystal, it didn't take long for Quinn to receive the money. The Portal delivery box confirmed that the item was real with a scan and then with a flash, it was sent. At the same time, Quinn's watch made a ding sound.

He looked at his watch, and 12,030 credits were all his. Never in his life did he think he would be able to acquire this type of money.

His original plan was to obtain the earth ability from the school. Then he would work hard and possibly be able to upgrade his ability to a power level of three. After he could join a hunting faction and become a traveller.

Killing basic beasts and selling their cores. But even then, he would have had to kill 120 basic beasts to make the amount of money he had today.

Before doing anything else, Quinn immediately put up the sixteen basic Rattaclaw crystals for sale. These didn't take long to sell either. There were always people and companies looking to buy them. If the beast crystals couldn't be used to make a weapon, they would be used as an energy source instead.

Powering up vehicles, lights, engines and all sorts. Now the total amount of credits was 13630 credits. He looked at the number again and again, and a smile couldn't stop appearing on his face.

Logging back onto the market place, Quinn was now searching for two intermediate crystals. The shop stated that the gauntlets he was after didn't need any specific type so he went ahead and purchased the two cheapest ones he could find at 1000 each.

It hurt him seeing his credits go down so suddenly, but this is what needed to be done. There was a need to spend money before one could make money. The better equipment would allow him to hunt stronger beasts and earn more money.

Before heading back to the storage room to obtain his crystals, Quinn decided to search the marketplace a bit more to see if there was anything useful. He also looked at the items in his shop, but they all required specific beast crystals that were nearly impossible to find on the market place.

That's when he realised the items in his shop seemed to be quite rare, Even when searching for a weapon or piece of armour similar, there were no matches found for these type of items.

After searching and searching, he decided to fork out a load of money on a pair of black boots. He purposely chose a design that didn't look to fancy but also gave him the best stats. That way if others saw the equipment, they wouldn't think anything of it and wondered where Quinn was able to get the money from.

After spending eight thousand on the boots he now only had 3,630 credits remaining. As he walked over to the storage room, he couldn't help but have a skip in his step.

Finally, he had arrived and entered the combination for both of his orders and a few seconds later. A couple of large boxes had appeared in front of him.

Quickly he lifted to two boxes and started to rush off towards his dorm room. As he entered the room, he was surprised to see Vorden wasn't there nor was Peter sitting outside.

Although he was too happy to wonder what had happened to them. He placed both of the boxes down and immediately ripped into them.


[Intermediate Black horned wolf boots]

[Agility + 4]

[Defence +2]

[When boots are active can increase the user's speed by 10 percent for 30 seconds. If hit while active, speed will return to normal]

The boots were a solid black in colour, while the top of them that covered above his ankles were slightly pointed to imitate the ears of a wolf. Other than that, they just looked like regular boots which were perfect.

Quinn could have bought cheaper boots but what interested him about these where they had there very own active skill in them as well. Quinn had heard of such items having skills, but usually that was the case with hire tier equipment.

It was quite rare for a piece of intermediate beast equipment to have an active skill. Which was why the item was priced at the higher end.

Next were the two intermediate crystals he had bought, he held each of them in his hand, and the message had appeared.

[Would you like to store intermediate beast crystals (2) in your inventory?]

After selecting yes, the two crystals started to disappear and suddenly vanished out of the palm of his hands. Now when he accessed the shop, the gauntlets that he was looking for were no longer greyed out. After selecting the item, a final message appeared.

[Would you like to create the "Best standard" intermediate gauntlets?]

[Cost 3 intermediate crystal]

The naming of the item was a bit strange, but that still wouldn't put Quinn off. He was the only one that could see the name of the things anyway.

After selecting yes, an image was inserted into his head. He could see the three crystals he had obtained in a black empty space. Each of the crystals started to slowly move towards the centre of the room, as if they were being attracted by something.

Finally, when the three crystals touched a large white light formed in his mind, then when the bright light dimmed down all that was left were the greyish-silver gauntlets. They didn't look like anything special. In fact, it was hard to tell that they had even been made from beast cores in the first place, but Quinn didn't mind, all he cared for where the stat points.

When he opened his eyes and looked down, the gauntlets were there placed in his hand.

"Wow this is amazing, it really did just form itself and appear out of nowhere?"


[Best standard Intermediate beast gauntlets]

[Strength + 6]

[Defense + 4]

[When using the skills Blood swipe and Blood spray attacks will be 5 percent stronger]

He then immediately went into the shop again, but this time something strange happened. He scrolled and scrolled and looked and looked, but the item he had just created was no longer there.

"If you are looking for the gauntlets they are already in your hands." The system said, sounding half confused.

"I know that." Quinn replied, "It's just, I thought I could make another one. If I bought three more intermediate crystals, then I could sell it online and make my money back."

"Unfortunately, each item in the system is a one-time item." The system answered. "Once you have created it once, the item may never be created again."

Suddenly, Quinn felt a little depressed. The reason he had spent his money so freely on the boots was because he hoped he would be able to make another pair of gauntlets and sell them online.

"Let me show you something cool." The system said. "Open up your dimensional portal using your shadow skill and place both of the boots and gauntlets in there."

"I'm not going to lose them, am I?" Quinn asked.

"Just trust me."

Quinn had already done a few tests with the dimensional portal so he was sure that he would be able to get the equipment back. He did as told and opened up a small shadow portal putting both of the items in.

[Weapons and Armour detected in Dimensional space]

[New skill shadow equip acquired]

"Shadow equip? what does it do?" Quinn asked.

"Just try it out and see."

[Shadow equip activated]

As soon as the skill was active, clouds of shadow surrounded his hands and feet, he could feel something forming on top of his hands and legs. Then when the shadow clouds disappeared, the equipment he had put in the portal, were now on him.

It was like an instant equip, with this Quinn didn't need to wear all his equipment beforehand. He could even hide high levels of equipment from the eyes of others and be ready for a fight anytime.

With the new equipment all set up and ready, Quinn was itching to test it out, and he knew the perfect place to test it. The VR Game.

Unknown to Quinn though, the last time he played, he had caused quite a stir. People claimed he was a hacked player. And one person in particular, had been checking the game every day for Quinn to login.

Logan was waiting for him, this time when he logged in, he was going to find out just who this Bloodevolver was.


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