My Vampire System
91 Exploring the Shadow
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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91 Exploring the Shadow

With no way of getting any of the items from the shop, for now, he decided it was time for him to check out the shadow tab. A whole new section of his system that had been added as soon as he obtained the Ability.

Underneath the tab was a list of around ten different skills. Each one greyed out apart from the two skills he had learned previously. Below he could scroll down further, but everything just appeared as several question marks.

The first skill.

[Dimensional storage]

[This skill will allow the user to store items into its shadow storage. As long as there is a shadow nearby, you can take out and put in items as you wish. This includes your very own Shadow underneath your feat!]

"If only I had this skill sooner!" Quinn thought.

Back in the storage room, there were many items that Quinn wished to bring with him. There were multiple skill books and ability books that he had already converted into exp and wouldn't be able to gain anything again.

At the time he wished to bring them with him to at least sell on the market place, but was unable to carry them. If he wanted to do that now, it meant leaving from the safety of the training centre, and heading back outside were the beasts where.

While Quinn's system allowed him to store crystals and specific ability books inside, it did not allow him to store anything else. So the Dimensional storage was a great skill to have.

The second skill.

[Shadow control Lv.1]

[Allows the user to control their own Shadow]

The description was short and didn't really reveal much. Even if he could control his own Shadow, what use was that? But the significant difference with this skill compared to the last skill, was the fact that it had a level by the side.

If it was like Quinn's blood skills then as long as he carried on using it, it would eventually level up. Maybe even allowing him to create shadows or use his own shadows.

Quinn then looked at the skills tab again. At the moment, he was able to see ten skill in total while the rest were covered. Next to each skill was a number.

[Shadow cloak Lv.1 10 skill points to unlock]

There were multiple skills, but shadow cloak was the only one that he was able to unlock right now. He only had received ten skill points and wondered how he would be able to obtain more.

Judging by its name, perhaps the skill would be able to surround him like some type of Shadow. He started to wonder if it would also be able to block out the sunlight, which made him feel so weak.

His excitement got the better of him, and as long as he could unlock the other skills later on, what was there to worry about?

[You have successfully unlocked Shadow cloak Lv.1]

[This skill allows you to use your own Shadow to surround you into the darkness. You opponents will struggle to see you depending on their level of perception. Best used in the Shadow or at night.]

It wasn't exactly what he was expecting, but it seemed like it was a type of invisibility cloak, one that would work well on beasts that were weak but not those of a higher level.

Quinn then stood up from the ground and was ready to test out his skills. He could see that Vorden was still walking around the stadium, seeing if he could find anything. It was hard for Vorden to see due to the lights being broken, and he didn't have the same type of vision as Quinn.

That meant the whole room was dark.


[Shadow cloak activated]

[ -1 MC for every ten seconds of use]

His own Shadow below started to lift up from the ground and slowly crept up his body. From his toes, to his knees, all the way to the top strands of hair on his head.

Now when looking from the outside, a strange foggy like mist could be seen covering him.

As Quinn walked around the arena, he could see that his MC Stat was like a bar, while using the skill it was slowly going down.

He crept up slowly to Vorden in the stands going between the chairs, and it seemed his skill was working. While Quinn was stood around 10 meters apart, it looked like Vorden had no idea he was there.

But then when he took another step closer, Vorden immediately jumped back and attracted a chair into his hand.

Although Vorden was struggling to see what it was, he could feel strange energy disrupting the flow around him. The hairs on his body were standing up.

Then when he concentrated, he could see something shifting in the air.

Vorden went to repel the chair, throwing it in Quinn's direction. The chair flew right past and into the stands.

"Hey wait, wait, it's just me!" Quinn said as he deactivated his skill and could be seen ducked down.

"What the hell Quinn, you almost gave me a heart attack, do you not remember just seconds ago I was fighting to the death against you!" Vorden complained, "I've been on high alert since."

"Sorry," Quinn said as he let out a little nervous laugh.

"But man, you already know how to use the shadow ability already? And that seemed like a skill?" Vorden asked, amazed.

Usually, it would take months to learn how to use an ability and some skills even longer. Yet here Quinn was being able to handle everything straight away.

"Like I said, when I read that book, it seems like all the information was inserted into my head, all have to do is think about it, and I can do it."

Vorden then walked over towards Quinn and took out his hand.

"Do you mind this time?" Vorden asked.

"Sure, go ahead."

The two shook hands, and the same message had appeared as last time.

[An ability has been detected]

[Ability has been blocked]

"What's the meaning of this?" Quinn asked inside his head to the AI system.

"The system will try it's best to do whatever it can to help the user. It will tell you when abilities are being used on you and all sorts."

"Can I temporarily cancel the feature?" Quinn asked.

"It's not really a feature, it's just informing you of what your vampire body is naturally doing. Besides, even if the Boy could copy your Ability, he wouldn't be able to use it."

"What do you mean?"

"That skill book you used is specific for Vampire cells, inside your body right now, Are Vampire mutated cells. This is the reason why he can't copy it; your body structures are completely different. But you could always turn him into a blooded one?"

[Would you like to activate skill Blood ritual?]

[Yes] [No]


Goals have been hit for mass release next week!

15,000 Stones = 6 extra chapters for mass release.


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