My Vampire System
97 I“ve changed
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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97 I“ve changed

Quinn hadn't eaten anything in the last two days, if this was the case with anyone else, then they would be starving with hunger. However, it wasn't the case for Quinn. Before eating the pill, he felt completely full, and he could guess the reason why. Ian's blood.

The last thing he had eaten was the blood, and it was all he currently had inside his stomach. For some reason, as soon as he took that pill, it was like his body was rejecting it.

[Inedible substance consumed]

[ - 10 HP]

[45/55 HP]

Quinn had no trouble consuming foods before, sure his taste buds where bland compared to before but he could always scoff the food down his throat no matter what it was.

Hayley rushed over to check on Quinn once again and placed him on the floor. She checked everything she could and even started to use her healing ability on his stomach. A soothing feeling came over him as the light emitting from her hands produced a faint glow.

[A healing ability has been detected]

[unable to block ability]



[55/55 HP]

It was a relief to know that healing abilities still worked for Quinn. In the future, it would be handy to have one in his circle if he was ever seriously injured.

"Thank you, I feel much better," Quinn said.

[Your hunger grows]

Although she was able to heal him back up to full health, the healing ability could do nothing about the food he had just spilt all over the floor.

"Did you find out what's wrong with the boy?" Fay asked.

"Not yet," Hayley replied, "But I would need to take him back to the doctor's office when I get back."

Just then Leo had returned carrying something over his shoulder. As soon as he entered the room, Quinn was able to tell what it was straight away. The sweet smell was calling to him.

[Blood bank used]

[90/100 millilitres]

[You are no longer hungry]

After taking some blood from his blood bank he no longer had the urge to go grab the body of Leo's shoulder, however, the sweet smell did still remain in the room.

"Are we ready to head off now," Leo said, staring in the direction of Quinn.

'Is he looking at me? Can't be right, he is blind after all.'

"Now, you two," Fay said, looking at Vorden and Quinn. "When we head back, I want a detailed report of what happened. Although we have already heard the other side of the story, we would like to hear yours, so it matches up."

Vorden and Quinn looked at each other.

"You mean you know someone pushed us into the portal?" Vorden asked.

"Yes, the second year who was responsible came forward and admitted it. General duke is dealing with his punishment as we speak."

The two didn't know why, but someone was covering for Peter. Which meant that Vorden and Quinn's suspicions were right, someone had asked Peter to do this, and it wasn't just anyone. Someone with a high enough backing to be able to cover up and get a second year to take the blame.

The group started to walk around the training centre with the kids in the centre and Fay leading the front. Behind them was Leo and now Quinn was sure of it. Leo was staring at him intently, then he remembered Leo saying something about telling if someone was using an ability or not.

Could Leo have discovered Quinn now had an ability but if so, why wasn't he saying anything? Then before he knew it, Leo was by his side and moved his head right next to Quinn's ear.

"When we're back at the school, let's have a talk just you and me. I promise I won't hurt you." He whispered.

As soon as he finished saying his words, Leo went back to his position as a guard behind them. When Quinn turned around to take a look, he could see that Leo had a big smile on his face.

Quinn was finding it hard to trust people these days, but with a face like that, he really couldn't see him doing any harm, and he wanted to know what Leo wanted to talk to him about.

Worst case if he was to meet, he would bring Vorden and Layla along.

Finally, they had reached the reception room, the first place they had arrived at when they entered from outside. At the desk, there was a computer with a passcode machine next to it. Fay input the code which allowed her to turn and log into the computer.

After she typed away a few things, a large mechanical sound could be heard coming from the direction of the arena.

"Well, we would have never been able to open that thing ourselves," Vorden said.

Although Quinn thought differently. With his inspect skill, he could have at least got past the passcode machine, but he wondered if it would have helped him with the computer.

The group returned from where they had just come and this time when entering the stadium rather than just the plain flooring on the arena floor. Out from underneath, a large portal had been lifted and placed there.

"It looks absolutely fine!" Del complained, "Looks like I carried this thing for no reason after all."

As the group walked closer to the portal, Quinn was beginning to hear his heartbeat louder, and he wasn't the only one.

"What's wrong boy?" Leo said.

"It's nothing." He replied.

But it was a lie. After throwing up the food pill, it was clear to him that his body had changed after the last evolution. He could eat food and now he couldn't, so what about other changes.

Before when walking into the sun he would lose half his stats, what if this time he just burnt to ashes.

Vorden looking at Quinn had realised the same thing. "Hey, do you know if it's day time or night time on the other end of this thing. I haven't seen the sun for ages."

"The sun should still be out for a couple of hours." Fay replied, "But when you two get back, I suggest you rest."

Quinn gulped after hearing those words.

'Oh, will you relax!' The system said, 'Don't worry, the sun won't kill you.'


'Yes, why would I lie to you, all though it will have a different effect on you.'

'Like what?'

��Well, just wait and see.'


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