My Vampire System
85 Turning Back
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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85 Turning Back

On planet Pioletic, it was still night time outside and it still would be for another six months. The two moons shone brightly on the shelter showing signs of a great battle that had once taken place.

Inside the training centre, in the dome-like building. A single boy was alone on his knees, tears running down his face.

"Was that really Quinn?" Vorden asked. "What happened to him, he looked so…"

"Ugly?" Raten said.

"Shut up!" The little one screamed.

The little one then immediately left the chair inside the darkroom, leaving it open for Vorden to take control once again. As he left the chair he went into dark space and sat down on the floor. He held his hands over his knees and started rocking backwards and forwards.

"I did it again" He mumbled," I hurt another one."

Now that Vorden was back in control the tears had suddenly stopped, Vorden lifted himself off the ground and started walking forward.

"You do know he will be like that for a while now," Raten said.

"I know, but we have more serious problems to worry about, if that really is Quinn what happened to him, and can we even help him turn back?"

Vorden then stopped walking forward as he had reached the torn apart body on the floor in the stands. All that was left of Ian was his two legs that had been torn from the waist down.

"Well, at least you aren't the one that has to kill him anymore," Raten said.

He then continued to walk forward following the trail of blood. The beast had taken the top half of the body which left a trail behind which made it easy to follow.

"Hey wait, check the man's trousers. He had that advanced tier beast crystal don't you remember. Now that he's dead, we may as well take it."

Although Vorden didn't like disrespecting the dead and didn't often agree with Raten, in this case it made sense to not let such a precious thing go to waste.

Peoples abilities only went so far, apart from original abilities the ones that were known to the public went up to eight. But even beyond the level eight, there was a power difference between them all and the simple reason for that was beast crystals.

The equipment that could be made from different beast crystals could heavily sway the favour of the fight to one person. It was the whole reason why the Pure group was such a threat to begin with, even though they chose not to use abilities.

After searching Ian's trousers though there was no such luck and no crystal was found.

"Do you really think it's a good idea to follow that thing?" Raten asked.

"I need to see if that thing was really Quinn, you know if I don't, the little one will punish us."

Vorden then looked around and held out his hand, attracting one of the chairs form the stands and held it in his hands. He held it in front of him like a shield as he walked forward.

"Like that's really going to do anything, did you see the same monster as I did?" Raten complained. "Why does he put an idiot like you in charge?"


The Bloodsucker continued to drag Ian's body across the floor looking for somewhere safe to eat its meal. It turned and turned several corridors until it finally arrived at what looked like resting quarters.

As it approached one of the rooms, there was a metal door in front blocking it and next to it was another access code machine. The beast looked at the door and kicked with all its strength causing the door to go flying into the back of the room.

The room was mostly empty as it was only designed for temporary stay. The only thing that was in there was a single bed, a sink in the corner and a desk.

It then went to the back of the wall before sitting down. It continued to handle Ian's body like some type of ragdoll turning him around until he was in position, then finally it opened its mouth wide revealing two of its large fangs and bit into Ian's neck.




As the beast continued to suck Ian's blood a notification screen appeared slowly rising up until eventually, the number had hit 100.


[Sufficient blood has been consumed]

[Transformation will now end]

[Your mind is starting to stabilize]

Just then, shooting pain once again started to enter Quinn's body only this time, it was starting to revert back to normal. His claw-like hands began to shrink down and go back to shape to what they once were.

His incredibly tight skin softened around his body and face. His ears were no longer pointed and his teeth too returned to normal and finally, the white in his eyes could be seen once again.

As his body returned to normal, he started to huff and pant heavily. His whole body was sore and his mind was ringing like crazy. Then images started to flash into his head, everything that he had done while he was the Bloodsucker, even though he had no control he felt like he was there every step of the way.

"Vorden, what's he doing here?" Then more images started to flash into his head and finally, he remembered slicing a man in half.

As he opened his eyes and the ringing pain had stopped in his head, he looked Infront of him he could see a half-torn eaten man, with two large puncture wounds on his neck.

"That was me!"

[First Human killed]

[High-level user detected]

[Reward: Instant level up]

Although Quinn was still in shock that he had killed a human for the first time, he didn't have much time to think about it as the system had hit him with multiple messages at once and there were even more to come.

[Congratulations you are now level 10]

[Evolution process has begun!]

"Evolution process?"

Just then Quinn's heart started pounding harder than before, his veins all around his body started to show as the blood rushed through. Quinn could feel every little part of his body but it wasn't a nice feeling. It felt like his blood was made of spikes and as it went through and around his body, he could feel it tearing everything apart.

Just then, a footstep was heard entering the room, Vorden had arrived.



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