My Vampire System
89 Unlocking the Shadow
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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89 Unlocking the Shadow

Vorden and Quinn stood opposite each other in the centre of the stadium. Not too far from each other so they could hear each other without having the need to shout.

"Now, what I'm about to tell you they would probably teach you at the school later on anyway. But I'm going to tell you now because it should be helpful when learning the ability book."

Vorden then started to use the magnetism ability he had obtained from Ian, he pulled over a small bolt and began to levitate around in his hand.

"Everyone knows about the power level system, there are eight levels in total. These levels are actually determined by how many mutant cells you are able to activate in your body and not actually determined by strength. Let's take the earth ability as an example, someone with a low number of cells is only able to transform the earth they can hold in their hand. While a level 5 earth user might be able to lift the earth from the ground without touching it. These type of ability books contain information on how to activate more mutant cells for your specific type of ability."

"But if the Power levels don't actually determine strength then why the test when we started school?" Quinn asked.

"Good question," said Vorden. "The test the military gives you is actually to put you into the subcategories they created, the 1.1 1.2 etc. This can sometimes be determined by what skills you have as well."

Vorden then lifted up his wristwatch and showed him the number currently displayed which said 6 on it. Quinn was suddenly confused because he was sure he had seen the number 5 on it before.

"These watches are the answer. The watches they put on us are able to determine the number of mutant cells in our body. Before even taking the test, they knew what level we were at. They simply just set the watches to an off mode the moment we arrived. When I use my ability, I also copy the number of mutant cells in their body, which is why the watch now shows the number six."

Quinn seemed to be learning so much, it just proved that the information that was revelled to originals compared to the rest was different. This also further confirmed that Quinn being a Vampire, wasn't an ability. The number on his watch had never changed, or maybe it was the fact that his cells were no longer human.

"Think about it, not every test is able to determine someone's strength. Some abilities allow you to tell if someone is telling the truth, some allow super hearing and some can help you see into the future. Although these might not be strong fighting abilities themselves, they require a high number of Mutant cells to activate in the first place and now that brings me to your book." Vorden said as he pointed towards it.

"Not everyone can activate a high number of cells. Some ability books are just too high for people to learn, they try and try, but they will never be able to succeed. To put it simply, their fate was decided for them at birth. It might take a while before we can tell if you have the ability to learn it or not"

It sounded harsh but what Vorden was saying was true. He had heard examples of rich CEOs who had bought their kids high-level ability books, only to be disappointed when they weren't able to succeed.

"Now we move onto the second problem, even though you have the ability book, what about skill books? With no skills, you will most likely only be able to unlock 1/10th of its power. But don't let that get you down. The ability books and skill books are only shortcuts to learning these things in the first place. When the originals discovered their powers, they had no books, they learnt and discovered everything themselves."

Quinn thought about everything Vorden had said, he further went on to explain that each book would explain a technique that could be used to Mutate a specific type of cell. The higher the ability book, the more information it would reveal about the method used. Some abilities just didn't have lower levels and required people to have a high number of mutant cells to use them.

There was another little bit of information he reviled but decided to not go into too much detail. It was the fact that your Soul weapon also had something to do with the number of Mutated cells in your body as well. This would determine how strong of a soul weapon you had.

The example Vorden gave was Momo. Although Momo's ability wasn't too strong in a fight, he's soul weapon was incredibly powerful as a level 6 ability user.

Vorden had explained that learning a level 6 ability book of the bat would take months to learn, but while here they could get a head start.

But Quinn thought differently. There was one thing Vorden didn't know, and it was his Vampire abilities also worked like a system.

He touched the book once more, and the system message popped up again.

[Would you like to learn the level 6 Shadow ability?]

There was no going back after this.


The book then lifted into the air, and the pages started turning and flashing in front of him. Suddenly there was the sense of Deja vu. Vorden stood on the side line and took a step back, he had never seen anything like this happen before.

Then finally, once all of the pages of the book had been flipped, it disappeared and vanished into thin air.

Vorden immediately rushed over to Quinn, who was holding his head with his hand.

"What happened, are you okay?" Vorden asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

As the pain in his head slowly went away, he looked up, and in front of his vision, he was greeted with multiple messages.

[congratulations you have learnt the level 6 Shadow ability]

[You have now unlocked the Shadow skills tab]

[You have unlocked the Mutant Cell stat]

[10 skill points have been added]

[New shadow skill dimensional storage has been activated]

[New skill Shadow control Lv.1 has been added]



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