My Vampire System
95 Truedream Familiy
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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95 Truedream Familiy

After entering through the Glathrium door, the group then went to lift the fallen part of the door up and place it back up. It was heavy, but with Hayley's help, the door felt extremely light, and they managed to set it perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle.

While it might not keep the beast out at least, it would deter them from entering.

Del watching the whole thing hated to think just how high a level of beast equipment Hayley was wearing to be able to lift the door so easily.

They continued to walk in the hallway which was covered in darkness, although for Leo leading the way it made no difference.

But while walking, Del couldn't get out of his head how easily Leo was able to break the door. It wasn't like Del was a student he was a professor too. He had participated in the war back then as well and never saw anything like what he saw today.

'Could it be a demon level weapon?' He thought.

But he quickly came to the conclusion that it was impossible. At the moment, there were only two demon level beast weapons in existence. One of them belonged to the Army, while the other belonged to the group known as Pure.

However, it was clear to Del that what Leo was using was at least a top-level Beast tier weapon.

They had entered the reception area, where several doorways were leading to different sections of the training centre. At the front, there was the reception desk with two hallways leading to the arena. Then there was the actual reception room which could also lead you to the canteen and the living quarters.

"Wait, stop," Hayley said to Leo and Fay upfront.

She bent down and studied the ground.

"Can you see what this is? It's blood and leading that way." She said as she pointed to the living quarters.

"How can you tell which direction, it's coming from the stadium as well?" Del asked.

"Well, the blood tail, you can see that it's heading in this direction and there's a lot of it, almost as if someone was dragged this way."

"Come on, let's hurry, it could be one of the students," Fay said.

They made sure not to rush but quickly headed in the direction of the blood following the trail. If there was a beast inside, they needed to make sure they wouldn't startle it.

Leo also no longer took the lead, and instead, it was Fay. Usually, Leo's ability would allow him to detect auras and abilities through wall's and such, but it didn't work through Glathrium, and the whole place was made of it.

Although he could still direct himself, he couldn't tell if there was danger up ahead until actually seeing it.

They followed the trail until finally, it led them to the hallway, with a broken door outside and a ripped apart chair.

Fay peaked her head into the room with the broken door and immediately turned away.

"Hayley I think you better take a look at this," Fay said, turning her head away.

Hayley took over and went inside the room, while Del also took a look and turned his head away.

"Did you see the body?" Del said, "its body was ripped in half, guts spilling everywhere."

Leo, who was standing next to him, turned his head and looked him in the eye. "No I didn't see anything, I haven't done so in a while now."

Hayley continued to examine the body, she went around the man's neck. Underneath his beast armour, she pulled out a coloured dog tag. While holding the dog tag, she continued to inspect the body, and that's when she spotted something.

'Again, two bite marks on the neck, just like the other students.' Hayley thought. 'Is there really a beast inside the academy somewhere, the same thing that killed this man? Or is it something else?'

Hayley then stood up from the body and walked forward.

"Do you want the good news or bad news?" She said.

"Just tell us everything," Fay replied.

"Well, the good news is it's not one of the students." Hayley then pulled out the tag which was attached to a chain and dangled it in front of the others. "The bad news is he was from one of the big four families."

Each person's face dropped as soon as they heard the news.

"Which one?" Fay asked.

"The tag says Truedream."

Fay immediately slammed her fist, against the wall as she heard those words. "Why them out of all the families."

The big four families were the ones who had the power to rival the military. They were originals with immense power who chose not to share their abilities. However, the Truedream family were the most unique out of the four.

They had the closest connection with the military, enough to even have a seat at the council table. This was all because of the head of the family, who had the ability to steal others abilities.

If anyone ever tried to rebel against the Army, then they would get a visit from the Truedream leader, and they could never use their ability again.

The only problem was Truedream could only take away their abilities but not use them. So he needed a strong ally, and that's why he got close to the military.

Then when he felt safe and protected, he started to gather his own men, the abilities he had taken, he would gift to those he trusted, and they were truly grateful to him. But there was always this fear in the back of his mind he could be betrayed by his own.

With no powers for himself, he chose to stay by the military side.

This fear kept people in line, this fear was what made people complacent with the system the military had today. Although many didn't agree with the cruel ways and the carrot and stick approach, the current army had. They had no choice.

"We can leave him here for now, but it's best before we leave, we bring his body and take it to the Truedream family."

"It's a pain, but they should be thankful we brought back one of their own," Fay said.

After leaving the body be, they decided to follow the trail of blood back outside and into the stadium, and that's when they spotted the two kids lying down on the floor.

"They're here, what luck!" Del said as he ran forward.

Hayley, Fay and Del immediately went forward while Leo was the only one who stayed back. For in the centre of the arena he could see a colour of aura he had never seen before, one which was purple.


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