My Vampire System
93 Rescue Team arrive
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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93 Rescue Team arrive

Having the shadow just active and moving about didn't take much MC. It only took about one point of MC per minute. Which meant he could play about and activate the shadow for around an hour and a half if he didn't use any other skills.

This didn't change, no matter what he did with the shadow. However, there did seem to be one downside. While he was using his Shadow control skill, he was unable to cast Shadow cloak or even use his Shadow dimension.

The shadow underneath him was no longer there and was being controlled. If he activated shadow dimension, the shadow would immediately fall to his feet again.

Now the two of them stood opposite each other ready to have a friendly fight. Vorden this time had a couple of metal balls hovering around him instead of spikes.

"Be careful Quinn, although these might not be like the spikes, they can still do a lot of damage."

"It's alright Vorden, my body can handle it."

Not using his full strength Vorden repelled the ball at a decent speed heading towards Quinn, at that moment he lifted the shadow from his feat to form a type of wall. As the two made an impact, the ball seemed to slow down.

It started sinking through the shadow slowly, then part of it could be seen from the other side. Quinn stared at the ball carefully, and then when the ball had nearly passed through the shadow wall, it started to accelerate.

"Uh, oh!"

The ball left the shadow wall and slammed right into Quinn's stomach falling to the ground.

"Argh!" Quinn shouted as he tried to breathe in some air.

"Well, I wasn't expecting that," Vorden said.

"Try again." Quinn groaned.

Vorden then fired the second ball of metal and once again Quinn lifted up his shadow shield, and the same result had appeared. Only this time Quinn moved to the side allowing the shadow to stay where it was before moving the shadow, the ball then carried on moving forward and banged into the stadium wall.

"Let's see how physical attacks work," Vorden said as he moved forward and swung a long metal pipe he had in his hand.

Using the shadow Quinn blocked again, and the same thing happened, however, Vorden was easily able to pull the object away from the shadow and attack in a new place. He also noticed that the shadow was only covering Quinn's front and was not big enough to go around his back.

If he was to use his attract skill on one of the metal balls, he would easily be able to hurt Quinn right now.

Vorden continued to attack with the metal pipe, and Quinn continued to block moving the shadow in the areas where Quinn was attacking.

That's when he released something. Every time Quinn would hit his shadow, his MC points would go down by a chunk or so. The same thing had happened when he threw out the balls. The stronger the attack, it seemed the more MC points would be used from the shadow.

Then when Vorden was about to attack one more time.

"Wait, stop Vorden!" Quinn shouted.

His shadow had vanished, and he had run out of MC points.

The shadow acted as a type of shield; it wasn't solid enough to block attacks but would be able to slow them down. Later, when Quinn's MC points were restored a little bit, he did a few other tests.

If Vorden was close enough, he could use the shadow to grab onto him like an extra pair of hands, or even grab on to his legs, slowing him down.

But there wasn't enough of the shadow to use it in both of these ways. He could simply either use the shadow to attack or to defend.

"Well, I can see why your ability is a level 6 now." Vorden said, "I think it's more to do with how freely you can use the shadow and my example would be the skills. Normally a skill would just be a different type of attack but your ability, your shadows can actually be used to do entirely new things. A separate storage space, masking you in the night and even as a defensive shield. Its almost as if you have three abilities combined into one."

Quinn was happy with the results of the shadow ability and hearing Vorden talk about made him feel even more confident. He couldn't wait to unlock the other skills in the Shadow Tab of his system.

With the spar over, the two of them decided that once Quinn was fully rested and his MC points were back, they would exit out of the training centre and go exploring again. After all, if they did nothing, they would soon start to starve, and Vorden didn't want another instance where Quinn got to hungry.

It took around 30 seconds for Quinn to gain back a single MC point so it would take around an hour for all of his points to be restored. Then they would make their move back to the outside.


Outside, in the abandoned shelter, somewhere in the city between two broken-down buildings in the middle of the street. A specific area started to appear distorted, the space itself looked as if it was bending. Then little sparks of electricity were seen coming from it.


Suddenly, 4 people appeared holding hands together on the street. As soon as they saw where they were, they immediately let go.

"Is everyone here?" Fay asked as she did a headcount.

The homeroom teacher Del was here, although he was still wearing clothing like he was ready to teach. Then there was the Doctor Hayley, she was dressed more appropriately with high-end beast gear all over. She didn't look like her usual self in her white robe and looked almost intimidating.

It was what one would expect as her father was one of the generals of the school.

Then there was Leo, he was wearing light armour that fitted tightly to the skin similar to Fay. Both of their abilities focused on speed, so it was important not to wear something too heavy.

"Alright, our goal is to find the children", Fay said.

The rescue team had arrived.


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